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  • I'm so sorry for this video lmao ...what a long, treacherous mess. like what even is this. shishtar tried. shishtar shnapped? okay well I'm gonna head back over to my lane now which definitely isn't this hahahhaahahahh I hope you enjoyed. I LOVE YOU xoxo the BEST beauty guru in the space!!! Here are links to some of the things I used/or was wearing basically because I'm too lazy to find them all: Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation (either Bisque Neutral or Beige Medium): https://bit.ly/2NQfdFP Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: http://bit.ly/2Nprnjy Laura Mercier Setting Powder: http://bit.ly/2OzdeVV Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette: http://bit.ly/2OIb1Hy Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer: http://bit.ly/2NnTX52 Nars Full Vinyl Lip Color in 'Red District': http://bit.ly/2OJaeWO Bella's Eyeshadow Palettes: https://goo.gl/wuAfSL https://goo.gl/jpZSqc MY EVERYDAY LASHES, WORN IN THIS VIDEO IN STYLE 'MIAMI' (use code TANA for 10% OFF!): https://lillylashes.com/products/miami COME SEE ME & MEET ME LIVE IN PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ON OCTOBER 11-16: https://bit.ly/2NQfdFP I'M CURRENTLY NOMINATED FOR 'BEST STORYTELLER' AWARD AT THE STREAMYS! IF YOU'D LIKE TO VOTE CLICK HERE: https://www.streamys.org/ MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT...: https://goo.gl/sP3fpG STREAM MY NEW SINGLE NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS: ITUNES: https://goo.gl/wBmAL4 SPOTIFY: https://goo.gl/GEjfR7 BRAND NEW MERCH: https://www.fanjoy.co/tana WE'RE ALSO DOING A NON PROFIT CHARITY PROJECT RN! 100% of the proceeds from all Tanacon merch will be going to the POLARIS PROJECT. A non profit against sex trafficing that I'm so excited to be helping, with the help of YOU of course!! MY PHONE CASES ARE BACK IN STOCK for a limited time: https://www.wildflowercases.com/produ... my vlog channel: https://goo.gl/xoJD5R my social media: twitter: https://goo.gl/XPzcWm instagram: https://goo.gl/VrsaRD snapchat: tanamongeau1 business inquiries: tanamongeauyt@gmail.com
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    AMD EVG Biraz önce

    Lips are worse than the eyes... Just saying

  • Ceptom MUA
    Ceptom MUA 1 saat önce

    If you do dramatic makeup you shouldn’t go with a bold lip s nude would bring more attention to the eyeshadow.

  • Art Dominion Joey
    Art Dominion Joey 1 saat önce

    Regardless your pretty, but it looks good! 💘

  • N M
    N M 2 saat önce


  • yesung
    yesung 2 saat önce

    Legit she shouldn't throw them away. It's still make-up no matter what name is on it. It's just a waste to throw them.

  • Kar Villanueva
    Kar Villanueva 2 saat önce

    Too much filler? Her face is so swollen... that pillow face tho

  • Nicholas Bond
    Nicholas Bond 2 saat önce

    I low-key died during this video. HILARIOUS

  • Gina Cuba
    Gina Cuba 4 saat önce

    12:04 has me dead

  • Yoseline
    Yoseline 4 saat önce

    Fun and fresh is gonna be in my vocab for the next week, thanks tana

  • •Tea•
    •Tea• 5 saat önce

    People in the comments -

    oMg HeR vOicE iS sO aNnOyInG! (continuing to complain about everything else in the video)

    Me -

    Bish why did you even click sweetie, and you still continued to watch. It’s not helping anyone but tana #yougaveher1view

    No Tea, No Shade Though 😂

    (I’m just gonna wait for all the hate reply’s from 13 year old raging manny and Laura Fans)

  • •Tea•
    •Tea• 5 saat önce

    *All the manny and Laura fans click and start raging in the comments actually thinking they are making a point*

    (Waiting from the 13 year old raging kids to reply actually getting upset over it)

  • Natasha Ramirez
    Natasha Ramirez 5 saat önce

    You could’ve whitened your bottom teeth also lol. Js

  • buggy
    buggy 5 saat önce

    but the thing is we hate u 2

  • Madison Dutton- da silva

    Russian prostitute when I saw the red lips... I’m so sorry I love you 😂😭 no offence to anyone

  • xoPanchitaxo
    xoPanchitaxo 6 saat önce

    She kinda dumb

  • Gauri
    Gauri 6 saat önce

    take a shot everytime she says just a thought just a comment

  • xuzettee
    xuzettee 6 saat önce


  • Nerissa Geraldizo
    Nerissa Geraldizo 6 saat önce

    Fuck u btch

  • Amberlynns Fupa cobweb
    Amberlynns Fupa cobweb 6 saat önce

    The ugliest fucking mouth ::cringe::

  • Dakota_. madison
    Dakota_. madison 6 saat önce

    2:24 that was so sassy lol ❤️❤️

  • Kamikaze_Kitty_
    Kamikaze_Kitty_ 6 saat önce

    Chanel West Coasts tacky cousin

  • Tracy diaz de leon
    Tracy diaz de leon 7 saat önce

    First time watching her.I'm in a few minutes and I can't continue.I don't like this youtuber😬😬😬so not coming back.

  • David Simeone
    David Simeone 7 saat önce

    sis really snapped

  • Sarah Reid
    Sarah Reid 7 saat önce

    It looks pretty

  • Ross Laufoli
    Ross Laufoli 8 saat önce

    You sound like a bitch

  • Jazmin Negrete
    Jazmin Negrete 8 saat önce

    Anyone else’s head hurt after listening to her voice?

  • Maleah Alexis
    Maleah Alexis 10 saat önce

    When she said the shade name “bomb ass” I definitely thought she said “bob’s ass” and a bitch really thought Jaclyn Hill emulated her red eyeshadow after the color of bob the tomato’s ass.

  • JasleeExtra’s
    JasleeExtra’s 10 saat önce

    My parents are from the Dominican Republic but my mom side of the family lives there now and I was suppose to visit but then we decide to go during summer so yea I could have seen you lol

  • Fatima Ken
    Fatima Ken 10 saat önce

    fUn anD FrEsH

  • jaime martinez
    jaime martinez 11 saat önce

    protect this video at all cost

  • Faith Briana
    Faith Briana 12 saat önce

    The look would have been better with a nude lip but the eyes still cute tho

  • Lizzy Pond
    Lizzy Pond 12 saat önce


    TEGANDUHH 12 saat önce

    Campy in a way is like a synonym for extra, or dramatic, or over the top

  • Quin Shelton
    Quin Shelton 12 saat önce

    beauty gurus have left the chat

  • Quin Shelton
    Quin Shelton 12 saat önce

    okay honestly I love this this is so iconic

  • Im JaeBum
    Im JaeBum 13 saat önce

    I mean it’s not bad

  • gibbyybearr
    gibbyybearr 13 saat önce

    o my god can she say a single sentence without talking shit?? is that all she knows how to say like wtf

  • gibbyybearr
    gibbyybearr 13 saat önce

    o my god she talks so loud and it doesn’t help that the rooms she films in are so god damn ecoy
    like fuck
    she so annoying

  • sister Jules
    sister Jules 13 saat önce


  • #Super Ivi
    #Super Ivi 13 saat önce