Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer - WHICH IS BETTER?! (Cheat Day)

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  • Jackie Key
    Jackie Key 1 gün önce

    You 2 are an awesome pair

  • Jackie Key
    Jackie Key 1 gün önce

    I'm weirdly into the beat and seizure inducing effects you all do...

  • Hale the Hero
    Hale the Hero 4 gün önce

    Actually you add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of oil to the air fryer for fries. They still need grease to cook

  • Adalyn Powell
    Adalyn Powell 4 gün önce

    I wish they would edit out all the noise they make while eating

  • Tmaster1108
    Tmaster1108 6 gün önce

    Now that belongs on a blimp.

  • Novocrine
    Novocrine 1 hafta önce

    Does fries taste better in air frier?

  • Novocrine
    Novocrine 1 hafta önce

    What's the air frier he is using? I want to buy the same

  • Alexi Hamilton
    Alexi Hamilton 1 hafta önce

    His "What's This" breakout made me laugh so hard. It's stuck in my head now. But I love that song, so I'm okay with it.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 1 hafta önce

    Who uses pancake batter to fry stuff?

  • Kylee Jo Batman
    Kylee Jo Batman 1 hafta önce

    Want to keep watching but the editing you use for telling us the food you are frying is very painful on the eyes

  • busa89
    busa89 2 hafta önce

    The smacking noise they make when they chew sounds like a sloppy blowjob.

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M 2 hafta önce

    Jarrett is so adorable 😂

  • katie
    katie 2 hafta önce

    why does Jarrett look like the love child of Drake & Josh

  • Alaina Ward
    Alaina Ward 3 hafta önce

    It's so funny how they misspelled marshmallow

  • The mystery Box channel
    The mystery Box channel 3 hafta önce

    for the AIR Frier you son't need the croissant

  • Dre Ray
    Dre Ray 4 hafta önce

    Good example of 2 people who dont know how to deep fry....Smmfh..

  • Fabão Guitar
    Fabão Guitar 4 hafta önce

    Only oil we should ever use is the coconut oil. All the rest are poison. Only second option you can get is to melt pork fat. Its tasty and health,

  • Phoenix85006
    Phoenix85006 4 hafta önce

    The dude is very sexy, especially those hairy arms of his 😋

  • KlutzyNervus 1
    KlutzyNervus 1 1 ay önce

    Air fryyyyyyyy!!!!

  • kaylee loucks
    kaylee loucks 1 ay önce

    When she said "its like me in any pair of jeans" SAMEEEEEEE

  • Jacob Zivotic
    Jacob Zivotic 1 ay önce

    Far too spazzy for me. Cant people on youtube act like.. WOOOOW this is soooo cool!!! Its a piece of cheese dude...

  • robyn X456
    robyn X456 1 ay önce

    There’s something wrong with Lily’s foundation in this video, it’s pushy and sort of dark anyone else notice?

  • Mrs. Camper
    Mrs. Camper 1 ay önce

    Love Jarrett breaking out in song with What's This from Nightmare Before Christmas! Made me love him more♥🎃

  • IrishRebel92
    IrishRebel92 1 ay önce

    love my air fryer. though I put a tablespoon of oil in the bottom if im using it for frying because it makes the food crispier. it works really good for frozen personal pizza too.

  • Jin Min
    Jin Min 1 ay önce

    It's called marshmallow...not marshmellow.....

  • Megan
    Megan 1 ay önce

    You cooked the chips or frys or whatever you called them rong in the air Fryer

  • jessiebear rawr
    jessiebear rawr 1 ay önce

    I like the video, but the flashing everytime you guys go to the next item, huuuuuurts.

  • Maria Martishev
    Maria Martishev 1 ay önce

    Eating fries as I watch this lol

  • the beast
    the beast 1 ay önce


  • Amber Delaney
    Amber Delaney 1 ay önce

    Didn't cook the fries right in the air fryer it says in the directions you have to shake the basket halfway so they cook all the way. But definitely won't go back to an oil fryer after switching to an air fryer!

  • SUPERMAR10312
    SUPERMAR10312 1 ay önce

    I had to dislike because of the transition effect

  • Pete Jansen
    Pete Jansen 1 ay önce

    Air fryer always for sure!

  • Melicious Mom
    Melicious Mom 2 ay önce

    Jarrett is adorable (goofy)

  • sawyer butt
    sawyer butt 2 ay önce

    He’s kinda tasty

  • Cassie Toth
    Cassie Toth 2 ay önce

    My mom got an air fryer for Christmas

  • Symmone Woods
    Symmone Woods 2 ay önce

    They spelled marshmallow wrong asf somebody needs to be fired

  • Willie Deval Parker
    Willie Deval Parker 2 ay önce

    This 2 are comedy gold and Lilly is beautiful and funny 😆

  • Melissa Barrett
    Melissa Barrett 2 ay önce

    They should date. So cute together

  • Riley Guerrer
    Riley Guerrer 2 ay önce

    I was eating things from a air fryer when watching thins video

  • MyCloth
    MyCloth 2 ay önce

    fry in veg oil. canola is way to strong