Taylor Swift - Delicate

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  • Manny Bee
    Manny Bee 48 dakika önce

    Fuck you.

    Unlimited comment. Literally.

  • Dexter Carmona
    Dexter Carmona 2 saat önce

    Delicate could be the most better experience.

  • soteto75
    soteto75 3 saat önce

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  • justine love
    justine love 3 saat önce

    I like New swift too❤❤❤❤

  • Shaun Bacon
    Shaun Bacon 3 saat önce


  • gustavo gamer
    gustavo gamer 3 saat önce

    A Duda

  • iiKatieRoblox
    iiKatieRoblox 3 saat önce

    This song shouldn’t have only been NOMINATED for the GRAMMYS but also should’ve GOT ONE

  • RobloxXYZ
    RobloxXYZ 4 saat önce


  • vitor kase
    vitor kase 5 saat önce

    Alguém BR?

  • Muhd Aisamuddin
    Muhd Aisamuddin 6 saat önce

    Legend says she is still dancing

  • neelima agarwal
    neelima agarwal 7 saat önce


  • Hien Minh
    Hien Minh 7 saat önce

    Thank you Taylor. This beautiful song and the music video have really cheered me up. I've been through a hard time that I cannot share with anyone. But watching you and enjoying the message that you put in the song and seeing you smile, I've got better now. You have taught me to stay and think positively. Thank you for being part of my youth and staying by my side all this time. Love you so much <3 <3

  • Jacob McCluskey
    Jacob McCluskey 7 saat önce

    Beautiful dance

  • Emily Kennach
    Emily Kennach 8 saat önce

    damn I wish I was as tall as her

  • dave ferrer
    dave ferrer 9 saat önce

    Who else scream 1, 2, 3 let's go bitch at 0:20? OK, only me. Bye
    LET'S GO BITCH!!!!!!!

  • Fonder Elite
    Fonder Elite 10 saat önce

    I hope she's be as satisfied as that when she goes to hell.

  • Kalanii Miles
    Kalanii Miles 10 saat önce

    omg “ Image a world like that...” comment if you heard that line in a song

  • Kalanii Miles
    Kalanii Miles 10 saat önce


  • Kalanii Miles
    Kalanii Miles 10 saat önce

    Hey don’t usually like her music but I like this

  • Sayuri Kokuso
    Sayuri Kokuso 12 saat önce

    This song makes me feel sad but, still Ilove this song.

  • Kissa Dunham
    Kissa Dunham 12 saat önce

    1:37 that lady looks at her when nobody else can see her

  • Nikhil Girish
    Nikhil Girish 12 saat önce

    can someone explain the vid to me?

  • Sara Ellena
    Sara Ellena 16 saat önce

    Tay! I love you cutie!!💋❤😩

  • J K
    J K 16 saat önce

    Hang in there pet

  • Mariana Fuentes
    Mariana Fuentes 16 saat önce

    This was posted on my birthday! This could be the best birthday gift I could ever get!!!

  • Lucy Weaver
    Lucy Weaver 16 saat önce

    0:20 1...2...3 Lets go Bitch

  • condoguy710
    condoguy710 16 saat önce

    For some reason this album has taken some time to truly appreciate how well done and well written it is, this is a fantastic cut, great sound and Swift at her best in phrasing lyric to music

  • Shane Swift Sword
    Shane Swift Sword 18 saat önce


  • Shane Swift Sword
    Shane Swift Sword 18 saat önce

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    Think Big / Big Think

  • Sun Sun
    Sun Sun 18 saat önce

    2019? 😂

  • nicole tapia
    nicole tapia 19 saat önce

    Does anyone else see how when she enters the bar the fifth person looks like karlie?

  • Birthtuba
    Birthtuba 19 saat önce

    great song/video.sweet.peace&wisdom through the darkness of trump.trump is krampus

  • Lorren Wiscombe
    Lorren Wiscombe 20 saat önce

    you are the best #1

  • courtney badger
    courtney badger 21 saat önce

    The video doesn't even match the song

  • Celeste Cáceres
    Celeste Cáceres 22 saat önce

    I thought Selena Gómez sangre this song.

  • Alyx Balke
    Alyx Balke 23 saat önce

    taylor being Taylor

  • jess yvvss
    jess yvvss 1 gün önce

    tay queria tanto seu album de presente de natal😍😍😍😍😍😍 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ me nota amor te amooooo brbrbr

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes 1 gün önce

    This song is my spiritual animal.

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes 1 gün önce

    Holy shit actually listening to these lyrics, this song is good on another level.

  • Daphneplaz Gacha angle
    Daphneplaz Gacha angle 1 gün önce

    Don’t delete it I’m was joking