Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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  • Pecinahira
    Pecinahira Biraz önce

    so beef fat is bad but pig fat in shape of bacon is ok riiiiiggghhhtt

  • Midnight.Shadow
    Midnight.Shadow 1 saat önce

    Nz still has the fried apple pies

  • EverenTheGreat
    EverenTheGreat 1 saat önce

    That synced "ummm" though

  • Eryka No Badu
    Eryka No Badu 3 saat önce

    "You like finding holes and seeing what you can put in them." - Rhett 2018

  • Bimbo Koopa
    Bimbo Koopa 5 saat önce

    Onion Nuggets sound so damn good!!!

  • Bob Cricket
    Bob Cricket 5 saat önce

    1:02 Link throwing up them signs

  • Nando Pappalardo
    Nando Pappalardo 6 saat önce

    I was so close to comment that Hawaii is in The United States😂

  • Atakan Saz
    Atakan Saz 6 saat önce

    Sweden still has applepies (:

  • Ava the Potato and Avocado

    Hello my neighborhood nimrods

  • a random frog
    a random frog 9 saat önce

    i want a mcrib now.. sighhhhhhhhh

  • pimp gaming
    pimp gaming 15 saat önce

    Bruh they just flexin on us

  • Zafar Haidary
    Zafar Haidary 22 saat önce

    Ian and Anthony anyone ?
    or is it just me?

  • Gable LaValle
    Gable LaValle 23 saat önce

    that one episode with krustyland in The Simpsons

  • vortex
    vortex 1 gün önce


  • vortex
    vortex 1 gün önce

    In Mexico, there’s only fried apple pies, not baked apple pies.

    Thought they were the normal ones.

  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li 1 gün önce

    "Hawaii is actually part of the U.S."

  • Spencer Robinson
    Spencer Robinson 1 gün önce

    Did you guys already do"will it nugget"?!

  • Zanfish
    Zanfish 1 gün önce

    7:52 - 8:08 😂😂😂

  • Bathin Nate
    Bathin Nate 1 gün önce

    Bring back the McRibs!!!

  • Noah Goscinski
    Noah Goscinski 1 gün önce

    Who else remembers the fish nuggets they were so good

  • fallout fan
    fallout fan 1 gün önce

    Fried apple pie is purchasable in Serbia

  • Will B
    Will B 2 gün önce

    I dunno about that just pineapple thing but pineapple on a burger is amazeballs

  • MsMissHelloKitty
    MsMissHelloKitty 2 gün önce

    Whataburger = fried apple pie.

  • Clara Miller
    Clara Miller 2 gün önce

    13:25 as opposed the painter

  • Dave Strider
    Dave Strider 2 gün önce

    Hey boys.. Love y'all.. But you forgot that Hawaii is a part of the United States lmao

  • Yikes Brother
    Yikes Brother 2 gün önce

    I love good mythical morning in 1910

  • robert chaparro
    robert chaparro 2 gün önce

    The McRib came back and I'm pretty sure it's not specific to Chicago but that's where I live and I spent 6 bucks on it. Worse 6 bucks I spent this month.

  • HSPaint
    HSPaint 2 gün önce

    For the Hula Burger, I saw a patty on it in the commercial

  • Hailey Slaugh
    Hailey Slaugh 2 gün önce

    I love grilled pineapple on my hamburger!!!

  • SGT. Tabasco
    SGT. Tabasco 2 gün önce

    We still got fried apple pies in Ireland

  • Payton Goff
    Payton Goff 2 gün önce

    I miss the fishy mcbites!!

  • Snowbit_
    Snowbit_ 2 gün önce

    mcrib still exists tho

  • Crystal Mellen
    Crystal Mellen 2 gün önce

    the hula burger with a fish fillet would be good!

  • my_name_lemon
    my_name_lemon 2 gün önce

    Singapore still sells the fried ones

  • Ciarán Finlay
    Ciarán Finlay 2 gün önce

    loving the "oh gosh" @ 4:05

  • Little Eastwood
    Little Eastwood 2 gün önce

    Is it me or at 4:03 you can hear in the background the guy saying no dice

  • mattrat12 mattrat12 2 gün önce

    You forgot their fish bites that they discontinued

  • jamesisdigital
    jamesisdigital 2 gün önce

    Y’all don’t have the apple pies in America. Wow! But we don’t have the fried ones I don’t think

  • Adrian Mutu
    Adrian Mutu 2 gün önce

    In the UK there still serve it at every McDonalds :) The apple pie I mean

  • Paméla Boutet
    Paméla Boutet 2 gün önce

    Cool, so now I want McDonald's x)