Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Air event in 9 minutes

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  • Ronald Weidner
    Ronald Weidner 1 hafta önce

    I thought Phil Schiller was going to do the presentation.

  • Leo Eckstein
    Leo Eckstein 2 hafta önce

    Hat das auch irgend ein deutscher angeschaut

  • Widya Novitasari
    Widya Novitasari 4 hafta önce

    Who’s the speaker?

  • Hackman
    Hackman 4 hafta önce

    2:15 is apple foreshadowing future tech!!??

  • Anwar Ansari
    Anwar Ansari 1 ay önce

    Teri maki chute jhatu company tumhari maa ko chodu ek ipad liya uska ka Apple ID Lag gya to company wala bopta ha Apple id nahi chutti hai

  • RMACAO87
    RMACAO87 1 ay önce

    Very Surfacy... Except for the price.

  • Reyner Giovanni
    Reyner Giovanni 1 ay önce

    iPad ftw!!

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects 1 ay önce

    Abeebadabeebada that's all folksss

  • Victor QuyUy
    Victor QuyUy 1 ay önce

    Love the new iPad and new Apple pencil :D. Just not a fan for TC's presentation >.<

  • Ganeshkaran Mouralidaran


  • Mark Apsolon
    Mark Apsolon 1 ay önce

    Nice. Any extra charge for the NSA backdoor you can not talk about?

  • good game
    good game 1 ay önce

    Usb c, good hardware, low price to apple standards and hiding the salenumbers ? Seems like apple is finally fallimg of their throne. But it's to late. You say new ipad ? I say galaxy tab 4. You say new macbook ? I say surface book 2. Finally the company that constantly takes advantage of their costumers is going down. Bendgate, Slowing doing the cpus on old devices, removing headphone jack, not saying how many Mah the new device has ? All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Were past a point of no return.
    Welcome to a new era

  • xXGraceGusXx
    xXGraceGusXx 1 ay önce

    Tbh I prefer buttons like if u agree

  • Will
    Will 1 ay önce

    Level of salt in comments is unreal. Maybe stop watching 10 min videos about Apple if you're going to get so tilted.

  • daZappityZouSu
    daZappityZouSu 1 ay önce

    Consume! Consume! Consume!!!

  • Mark Mackleydo
    Mark Mackleydo 1 ay önce

    meanwhile here I am stuck with a macbook pro 2011 lmao

  • fontie. lb
    fontie. lb 1 ay önce

    Why on earth would they simply stop selling the iPad in gold and rose gold 😣😣 I just can't understand...

  • Seb D
    Seb D 1 ay önce

    Why does apple still have Intel chips for macbooks? Are the iPad CPU's not capable of running macos ?

  • Spyder G O G
    Spyder G O G 1 ay önce

    Does it have Animoji please reply!

  • Giz Gad
    Giz Gad 1 ay önce

    I really want to love the iPad for high-end productivity. But I am not so sure that is possible. All they have to do is add mouse support.

  • Jonathan Lacombe
    Jonathan Lacombe 1 ay önce

    We also call it the ipad Surface...

  • Anthony
    Anthony 1 ay önce

    "These are the most exciting products we have ever created" I'm kinda becoming sick of this apple marketing phrasing used since 2011!!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 1 ay önce

    "These are the most exciting products we have ever created" I'm kinda becoming sick of this apple marketing phrasing used since 2011!!

  • Sinval Pinheiro
    Sinval Pinheiro 1 ay önce

    Marketing 99%

  • sec sd
    sec sd 1 ay önce

    magnets will change the world :D

  • Miti Abulaiti
    Miti Abulaiti 1 ay önce

    iPad + iPhone5 = New iPad Pro

  • TobyBoss Official
    TobyBoss Official 1 ay önce

    Why some phone has headphone jack is cheaper than those who dosent?

  • Aaron Dungsss
    Aaron Dungsss 1 ay önce


  • Ra y
    Ra y 1 ay önce

    Say the only affordable product from Apple is this iPad 6th generation rn? I mean under 300 to 350$?

  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 ay önce

    No joker, these actually look very good, but can u pls cut down on the price a LITTLE bit, apple?

  • James Wong
    James Wong 1 ay önce

    Congrats you just made the surface pro, Apple

  • Тим Логин
    Тим Логин 1 ay önce went in a wrong way

  • Nelson G.
    Nelson G. 1 ay önce


  • Satya BHAN
    Satya BHAN 1 ay önce

    The font at 6:50 .. Ahhh my eyes!!

  • Thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck 1 ay önce

    when the people presenting dont know anything about CPU's. SMH

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments 1 ay önce

    Still no option to use a mouse... Makes no sense. I love using excel on iPad and having to touch a cell with my finger. Very user friendly...

  • z
    z 1 ay önce


  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 1 ay önce

    It’s official. Every product from Steve Jobs era has now been completely refreshed. The MacBook Air and Mac Mini being the last products Jobs announced.

  • Amr Ashraf
    Amr Ashraf 1 ay önce

    The clapping drives me crazy

  • TobyPlayz
    TobyPlayz 1 ay önce

    It looks the same as The macbook