Bill Belichick: What Makes Him Great

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  • Corky Films
    Corky Films 12 saat önce

    You know hes good when the last time the Browns won a playoff game was under him

  • Shaun NH 2A
    Shaun NH 2A 4 gün önce

    I love his weekly breakdowns with Scott Zolak

  • Warlord2706
    Warlord2706 6 gün önce

    If we combine all sports, the best coach is Pep Guardiola

  • SSJ Carl
    SSJ Carl 6 gün önce

    0:35 hey HEY! Vince Lombardi is gonna come back from the grave to kick your ass after that statement!

  • stephenbru
    stephenbru 1 hafta önce

    Nice vid!!!...I really enjoyed watching it!!!

  • Morgan Elmore
    Morgan Elmore 1 hafta önce

    if hispanic please take

  • Pat Hutchison
    Pat Hutchison 1 hafta önce

    He’s definitely a great coach but I don’t know where you get “nice guy”. He says even his friends call him an asshole. Parcels knicknamed him doom and gloom. He probably the best coach ever but not th most personable guy.

  • MK Hayden Is a good youtuber

    If he didn’t cheat he wouldn’t have a job

  • nate
    nate 1 hafta önce

    "I believe the man is a nice guy"

  • nate
    nate 1 hafta önce

    your an idiot

  • Garrett Hampton
    Garrett Hampton 1 hafta önce

    Should change title to ‘why bill belicheck looks good because of his players ‘

  • Erick Klein
    Erick Klein 1 hafta önce

    How about benching Malcom butler during super bowl 52 and trading away jimmy garapallo, and tony brisset

  • Ham Boba
    Ham Boba 1 hafta önce

    Tom Brady makes him great

  • arcticwanderer2000
    arcticwanderer2000 1 hafta önce

    Long time Patriot's fan but Belichick is too rigid in his unwillingness to pay key players to keep his winning teams intact. And when those players leave, those decisions almost always come back to cost the Patriot's championships. For example, Adam Vinatieri goes to the Colts and kicks them past the Pats, Wes Welker goes to Denver then knocks out Aqib Talib in AFC championship game, LeGarrette Blount helps Philly beat the Pats in the last Superbowl. Brady to Welker was a great combination he broke up.

  • Calvin
    Calvin 1 hafta önce

    You're right about the media, honestly, those guys are the scum of our country

    SAM BRICKELL 2 hafta önce

    1:33 is 2018 in a nutshell for anyone logical.

  • That Critical Broncos Fan

    I've been a Belichick fan for a few years now and honestly, he's a guy I like to set my style of player evaluation, drafting and signing to make a team great. I'm a Broncos fan but I'm always interested in consistency for those who can design and play in the game and always in the game of football. It's like a game of chess but in athletics. I don't think there'll be another coach like him once he retires

  • Metal Steve
    Metal Steve 2 hafta önce

    He’s as successful as he is because of brady

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die 2 hafta önce

    What makes him great is he is a penny pinching Jew who doesn't like to pay his star players and was still able to win 5 super bowls.

  • famguy218
    famguy218 2 hafta önce

    What baffles me is is that he'll find random guys from random schools (honestly, Tom Brady was one of them other than him being from Michigan) and he turns them into champions.

  • TheY2AProblem
    TheY2AProblem 2 hafta önce

    Cheating. He cheats like a motherfucker. That’s what makes him great.

  • Alain Belanger
    Alain Belanger 2 hafta önce

    Football Wikipedia that’s it

  • eklashur rahman
    eklashur rahman 2 hafta önce

    Great but what about Sir Alex Ferguson?

  • Heath Hilado
    Heath Hilado 2 hafta önce

    Nick Sabin is the greatest

  • Brett Dawson
    Brett Dawson 2 hafta önce

    What the heck is Matt Patricia doing at 2:23? What's that thing he's holding?

  • Dewald Kruger
    Dewald Kruger 2 hafta önce

    Great video and assessment of him. I completely agree and as an athlete he's a coach i would love to have.

  • Nope
    Nope 2 hafta önce

    NBA is not a coaches league it’s more of a players game now than ever. Idc if Brad Stevens wins 10 championships (which he won’t) the game leans more on its players

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 2 hafta önce

    Two words - Tom Brady.

  • dash4800
    dash4800 2 hafta önce

    Lets be honest the Patriots only win because they keep one of their balls 1psi lighter than the rest. How is any team ever supposed to beat them with that sort of insurmountable advantage.

  • pmplo
    pmplo 2 hafta önce

    Scotty Bowman

  • richard clark
    richard clark 3 hafta önce

    I"'ll tell you what make him so great...... it's all fixs✌✌✌✌

  • Jäger
    Jäger 3 hafta önce

    The media always tries to over sensationalize stories making them into twisted lies of what truly happened. Half truths, hell not even half truths. The media is always trying to grab the attention of the average nfl fan with click bait and stories blown out of proportions. These stories are shells of the true stories and what actually happened, some of them are just blatant lies all together. Its Ridiculous how the media gets away with stories like spygate and deflategate. I know I sound like an idiot but there just fake news. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady don't cheat simple as that. Spygate was just a flat out lie and Deflategate was because of the weather changing at half time. Because of the cold weather the balls got softer and the some of the air escaped from the footballs lowering the psi by about 2.0. And even if they did deflate the balls wouldn't have Andrew Luck also had the advantage too. I think with all these gates and the patriots being accused of cheating 24/7 is ridiculous, the patriots aren't the biggest cheats of the centuries like we make them out to be. Its just the media over sensationalizing stories because they don't like the patriots. From a Falcons fan.

    P.S. 28-3 still hurts

  • Eric Claeyborn
    Eric Claeyborn 3 hafta önce

    If he was so great, he wouldn't have to cheat... ever.

  • God90x
    God90x 3 hafta önce

    what makes bill great you ask? grudges. bam. bop. boom.

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander 4 hafta önce

    Tom Brady.

  • ExelsioHD
    ExelsioHD 4 hafta önce

    As a dolphins fan i absolutely hate this guy. But there is something to learn from every person no matter how much i hate him.

  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala 4 hafta önce

    A drone a playbook the refs his cheating it goes on and on

  • The Headhunter
    The Headhunter 4 hafta önce

    What makes Bill Belichick great, if he is at all, is Tom Brady. Belichick was lousy at Cleveland.
    Besides Belichick sabotage his own team in Superbowl 52 and purposelylost the Superbowl. No great coach would ever do that. Belichick is just a petty old man. He has been making as of late, horrible decisions.

  • Zach Boebel
    Zach Boebel 4 hafta önce

    Easy.... cheating lmao

    And he still not even close to Lombardi greatness

  • redmustang04 redmustang04

    Unlike at Alabama with Nick Saban you got to change the QB when he goes to the NFL, Belichick had Tom Brady as the constant QB that allows Belichick to get any scrub in there and make them play like an all pro. The Patriots like the 70's and early 80's Raiders is the place where you go to get your career resurrected. You won't get paid much like any other NFL team, but you will get a chance to play in a Super Bowl as long as Tom Brady is there at QB. The biggest blessing that Belichick ever had was when Bledsoe got hurt against the Jets and Brady took over with a chip on his shoulder and it worked out. If Bledsoe stayed the Pats most likely go another 6-10 or 5-11 season .