Chicago's Best Burger: Rudy's Bar & Grille

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  • Ben B
    Ben B 2 gün önce


  • mike brad
    mike brad 1 hafta önce

    Why do i do this to myself.😩😩😩

  • Death Soul
    Death Soul 1 hafta önce

    It aint burger if u have to eat it with knife and fork

  • Anonymous3777
    Anonymous3777 2 hafta önce

    Taste so good, OMG

  • vearak Ngeth
    vearak Ngeth 3 hafta önce

    Slipping game

  • Chris Kibodeaux
    Chris Kibodeaux 3 hafta önce

    I mean so u get up everyday and somehow don’t realize ur disgusting!!! Eating like that and that amount is flat out stupid and disgusting!!!

  • ItzToby
    ItzToby 4 hafta önce

    If i go high as shit ill finish it easily

  • BDiaz
    BDiaz 1 ay önce

    The host is a fucking douche and a half

  • Panji Alga
    Panji Alga 1 ay önce

    The backsound from "Worth It"

  • Adzy82
    Adzy82 1 ay önce

    Gday from Perth Australia 🇦🇺 new subber here!

  • Nepali Ninja
    Nepali Ninja 1 ay önce

    That is just disgusting. A classic case of something being way less than the sum of its parts. Hope no one falls for the gimmick.

  • miguel barajas
    miguel barajas 1 ay önce

    It's simple don't eat nothing for 24 hrs be extremely hungry devoured this Burger lol. I don't need 100$ for gifts card I will do it for free lol just give me that t-shirt lol

  • miguel barajas
    miguel barajas 1 ay önce

    I could destroy that in 5 minutes lol one minute for my water to run. The food down lol 4 minutes of destroying this Challenger burger

  • Benjamin Mathias
    Benjamin Mathias 1 ay önce

    Man that dude eat like there’s no tomorrow

  • Dimaz
    Dimaz 2 ay önce

    That guy isn't a competitive eater.. he's just a regular American.. 😁😁

  • Barrrbarrrrbarrr
    Barrrbarrrrbarrr 2 ay önce


  • troy Calvadores
    troy Calvadores 2 ay önce

    It make me hungry

  • Lor Bitewho Instrumentals

    This went from reviewing food to a food challenge

  • Derek Gleeson
    Derek Gleeson 2 ay önce dis.gus.ting.

  • Lil Faggit
    Lil Faggit 2 ay önce

    The sound effects are fucking annoying

  • israel evans
    israel evans 2 ay önce

    That looks gross

  • some random guy
    some random guy 2 ay önce

    fucking Jesus Christ no wonder majority of you yanks are badly overweight

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts 2 ay önce

    Why won't anyone cook bacon properly?

  • Fred
    Fred 2 ay önce

    Oh my God I would devourer that burger work of art

  • elliven twennisixx
    elliven twennisixx 2 ay önce

    Great content

  • CoVeReD iN bLoOd
    CoVeReD iN bLoOd 2 ay önce

    Gluttony IS a Sin. Stop Rebelling against god. IT IS Sin. Overeating IS sin

  • Cobb Knobbler
    Cobb Knobbler 2 ay önce

    I have absolutely no chance of being a competitive eater.

  • Arya !
    Arya ! 2 ay önce

    I can eat all of that is ez m8

  • Either
    Either 2 ay önce

    PUBG pan

  • teo bigboi
    teo bigboi 2 ay önce

    i wonder if Jeep is a sponsor......

  • BigBadaBing
    BigBadaBing 2 ay önce

    It looks like shit on a plate. No kidding no food porn here.

  • CowsR4me
    CowsR4me 2 ay önce

    "Best burger" Now let me show you something that looks utterly disgusting...

  • MrWhiteones
    MrWhiteones 2 ay önce

    This guy is terrible I only watch the videos that don’t have him in them

  • MakoRuu
    MakoRuu 2 ay önce

    I hope he vomits when he goes home. Otherwise that's going to be a massive five pound shit of carbs and protein.

  • jojo
    jojo 2 ay önce

    GMO!!! dumb dumb American sheeps!!!

  • robertk5479
    robertk5479 2 ay önce

    Only three strips of bacon? Pfffft..........

  • Acklema Power566
    Acklema Power566 2 ay önce

    Wonder what Gordon ramsay will say... But Gordon don't try to be false pretense Guy Ferry

  • triple ooo
    triple ooo 2 ay önce


  • puck30
    puck30 2 ay önce

    Man was that wonk annoying. I wonder how much soy he consumes?

  • Joe M
    Joe M 2 ay önce

    Yey! It’s actually in Chicago!!!