Mario Kart Wii: The History of the Ultra Shortcut

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  • Music List- Note- the shortcut at 18:16 was discovered here- Shoutouts to Top Supporters: Benjamin Dweck Brian Horricks Chris Braden Cristhian Sanchez Damien Row Daniel Dante Smith DietCokePlus Dillon White Drew Taurisano EB Frankie Mach Gabe Bann Greg Schaefer Hannah Cox Hawkaloo Ian Cunningham Jack Almond Jake Hickman Jason Lewis JD jesugtz Jonathan Davis Jonny Fabricius Jordan Armstrong Juan Ortega Kevin Hummert Kyle Brunson Luis Trevino Mark Swanson Markus Kitsinger Michael Michael Frey Morten Skaaning NerdSync Oliver Andryszewski pizzo Robert Feehan ron Ron Bowes Sariya Melody Skyler JB Stevo the Human Tanner Rogalsky Tim TodesBrot Tom Hanks Tony Cannon youngmoneySWE Zuzu Iwagaya Music Credits: HOME ( Kevin Macleod Impact Lento Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Luminist ( Shikimo ( Stevia Sphere ( Three Chain Links ( Video Credits (hope I didn't leave anything out lol):
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  • Summoning Salt
    Summoning Salt 1 ay önce

    Gonna give shoutouts down here to the music artists that I used in this video:

    HOME - - This guy is known for his song "Resonance", but I hope that his legacy doesn't end there. Resonance is great, but he has dozens of other tracks that are not only amazing for casual listening, but work fantastically as background music for videos (such as this one!) Thanks so much for letting me use your music, it's rare to see that with music creators of your stature.

    Kevin MacLeod - - He needs no introduction. When it comes to royalty-free music, he is the king of it. His songs have probably been used in millions of productions worldwide, and for good reason- he has an enormous library of high quality songs. There's a few of his songs in particular (Frost Waltz, Impact Lento) that I keep coming back to for my videos. On behalf of myself and countless other creators, thank you for being awesome.

    Luminist - - I found him from his synthesizer remakes of the Metroid soundtrack. They were amazing of course, so I decided to poke around to see what other stuff he had. While there's not too much of it so far, what's there is really unique and beautiful. I've never heard music quite like the songs from his EP "Simulations" before, and I hope that you continue making music in the future. Thanks for letting me use what you've got so far, and I can't wait to see what's in store for later.

    Shikimo - - Funnily enough, the way I found out about Shikimo was from an email that was sent to me Since I'm so picky with the music I use, it's rare that I find artists from them reaching out to me- the song Shikimo sent me, however, which I used in this video (Getaway) was too good to ignore. So, to any synth artists out there, please feel free to send me an email with what you've got! Thank you for deciding to contact me, Shikimo. I look forward to exploring more of what you have in the future.

    Stevia Sphere - - I learned about this artist recently, when I was just browsing through a youtube playlist looking for potential background music. When I found Stevia Sphere, I realized I had struck gold- there were dozens of brilliant, widely varying songs across a bunch of albums, and 95% of them were under a creative commons license, meaning they were free to use in videos. Stevia's music ranges from really relaxing, to thought provoking and inspiring, and everywhere in between. Thanks for all that you've done!

    Three Chain Links - - I'm convinced that this guy creates some of the best synth music on the internet, and it's really a shame that he doesn't have a bigger following. Links' song "All We Ever See Of Stars" in particular is just incredible, but don't stop looking there- there are so many that are similar in quality. Links does a great job making music that sounds like it's ripped straight from 30 years ago. Thanks for creating it all, and for releasing it with a creative commons license no less!

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    Your videos are really good! Following now

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    Found a cool shortcut for Mario Kart 8 deluxe and Wii U version check it out

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    Great video and great choice of music <3

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    Holy shiznit this is such a good video.

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    mario kart wii the best game e

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    I knew I did a weird glitch that one time. I did a wall clip on the ghost map and I didn’t even know it. Insane

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    Damn this's channel blew up was here last year with 20 k subs congrats!

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    this is one of the best game related vids i ever seen, good job, man <3

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    Wheres ocarina of time

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    Great video 👍🏻👍🏻

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    Good research and well thought out video, well done.

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    my brother is going to kill me now lol

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    Ridley, mr bean, braxion these people have changed mario kart wii

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    This was actually fantastic. I didn't intend to care, but you made me care.

  • Ryan Shin
    Ryan Shin 2 gün önce

    Update: King Alex got a 18"796 on 10/17/18
    A player named Bryce got a 24"797 on Mushroom Gorge on 10/16/18
    Justin got a 1'51"208 on Maple Treeway on 10/18/18

    Why are you looking down here?

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    You should do some sort of dark souls progression video

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    Is this Blaze the same from the 4-2 Mario video (Blaze 420)?

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    I thought this wouldn't be interesting at all, I was wrong

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    I’ve watched this about 20 times, please come back i miss these xD

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    This is an amazing video.... and I don’t know why... I only play Mario kart 8 deluxe on the switch but... This video is just AMAZING!!!!!

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    Oh my God I almost passed out you're such a nerd

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    4mil in month... not bad also did not know this was so new vid:D

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    I feel like I’m watching a documentary on a successful bank robbery

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    Salt, I'm a big fan of your content. You could be making a killing on YouTube if you uploaded more often. 4 million in this vid!!! Nice work.

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    your videos are amazing

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    Wait this game is still popular? Awesome!

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    Has Salt been summoned?

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    I don't get the clip wall

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    Wow, over four million views in less than two months, and you deserve it

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    If there is a Nintendo school and Mario kart is a topic, I bet this video will be used

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    Guess what, Troy just recently got the world record for Maple Treeway (using the ultra shortcut).

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    Nice one

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  • Loggie Gamer2006
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