Is This The Next Big Chip Flavor? (Taste Test)

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  • zaid saleh
    zaid saleh 4 gün önce

    Jenn has arms bigger than 90% of alpha males around the globe!!!

  • VeganTemptress
    VeganTemptress 1 hafta önce

    They do make powdered honey:)

  • Amy Beaird
    Amy Beaird 1 hafta önce

    They do make powdered honey.

  • Sibbo14
    Sibbo14 1 hafta önce

    WOAH her arms are massive, id like to have this size O.O

  • Anna B
    Anna B 3 hafta önce

    I wonder if they could somehow harden the honey so that it was basically a candy coating? And then itd have just a little drizzle over the top of the chip

  • Venus
    Venus 1 ay önce

    Make a thin honey syrup solution with honey and warm water, use a spray bottle to lightly coat chips, sprinkle with pepper, and bake for a few minutes to dry. It should be less sticky

  • rainbow hearty
    rainbow hearty 1 ay önce

    You are wrong about Coloradans. Also we are RAD not ROD. ColoRADo not ColoRODo. Thank you

  • AnnaxCole Randomness

    i hate the chewing noises ewwww

  • Meg Maples
    Meg Maples 1 ay önce

    You can powder honey for chips. One of the most popular chip flavors in Australia is Honey Soy Chicken. My first experience with it I was really skeptical but it tastes sort of like a honey teriyaki chicken on your chip! Just go out and get some dehydrated honey, sprinkle that on with the pepper and BAM! Mass produced chips!

  • ForkandSpork
    ForkandSpork 1 ay önce

    I want a lick daddy T-shirt. Use your resources to make that happen.

  • Margaret Haney
    Margaret Haney 1 ay önce

    M-Mail on monday????? that’s it, Rhett and Link have gone insane.

  • Kelly Mueller
    Kelly Mueller 1 ay önce

    Wow! Link looks an awful lot like Where’s Waldo! We love you Link!

  • mutt
    mutt 1 ay önce

    mail can only mean its thursday

  • Aldo Macray
    Aldo Macray 1 ay önce

    We have honey butter flavored chips here in MANILA!!!🇵🇭 I would love them have delivered to you...

  • Jancke le Roux
    Jancke le Roux 1 ay önce

    So many youtubers just rake in the mega guys give so much of your earnings to deserving charities. THANKS FOR BEING LOVELY RAYS OF SUNSHINE

  • UnknownPerson
    UnknownPerson 1 ay önce


  • Barbra_Morren
    Barbra_Morren 1 ay önce

    Honey powder is a thing! Retry your honey and pepper chips with honey powder

  • donnell walker
    donnell walker 1 ay önce

    Not trying to be rude or funny. She has some manly forearms

  • xChuckNasty88x
    xChuckNasty88x 1 ay önce

    Mythical Honey 🍯 Pepper Chips PLEASE!!!!!!

  • molesticles
    molesticles 1 ay önce

    Rhett says "Unless we can make honey into a powder" and immediately the chef with the dream job says: "I'm on it."
    My job is blood sweat and tears and this guy gets to play with food for a living... A one in a billion job bro, a sweet gig.

  • molesticles
    molesticles 1 ay önce

    Jen has the biceps of a guy, but I've just seen her eat one crisp in 3 bites. The most dainty eating thing you can do. Apart from cutting a pea in two and consuming it half by half. I thought you were supposed to be a lesbian Jen! I get more attracted to her every appearance she makes.

  • ohhaimaia
    ohhaimaia 1 ay önce

    "You and your facts"

  • valentina v
    valentina v 1 ay önce

    5:24 links face 😂

  • Justin Z
    Justin Z 1 ay önce

    Jen needs to teach me how to lift

  • Adin Jennings
    Adin Jennings 1 ay önce

    I still think “Thursday means mail” every time

  • Bandit Jewett
    Bandit Jewett 1 ay önce

    You guys should submit the Honey and Pepper chips to Lays during their contest. I'm sure they would figure out how to make it work!

  • Caitlin Murphy
    Caitlin Murphy 1 ay önce

    I work at in an office next to an airport and a plane was loudly flying over head when they stopped talking and looked up. Kinda creeped me out like they heard it too!

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 1 ay önce


  • Jacob Ambrose
    Jacob Ambrose 1 ay önce

    Man I missed Jen

  • Janee' Harris
    Janee' Harris 1 ay önce

    He's not even wrong about Coloradans. I often gaze into the mountains thinking or saying, I'm so glad I live here.

  • NovasWater
    NovasWater 1 ay önce

    Aurora, Colorado represent! ❤️

  • Sarah Bear
    Sarah Bear 1 ay önce

    It’s Good Mythical Mail!

  • Lucas Eagle
    Lucas Eagle 1 ay önce

    I got a phone call at the exact time rhett paused and stopped talking lmao

  • Marnick
    Marnick 2 ay önce

    Is there a YouTube channel where Josh shows how he cooks all the stuff?

  • Aleksandra Paul Bohr

    granulated honey exist

  • Tyler Heiney
    Tyler Heiney 2 ay önce

    Mythical munchies

  • Robin K
    Robin K 2 ay önce

    You should use jalapeno infused olive oil

  • Rashon Tha Don
    Rashon Tha Don 2 ay önce

    Mail time like blues clues

  • Rhett Halves
    Rhett Halves 2 ay önce

    Can we get more stevie and less jen

  • Align
    Align 2 ay önce

    Rhett, I as a guitar teacher I so appreciate you have a seagull guitar...

    ...I want one.