Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • barbara
    barbara 1 saat önce

    this dude isn't as good as the rest of them

  • Kip Afiras
    Kip Afiras 4 saat önce

    The automated balance features on your Pixel harmed the quality of this video pretty dramatically... the color temperature was dramatically shifted compared to your normal content, and the camera forced contrast pretty hard, and the combination made the video look like it was being shot at dusk with insufficient lighting. The auto-focus lost it at points, and the stabilization didn't really play nice making the picture feel a bit floaty and the transitions were a bit laggy, and there were a few areas, especially when he was removing the bird from the oven, where the whole thing just blurred out noticeably (Probably the autofocus again). It might be good for a cell phone or tablet camera, but compared to the professional studio equipment you usually use, this was a stark and dramatic drop of quality.

  • mroeplz
    mroeplz 6 saat önce

    Imagine having enough friends to celebrate thanksgiving together haha that would be pretty wild.

  • MrErAgOxX3
    MrErAgOxX3 16 saat önce

    Wish he would be sticking those fingers somwhere else ;)

  • Peter Kincheloe
    Peter Kincheloe 17 saat önce

    He keeps taking it out of the oven and it's giving me agita

  • Lee Korotash-Gullett
    Lee Korotash-Gullett 21 saat önce

    The camera work here is.... dizzying and ugly tbh

  • Pablo Varela
    Pablo Varela 1 gĂŒn önce

    Amazing camera quality! It’s the best quality out of any BA video I’ve seen.


    Looks like P King duck

  • Tom Brooks
    Tom Brooks 1 gĂŒn önce

    i can watch andy cooking all day. simple and good is the best recipe.

  • Devin Chaves
    Devin Chaves 1 gĂŒn önce

    What about the gravy???

  • Michele Michael*
    Michele Michael* 1 gĂŒn önce

    Great turkey-fixin' tutorial...! I'm a bit more into the slow-cooking than this video but have high hopes I can adjust. I'm thinking maybe 375°F for that first 30 min and then going down to 250°F for the rest, and maybe marinate every 40-45 min rather than every 30. The first turkey I ever roasted was a great success and it was slow-roasted for about 8 hours and I basted it probably even more often like every 20 min. I did not have a recipe at the time but somebody must have given me some good advice! The glaze sounds wonderful...! Planning to make this (with said changes) on Monday or Tuesday. Yep, goin' for an early bird this year! :)

  • Rebecca Singh
    Rebecca Singh 1 gĂŒn önce

    cute andy....wish you can butter my TURKEY!.......😋

  • Gavin Merrigan
    Gavin Merrigan 1 gĂŒn önce

    Those thongs weren't going up the butt buddy. You should know that :P

  • Ace Spadez
    Ace Spadez 2 gĂŒn önce

    Funny how over half the comments are about the quality of the video, instead of what the video was actually about 😂 that being said, I'm definitely gonna have to try this recipe this Thanksgiving it looks super simple

  • clauillustration
    clauillustration 2 gĂŒn önce

    Worchestershire = "Wus-teh-shur". That's what i've commonly pronounced it as anyway. Could be wrong;)

  • Gabriellla Rowe
    Gabriellla Rowe 2 gĂŒn önce

    Even though the quality is different because of the Pixel 3, i don't mind it. It almost feels more on a one to one level or reminds me of old cooking shows from years ago. Really comforting.

  • Nicholas Doan
    Nicholas Doan 2 gĂŒn önce

    How come vinnie

  • eduardo verdugo
    eduardo verdugo 2 gĂŒn önce

    Andy is low key sexy...

  • Excuse Me
    Excuse Me 2 gĂŒn önce

    Why is it pinkish when he pops the leg out? Is that just the bone?

  • bluetsunami
    bluetsunami 2 gĂŒn önce

    Anyone try the glaze yet? Plan on making a small batch for some chicken to make sure it'd be something everyone here was into. I shouldn't doubt Andy tho.

  • M Bizz
    M Bizz 2 gĂŒn önce

    I don’t like this guy

  • Isheeta Rahman
    Isheeta Rahman 2 gĂŒn önce

    Making this turkey tonight for Friendsgiving; it’s been brining for a full 24 hours! Will let you know how it goes!

  • Ken Hamm
    Ken Hamm 2 gĂŒn önce

    When are we going to get Andy's gravy recipe?

  • Greta mmm boi
    Greta mmm boi 3 gĂŒn önce

    Oh god the butter 😂😂 so grotesque

  • xxarmanix
    xxarmanix 3 gĂŒn önce

    literally saw nothing wrong with the video DJDJD y'all are so dramatic omg

  • Luna Kurosaki
    Luna Kurosaki 3 gĂŒn önce

    My s9 takes better video than this...

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid 3 gĂŒn önce

    I could watch him cook anything/

  • Aquafina Perez
    Aquafina Perez 3 gĂŒn önce

    No wonder the quality is doo doo , theyre using a phone to film it

  • Sayed Fierro
    Sayed Fierro 4 gĂŒn önce

    Gracias papĂĄ

  • ꑘ-Ïąê‚·Ïą-ꑘ
    ꑘ-Ïąê‚·Ïą-ꑘ 4 gĂŒn önce

    Andy is still stunning, even thru a pixel 3 lens

  • Joshua Gusman
    Joshua Gusman 4 gĂŒn önce


  • jrpNH3
    jrpNH3 4 gĂŒn önce

    Andy, try adding baking powder into the dry brine breaks down protein in skin for chicharonne esque crispy.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 4 gĂŒn önce

    I typically find that a large pot for a wet brine is much easier to locate than enough space in any reasonable fridge for a bird that size.

  • Davidson Lankford
    Davidson Lankford 5 gĂŒn önce

    Don’t attempt to cut a hot turkey. Let it stand for several hours if not 1/2 day or longer. You can’t carve a hot turkey. Same thing applies to a ham.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 5 gĂŒn önce

    THAT TURKEY LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt P.
    Matt P. 5 gĂŒn önce

    9:25 they sell Turkey Legs at Disney Parks too

  • Ana5365
    Ana5365 5 gĂŒn önce

    Reverse liposuction

  • MrYouarethecancer
    MrYouarethecancer 5 gĂŒn önce

    Use Alton browns method and you won't end up with dry white meat and still needing to baste it every 25 minutes like an idiot.

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson 5 gĂŒn önce

    I don't care what it's filmed on, I like the sharpness of this vs other videos.

  • La Tui
    La Tui 5 gĂŒn önce

    How does the internal temp rise from 150 to 165 - 15 degrees without a heat source? This makes me nervous.