Girls Fails of the Month March 2013 || FailArmy

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  • Johnny L
    Johnny L 8 saat önce

    so young so good

  • Jeffrey Walker
    Jeffrey Walker 1 gün önce

    Guns don't burn nipples. People burn nipples.

  • Nic Bing
    Nic Bing 1 gün önce

    first chick  tits ...! females  ALWAYS do better STUPID than Guys ...

  • Ral Dilligaf
    Ral Dilligaf 1 gün önce

    It is so Easy to picture Savannah Smith ( Kingman AZ) when I see these Twitts!!!!

  • xsited1
    xsited1 3 gün önce

    I liked the one where the girl fell down!

  • Ener Tiotuico -
    Ener Tiotuico - 3 gün önce

    3:03 if that was my brother i would slap him and remove the hair

  • Michael Flora
    Michael Flora 3 gün önce

    I love stupid cunts I Mary them but I quit....

  • Srpski Grobar
    Srpski Grobar 4 gün önce

    Haahahahha vide Balkanac u klipu

  • Сергей
    Сергей 4 gün önce

    пьянь Российская да ?

  • Dave Chivell gardner
    Dave Chivell gardner 4 gün önce

    5:30 so you have burned your hair off, why would you post the video?

  • Michael Pieseeno
    Michael Pieseeno 5 gün önce

    6:38 I heard she passed out because it turned out she was pregnant. This thing happened to my sister.

  • Él Regreso del Guerrero

    3:30 - 😆😂😂😂

  • Frank Stall
    Frank Stall 5 gün önce

    0:06 Chelsea Calvert!

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 5 gün önce


  • Baron Red
    Baron Red 5 gün önce

    59 sec pay me later your welcome

  • Маша Затыка
    Маша Затыка 6 gün önce


  • KLG
    KLG 1 hafta önce

    0:59 The money shot

  • Vlad Watkins
    Vlad Watkins 1 hafta önce

    2:43 the type of video that their kids, find when their 9 years olds. Watching on the big TV, right as parents come home.

    Great memories.

  • Dylan h
    Dylan h 1 hafta önce

    betcha youtube demonetized this video to huh?

  • olivia-J Trans
    olivia-J Trans 1 hafta önce

    stupid guns

  • Dubious
    Dubious 1 hafta önce

    Imagine your life sucking so bad that you woke up next to her?

  • Brett Barnett
    Brett Barnett 1 hafta önce

    3:30 Ok that shit isn’t funny.

  • Shane Westerbur
    Shane Westerbur 1 hafta önce

    Don't ever hand a gun to anyone who is not trained you use it safely!

  • Shane Westerbur
    Shane Westerbur 1 hafta önce

    Don't ever hand a gun to anyone who is not trained you use it safely!

  • Adem Sofiano
    Adem Sofiano 1 hafta önce

    I guess the last girl died in that moment live on TV

  • sống khỏe
    sống khỏe 1 hafta önce


  • Randy Howland
    Randy Howland 1 hafta önce


  • Марат Камю
    Марат Камю 1 hafta önce

    а чё с последней случилось-то? ёпта..

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 1 hafta önce

    Girls being dicks. Somehow sexy !!

  • Обзор 360
    Обзор 360 1 hafta önce

    Беги, а то взорвется бомба, и побежала АНА БАГИНЯ!!!))

  • Maurice Fuqua
    Maurice Fuqua 1 hafta önce

    Did any one else get a Bonner 😮😮😮

  • nainai
    nainai 1 hafta önce

    Back in the day: ow ow OMG!
    These days: ow ow OMG! Did u get that on video?

  • Matt Moon
    Matt Moon 1 hafta önce

    A Glock 23 dosent have that much recoil.

  • Christopher Green
    Christopher Green 1 hafta önce

    Dont talk about me asshole.

  • fady michel
    fady michel 1 hafta önce

    that last one was something serious not fail at all ... if you listen to the sound of her , i think she either going into a coma or a heart attack

  • Kise
    Kise 2 hafta önce

    0:43 Why didn't they help her?

  • Алексей Силюков

    Ну последний не хера не смешно.

  • Санитар Леса
    Санитар Леса 2 hafta önce

    Animals pipol

  • Martin Delgadillo
    Martin Delgadillo 2 hafta önce

    Te la sobo o le echo saliva