LeBron James vs Stephen Curry CRAZY SHOT MOMENTS

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  • Ugo Thomas
    Ugo Thomas Biraz önce

    Can u even call the allstar game a contest of the best vs best

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia 15 saat önce

    Lebron is still Curry’s daddy

  • 鈺秉陳
    鈺秉陳 19 saat önce

    I coming here to watch video just for steph.

  • 구기홍
    구기홍 1 gün önce

    그래도 스테판은 신인데 르브론은 커리어가 부족해 안돼안돼

  • Jaelyn Jones
    Jaelyn Jones 1 gün önce

    I think there both from the Illuminati cause if steph can kick and ball and make it then there’s something up

  • Carlos Ellis
    Carlos Ellis 1 gün önce

    Now you notice through the entire video LeBron made every shot. Curry didn’t.

  • Oscar Pezzoli
    Oscar Pezzoli 1 gün önce

    father fius is ze beast!

  • Christianrhey Caga
    Christianrhey Caga 1 gün önce


  • hhh hhh
    hhh hhh 2 gün önce

    ball flys good in beijing lol
    air quaility doesn't affect anything.

  • kwabena duah
    kwabena duah 2 gün önce

    Lebron at 6:06 😎

  • Precious Murilla
    Precious Murilla 2 gün önce

    Curry is the best... LIKE TO IF CURRY IS YOUR fFAVORITE

  • Butz Kevin Mantos
    Butz Kevin Mantos 3 gün önce

    LeBron is the Best

  • Michelle Upshaw
    Michelle Upshaw 4 gün önce

    Steph is the better shooter but James half court was better

  • Dondonay Ronald
    Dondonay Ronald 4 gün önce

    lebron cant do that striking a ball by foot

  • Connor K
    Connor K 4 gün önce

    Curry is gets called best shooter in nba history 🏀

    Curry can barley dunk

  • Cory Styba
    Cory Styba 4 gün önce

    5:59 so fake

  • Lakota Belt
    Lakota Belt 4 gün önce

    Michel Jordan

  • Donna Williford
    Donna Williford 4 gün önce

    Always on the curry side, but Lebron should stick to dunking shooting is taken if Lebron makes it it’s just pure LUCK

  • SFNR ø
    SFNR ø 4 gün önce


  • SFNR ø
    SFNR ø 4 gün önce


  • ryosi u
    ryosi u 4 gün önce


  • Chad Nguyen
    Chad Nguyen 5 gün önce

    LeBron James is a goat I hate Curry

  • Gary Yue
    Gary Yue 5 gün önce

    6:10 kuroko no basket that shit

  • Fábio Ezequiel
    Fábio Ezequiel 5 gün önce


  • Hrjrodldl Kfkdnkddkkdkd

    Bron>steph Foh

  • peter nelson
    peter nelson 5 gün önce

    Curry is my man in have his jersey and I wear it almost everyday ( notice that I up never said I had a lebron jersey)

  • Farell Banuelos
    Farell Banuelos 5 gün önce

    Curry greatest shooter of all time

  • Roy Boido
    Roy Boido 6 gün önce

    Insane curry

  • 斎藤拓海
    斎藤拓海 6 gün önce

    6:23 Please tell me the name of the song.

  • Nhut Tran
    Nhut Tran 1 hafta önce

    Midorima shintarou

  • ReyCk
    ReyCk 1 hafta önce

    2:38 no es humano

  • Tfue
    Tfue 1 hafta önce

    His name is Ebron because the warriors took the L

    It’s a joke don’t hate but they both really great players! I respect both of them

  • David Lench
    David Lench 1 hafta önce

    i seriouslly think the point system needs to be changed on a longer throw as i mean if someone amazingly scores from say the half way line and still only a 3 point shot, WTF???? BS that really is

  • nancy hertendy
    nancy hertendy 1 hafta önce


  • Liana Faller
    Liana Faller 1 hafta önce

    Both of them are good with what they do

    WAR TRIBE RISE 1 hafta önce

    "This is real, this ain't Lebrons commercial." Lol..right before it. Nice edit.

  • Me 01
    Me 01 1 hafta önce

    Curry is the best shooter but LeBron is the MVP.

  • daniel cornelio
    daniel cornelio 1 hafta önce


  • Marko Balog
    Marko Balog 1 hafta önce

    lebron is vevry god player a stephen curry is god shuter

  • rnc rncace
    rnc rncace 1 hafta önce

    Curry gang