Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Awesomegamer 1738
    Awesomegamer 1738 56 dakika önce

    I think bear meat tastes delicious. My father recently killed his first bear in the top right corner of Washington as close to Canada as you can get.

  • OmqBetakill
    OmqBetakill 1 saat önce

    It will be ready when its ready XD

  • green fear
    green fear 1 saat önce

    Do fallout food

  • JIDDO2195
    JIDDO2195 2 saat önce

    Make the ultimate evil sandwich. The Broodwich!

  • Kara Parker
    Kara Parker 9 saat önce

    I'm still trying to figure out what the orange liquid you added in after the celery and garlic I think u said glaze.... I'm confused what us it?

  • Noah Brænden
    Noah Brænden 11 saat önce


  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao 13 saat önce

    He’s actually doing real good Arthur Morgan impression.

  • Christopher Vargas
    Christopher Vargas 14 saat önce

    This would of been an awesome cross over with "BBQ PIT BOYS"..

    You sound like their narrator from BBQPB. 😁

  • Fabulous Francis
    Fabulous Francis 16 saat önce

    Quick question, what did you deglaze with?

  • Mateo Gonzalez
    Mateo Gonzalez 17 saat önce

    "Arthur's right I'm totally *hard*... core for fond-"

  • The Mutual Friend
    The Mutual Friend 18 saat önce

    You should do more of these outdoor vids.

  • ุ
     18 saat önce

    Do Lamb's fry, its from the bar

  • Taeho Kim
    Taeho Kim 20 saat önce

    This is awesome!

  • Romer318
    Romer318 22 saat önce

    Can you even skin Grizz?

  • Ezer DeAlmeida
    Ezer DeAlmeida 1 gün önce

    (Edit) I made this comment before watching the video, and now see you though ahead and cooked the bear well. Always one step ahead, eh Babish!

    I hope you cooked that bear well, especially if it was black bear. Black bear meat undercooked accounts for 90% of trichinosis cases in the US. Trichinosis is caused by the roundworm Trichinella spiralis, which causes diarrhea, abdominal cramps, muscle pain, and fever. Be careful out there!

  • Ian Stallione
    Ian Stallione 1 gün önce


  • John Wick
    John Wick 1 gün önce

    Arthur Morgan dies at the end

  • Wolfboy2012
    Wolfboy2012 1 gün önce

    I wonder many vegans lost their shits watching this video

  • Silent Blaze
    Silent Blaze 1 gün önce

    R.I.P John Marston he died at the end of red dead redemption 1

  • Hanna G
    Hanna G 1 gün önce

    This is new , it made me laugh srsly . Cant imagine babish will do this lol 😂😂😂 nice recipe too

  • DuckyTruck G
    DuckyTruck G 1 gün önce

    Holy shit I’m hungry 😋

  • Gork
    Gork 1 gün önce

    A holster with no gun it love it ❤❤❤

  • Josh Dewees
    Josh Dewees 1 gün önce

    Where did he buy the bear meat?

  • 김영범
    김영범 1 gün önce

    i'm sorry really look like one of the Colm o'driscoll's boys XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  • Cafelogis
    Cafelogis 1 gün önce

    If anyone is wondering, the knife is a mossy oak bowie knife.

  • JoeyTW0
    JoeyTW0 1 gün önce

    Aaaand they're all dead

  • Moore Time in the Kitchen

    The production value, oh my God 😂👌

  • Hal Turner
    Hal Turner 1 gün önce

    Please do more of these if not top much trouble. This is art.

  • Jari
    Jari 1 gün önce

    I've been following this channel for a year now and I still think that this is the best channel on YouTube. The quality of every series on this channel is just way beyond anyone's expectation.

  • WereTale Luigi
    WereTale Luigi 1 gün önce

    Is there any way you can do a dragon ball meal? Friends and I would love to see a dragon meal come to life.

  • wujekg
    wujekg 1 gün önce

    Call me crazy, but this Arthur guy looks and even sounds a little bit like Babish...

  • me to the rescue
    me to the rescue 1 gün önce

    How about bear croquette from food wars

  • Romulus Caine
    Romulus Caine 1 gün önce

    do the high life eggs from hannibal

  • adam claxton
    adam claxton 1 gün önce

    What pot did he use?

  • Alika Harrison
    Alika Harrison 2 gün önce

    What if the chicken actually taste like rabbit huuuhhhhh

  • Kate Noswatudidthere
    Kate Noswatudidthere 2 gün önce

    What's a cow pie?
    He says "fishin for cow pies " at 1:02

  • EJ Matthews
    EJ Matthews 2 gün önce

    Im getting a very "BBQ Pit Boys" vibe from your voiceover in this lol it fits tbh

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington 2 gün önce

    Babs is having a hard time with that knife... but it doesn't matter because you call that a knoife? that's not a knoife... 🔪 👈 now that's a knoife

  • Kyle Marie
    Kyle Marie 2 gün önce

    At the 2 minute mark or so, I was convinced that Babish was going to do the voice the whole time haha

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington 2 gün önce