UNBELIEVABLE ! Top 10 Shocking Blind Auditions The Voice 2018

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  • Joann Reyes
    Joann Reyes 2 saat önce

    The DJ hands down. I mean he took a song and made it his own.

  • Vadim Voronin
    Vadim Voronin 7 saat önce

    Delta, what a beautiful creation!

  • Mary Stewart
    Mary Stewart 10 saat önce

    2nd girl was annoying

  • MM V
    MM V 11 saat önce

    The parade of freaks and complexed teens. Voices? I'm so sorry, I didn't notice anything breathtaking.
    Plus - western girls seems to forgot how to choose clothes to look better and feel comfortable at the same time. It's not a high science though, so I may think they just have low IQ, or they have no mirrors in their houses, or they have no possibility for self-reflection, so they'd understand what kind of impression they're making. It wouldn't be too bad, actually, if it wasn't about the lack of respect to the spectators!

  • Ksenia Zolot
    Ksenia Zolot 13 saat önce

    the whitney!!!!

  • 不動
    不動 13 saat önce

    9:45 He sung it perfectly.

    DEAD POOL 17 saat önce

    The first girl...her sound is like liquid gold...

  • Carlos Del Toro
    Carlos Del Toro 20 saat önce

    OMG whitney live😱😱😱😱😱

  • PrideofPitchers
    PrideofPitchers 22 saat önce

    oh my gosh 12:27, doesn't delta look like the default skin from fortnite? LOL

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 1 gün önce

    I'll be there kid wasnt that good....they all turned too quuck

  • Winged Horse
    Winged Horse 1 gün önce

    Last Song Name

  • tina Allen
    tina Allen 1 gün önce

    what's the name of the last girl

  • Forever Xx
    Forever Xx 1 gün önce

    That guy.judge look like gay

  • Dimas Ahok
    Dimas Ahok 1 gün önce

    Dec 2018

  • wayne harrison
    wayne harrison 1 gün önce

    Why don't you add the singers name in the beginning of their performance, It would allow the viewer to checkout the singer later on. Ok? Ok!

  • Johann Coetzee
    Johann Coetzee 1 gün önce

    And I will always love you - that girl did that with some old skeletons in her mind and it shows. Does not get any more real than that.

  • Svekke 1
    Svekke 1 1 gün önce

    this is what it sounds like when i have a cd...

  • Thearmorcav
    Thearmorcav 2 gün önce

    who Is that Idiot with a Blue hat

    MFD GAMERZ 2 gün önce


  • Cristian Ladino
    Cristian Ladino 2 gün önce

    the boy who sang DESPACITO said in Spanish "quiero respirar tu culo despacito" what it means "I want to breathe your ass slowly"

  • keun2009
    keun2009 2 gün önce

    10:02 George very happy..."its a boy....its a boy!!!!"

  • princess cough syrup
    princess cough syrup 2 gün önce

    George has the best smile I just wanna cuddle him

  • Heri Sonam
    Heri Sonam 2 gün önce

    Heads of to u all🙌🙌🙌

  • 김성현
    김성현 2 gün önce

    크...역시 리액션의 본고장...사스갓 천조국....!!!!!

  • Khawar Asif
    Khawar Asif 2 gün önce

    Lies!! None of them looked like they were blind. Click bait, don't be fooled. 🙄

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones 3 gün önce

    Garbage. Her voice sucks

  • JR Cook
    JR Cook 3 gün önce

    None of them appeared blind to me.

  • Random Shits
    Random Shits 3 gün önce

    These people are good and me I'm like a chicken in the morning when I sing.

  • Mr. Hall
    Mr. Hall 3 gün önce

    First singer- damn got me

  • Gm Gm
    Gm Gm 3 gün önce

    Wow all this people got great talent I love this and it's amazing
    Soul refreshener

  • PawMise GT
    PawMise GT 3 gün önce

    10:21 i bet the judges thought that hes a girl😂😂look at their reactionnn

  • Deo Yin Yang
    Deo Yin Yang 3 gün önce

    Judges do not shut the fuck up...

  • Miguel Angel Perez Muñoz

    Whitney Houston

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 gün önce

    First Woman. Took my literal breath away and brought me to tears within seconds. Simply incredible.

  • Amy Hübner
    Amy Hübner 3 gün önce

    I think everyone in the whole world can be singer

  • Roback P.
    Roback P. 3 gün önce

    8:50 the little girl’s reaction is priceless

  • Ismael Silva
    Ismael Silva 3 gün önce



  • 69indigoblue
    69indigoblue 3 gün önce

    Love the blond from 3:55

  • Technologi The g duck
    Technologi The g duck 3 gün önce

    The girl who sang titanic is from another planet, fuck this she should sit on your places

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 4 gün önce

    I wish the second girl (2:10) would sing the lyrics more clearly