Nikki​ and​ Artem’s - ​Waltz - Dancing with the Stars

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  • light yagami
    light yagami 2 hafta önce

    Artem got a chance to press Nikki's boob's 😠😠 John Cena should be the one

  • Kim Allensworth
    Kim Allensworth 2 hafta önce

    Its fine because shes not dating hem i hope you guess git marry and have q kid

  • Samita Salian
    Samita Salian 2 hafta önce

    I feel bad for John Cena

  • Elizabeth Azouz
    Elizabeth Azouz 1 ay önce

    What the name of this song does anyone know

  • Vanessa Mojica
    Vanessa Mojica 2 ay önce

    John cena has left the chat

  • neke bella
    neke bella 2 ay önce


  • layth mk
    layth mk 2 ay önce

    Did I see cena !

  • aliyah Zaman
    aliyah Zaman 2 ay önce

    I love this song and I love nikki bella and Nikki bella dance amazing

  • A k
    A k 2 ay önce

    Nikki is beautiful nd brie

  • Cissa Martins
    Cissa Martins 2 ay önce


  • Omantel Omantel
    Omantel Omantel 3 ay önce


  • Melanie Yang
    Melanie Yang 4 ay önce

    Did he actually went down to her butt?

  • CaliGirl
    CaliGirl 4 ay önce


  • Kourtney Gordon
    Kourtney Gordon 4 ay önce

    I love the dance and all but I want to know what john cena said about where the hands were going .....not to throw shade I love it and all n both have chemestry but the hands

  • Cooper Dillhoff
    Cooper Dillhoff 4 ay önce

    1:19 John Cena should be Nikki’s partner, not Artem!!!

  • jenny alejandra chow

    wow so sexy well donw Nikki just love her😍😍

  • Queen Karina
    Queen Karina 4 ay önce

    I never watched dancing with the stars until nikki bella was on it

  • Yuvraj Tripathi
    Yuvraj Tripathi 5 ay önce

    I'll see you later Artem.

  • معشوق الجمال

    يا نكي بلا حقيره

  • معشوق الجمال

    يا نكي بلا حقيره

  • معشوق الجمال

    يا نكي بلا حقيره

    NAGA VERSE 5 ay önce

    Oh John.. poor John.
    Sitting at the back seat..
    Cant do anything .

  • I LOVE YOUTUBE!!! :]

    John is jealous

  • Kebsum Goley
    Kebsum Goley 5 ay önce

    I hate him john cDNA is better

  • vaneka harris
    vaneka harris 5 ay önce

    Nikkicole dancing with the Stars

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 ay önce

    I wish John was still with her

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 6 ay önce

    OMG to closeeee!!!😵😵😵

  • Sergio
    Sergio 6 ay önce

    1:18 🐴👏👏👏👏😂😂😂

  • Ubah Abdule
    Ubah Abdule 6 ay önce


  • Jason Germain
    Jason Germain 6 ay önce

    She most suck in bed she has no moves john most do it all

  • Jason Germain
    Jason Germain 6 ay önce

    She was putting the moves on artem the slut puppy

  • William Phelps
    William Phelps 6 ay önce

    John was there

  • Bree Jackson
    Bree Jackson 6 ay önce

    They are to close

  • Chloe Seghorn
    Chloe Seghorn 6 ay önce

    Don't blame on dwts because Rihanna sing the love on the brain and it captured the lush from fifty shades of Grey and more series love it

  • Vajri Ani
    Vajri Ani 7 ay önce

    very cool nikky

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan 7 ay önce

    She a slut. Get ur hands off him that’s why John left you

  • Halimah Siddique
    Halimah Siddique 7 ay önce

    Look john cena was there

  • Jai Kasekar
    Jai Kasekar 7 ay önce

    This is so ambarassing moment for nikki...I think so.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 7 ay önce

    I bet John started getting jealous.

  • Chloé Chemin
    Chloé Chemin 7 ay önce

    Niki Bella omg