Andre The Giant Official Trailer #2 ft. Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger | HBO

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  • hunter Kayess
    hunter Kayess 2 hafta önce

    If only he were alive to see this

  • hunter Kayess
    hunter Kayess 2 hafta önce

    Wrestling would be where it is now if Andre wasn’t that tall and that big

  • Fernando David
    Fernando David 1 ay önce

    This program was excellent and people needed to be reminded who really knew the business andre wasnt just a giant he was a genius he knew what the people liked and did not like he didnt just make hogan a big star he got alot of other wrestlers famous for getting them over he was an unselfish person rest in peace Andre

  • Cooper Dillhoff
    Cooper Dillhoff 1 ay önce

    Why not have his daughter Robin Christensen to carry on her father’s legacy, like how Charlotte does for her father Ric Flair?

  • Everybody Hates Judy

    Can't wait!

  • star fire
    star fire 1 ay önce

    He look like lonzo ball

  • DirtyMaster
    DirtyMaster 1 ay önce

    I don’t think it was the brightest idea to put andre in a mini cooper looking car thats like putting 0.9 lead in a 0.5 pencil

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 2 ay önce

    Wwf in 90s best

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 2 ay önce

    Wwf in 90s best

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 2 ay önce

    still never over 7ft

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia 2 ay önce

    Dónde puedo verlo , tengo HBO Go y no esta

  • Jesus O.S.
    Jesus O.S. 2 ay önce


  • TheXalos
    TheXalos 2 ay önce

    I've never been so excited and anxious for a documentary..... but this, this has had me counting down the days for months!

  • Margaret Seddon
    Margaret Seddon 2 ay önce

    For nearly three decades he entertained everybody and everyone loved him and he became an icon to all!!

  • DioMa
    DioMa 2 ay önce

    One of the best legend in human history

  • ItsFrankieBoy
    ItsFrankieBoy 2 ay önce

    He should have had the surgery to stop the acromegaly. He declined it , or else he might have lived much longer

  • 111highgh
    111highgh 2 ay önce

    This is going to be better than Dorothy Dandridge.

  • househansa
    househansa 2 ay önce

    There aren't any stats on how much he could lift - it's an unknown number. Like putting a price on the Mona Lisa.

  • Vince Marino
    Vince Marino 2 ay önce

    The best!! Miss you Andre.

  • WPGinterceptor
    WPGinterceptor 2 ay önce

    was lucky to meet him back in 1989.. and YES you never forget when you first meet him.. I'm 6'2 and remember looking up at him and remember his big gigantic head! never forget that

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony 2 ay önce

    In 1976 I got to see a young Andre the Giant wrestle in a small 3,000 seat venue in San Diego.

  • sathish kumar
    sathish kumar 2 ay önce

    He look like coc gaint😬

  • JaggedGiraffe24
    JaggedGiraffe24 2 ay önce

    If I was there seeing Andre I would respect him a lot. Unlike those assholes back then. He is the face of WWF and the influence of WWE

  • Etc
    Etc 2 ay önce


  • Etc
    Etc 2 ay önce

    0:40 makes me smile EVERYTIME Rest In Peace Big man!

  • MrZombiejoe
    MrZombiejoe 2 ay önce


  • European American
    European American 2 ay önce

    Should be awesome. They should do one of these on the Von Erichs.

  • TheJD
    TheJD 2 ay önce

    I heard Andre was an asshole, there are numerous stories told by other wrestlers how he would ignore or curse out fans just wanting an autograph. Even kids. When you're a big celebrity I understand you want some privacy, but you also have some obligation to representing yourself properly as well as the WWF brand. There are so many bad stories like this that make me think he was a dick in real life.

  • VGames4Lif3
    VGames4Lif3 2 ay önce

    André le Géant Reste en paix

  • Matthew Summers
    Matthew Summers 2 ay önce

    This makes me feel how dead wrestling is now...

  • King
    King 2 ay önce

    What's next? Rey Mysterio the leprechaun?

  • Chris Hambrick
    Chris Hambrick 2 ay önce


  • Bryan McHugh
    Bryan McHugh 2 ay önce

    Wow. Andre could down 100 beers in one sitting. Somebody that HUGE that is drunk?! I still feel very bad for the man. Rest in peace Andre.

  • Tim Viper
    Tim Viper 2 ay önce

    This will be documentary of the year. cannot wait.

  • TankCop
    TankCop 2 ay önce

    So eager to see this Docu.

  • Arjy Bajy
    Arjy Bajy 2 ay önce

    Andre deserves this!

  • Rory Madden
    Rory Madden 2 ay önce

    I really wish he'd retired after Wrestlemania 3 as he was in so much pain. He was still great after that and knew how to work even though his mobility was severely limited. He deserved to retire to the country and be surrounded by people that cared about him for the last years of his life. I can't believe he was still wrestling less than 2 years before his death.

  • Travis Walsh
    Travis Walsh 2 ay önce

    So excited for this the only Andre doc ever released of him was bio on A&E back in the 90s

  • Akira Sendoh
    Akira Sendoh 2 ay önce

    7'4" fake height exposed again...