Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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  • RamR
    RamR 4 saat önce

    Rip McRib but had one last week at school

  • Angry seagull
    Angry seagull 7 saat önce

    Apple pies are is Australia

  • FozzieatDetour BillNye
    FozzieatDetour BillNye 8 saat önce

    No DLT or Arch Deluxe?

  • R.P. McMurphy
    R.P. McMurphy 9 saat önce

    There was a beef patty in the hula burger commercial.

  • Adolf Eichmann
    Adolf Eichmann 9 saat önce

    Fried apple cakes are sold here in the Czech Rep too. Its so delish.

  • Kaptain Awesome
    Kaptain Awesome 11 saat önce

    We get fried apple pies in uk mcdonalds :P cheese and pineapple is also a thing here during parties you will stick a bit of each on a stick to eat.

  • Cameron S.
    Cameron S. 11 saat önce

    7:53 “you like finding wholes and think about what you can put in them”

  • ThatBeedrill 61705
    ThatBeedrill 61705 13 saat önce

    They're restaurant should be called Good Mythical Meals

  • dhl671
    dhl671 16 saat önce

    Hey dumbos,
    Hawaii is part of America..
    So is Guam and we also have them pies.
    Inform the mythical kingdom, correctly!!

  • Amy Ling
    Amy Ling 18 saat önce

    We have fried apple pie in Malaysia! They have seasonal flavours like banana, taro, lychee and etc. But they're all fried

  • Namipam
    Namipam 18 saat önce

    McRib is discontinued in the us? In Germany they still sell it hahaha it is one of the most loved brugers although it is kind of nasty 😂

  • Raukura Cave
    Raukura Cave 20 saat önce

    New Zealand has the fried one. Never seen the baked one b4

  • andrew eminson
    andrew eminson 23 saat önce

    Fried apple pie is available in most McDonalds in the UK!

  • LanaGT
    LanaGT 23 saat önce

    Australia sells the fried apple pies in literally every store.

  • Master of Disguise
    Master of Disguise 1 gün önce

    CONTINENTAL U...... oh. Sorry Stevie.

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix 1 gün önce

    Ahh I've always want to try to onion nuggets. I reckon I'd be getting a 10 piece chicken nugget with a side of Onion Nuggets everytime I stopped.

  • Llama Ahmed
    Llama Ahmed 1 gün önce

    You can get a mcpoutine in Canadian McDonalds

  • Sarah Carman
    Sarah Carman 1 gün önce

    They have the fried apple pies in England as well

  • Kaworu Nagisa
    Kaworu Nagisa 1 gün önce

    Where is the McDonald's pizza?

    DXMXN HXLL 1 gün önce

    The fried apple pies were definitely better

  • kokoro
    kokoro 1 gün önce

    singapore has fried... pies??? i’m confused it’s all fried here

  • Ninjaz2
    Ninjaz2 1 gün önce

    Recently here in Japan they did a faceoff between three burgers at McDonald's. The most popular of the three would become a regular item on the menu. The McRib was one of the contenders, and ended up losing just barely to the chicken teriyaki filet sandwich.
    At first I was disappointed because I also love the McRib, but then I tried the Chicken Teriyaki Filet, and...well. Ok. Fair enough.

  • Epic Wolf Cortisse
    Epic Wolf Cortisse 1 gün önce

    ACTUALLY the apple pie is in Arizona

  • Sawyer Haney
    Sawyer Haney 1 gün önce

    I miss the fish mcbites

  • Sophie Guptill
    Sophie Guptill 1 gün önce

    We have the fried apple pies in NZ just thought I’d put that out there, I’ve never seen a baked one and as usual NZ was forgotten

  • Extra Medium
    Extra Medium 1 gün önce

    These guys are both very different and very alike

  • Tracy Taylor
    Tracy Taylor 2 gün önce

    I really wish they’d bring back the raspberry danish

  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 2 gün önce

    I miss the buffalo chicken snap wrap. Better than the chipotle.

  • John Dobson
    John Dobson 2 gün önce

    They're gonna act like they didn't make that hole joke

  • Janelle Lawrence
    Janelle Lawrence 2 gün önce

    Swear all the maccie D's in Wales serve fried apple pies, if I'm wrong, someone tell me if I'm wrong

  • Jinxhijinx
    Jinxhijinx 2 gün önce

    They only had the apple pies introduced to australia two years ago if i remember correctly, and they did limited runs of a caramel and custard pie. Those were the best.

  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele 2 gün önce

    Bring back from the 1990s the mcpizza

  • Skie MC
    Skie MC 2 gün önce

    In the uk they r fried

  • Kara senpai
    Kara senpai 2 gün önce

    Damn Stevie you took my comment lol

  • ethma forever
    ethma forever 2 gün önce

    In britan we don't have the normal apple pie. We have fried. Its GUD👅 edit: Our's aren't hollow at all there fully filled

  • Shane Simmons
    Shane Simmons 2 gün önce

    Pretty sure we still have the deep-fried one in the UK

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes 2 gün önce

    In the UK we still have fried apple pies, we’ve never had baked apple pies at maccies

  • Farukh Khan
    Farukh Khan 2 gün önce

    casey niestack did a McDonald lobster roll

  • Annalise Banuelos
    Annalise Banuelos 2 gün önce

    dont you just love hearing them chew

  • Ava Mooltrey
    Ava Mooltrey 2 gün önce

    Oh my goodness McDonald's french fries has beef flavoring in it? So I'm not really a vegetarian :-(