Conor McGregor vs Khabib Team Brawl After UFC 229 from different angles.

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  • Шам 95
    Шам 95 2 gün önce

    Конор ударил тухугову позор

  • mokeish
    mokeish 1 hafta önce

    this is what we pay for lol

  • Магомед Алиев

    Best jump

    RAF RAF 4 hafta önce

    Lion is Lion he always alone

  • Ruslan Ismailov
    Ruslan Ismailov 1 ay önce

    Xabib good boy .
    A conor fac fac baddd

  • AikiDoge
    AikiDoge 1 ay önce

    Slīpỹng Nymf (Kαnør MøkGrεgør) Sœrprâjzd baj Satyrz ((Abubakâr Nurmagômjedov, Zubajra Tuhugôv ænd Islâm Mahačjêv)) baj Ńikolα Pusẽ, 1627

  • Chykim Sanders
    Chykim Sanders 1 ay önce

    Too much testosterone in one place.. It was bound to happen. Lol!!

  • Naveed Said
    Naveed Said 1 ay önce

    Look at that mother fucker McGregor coach ..if he is really exciting so why he barking out of the ring ..come and fight with khabib in ring you all UN mutherfuckers ..animals fuck your females shame on all Americans

  • Naveed Said
    Naveed Said 1 ay önce

    McGregor used punch first first in ring after failure

  • Naveed Said
    Naveed Said 1 ay önce

    Who start first ???

  • Abdul Sattar
    Abdul Sattar 1 ay önce

    Love you khabib from Pakistan

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 1 ay önce

    Khabib time

  • Nahim D12345
    Nahim D12345 1 ay önce

    very very good habib  nice

  • Niall Campbell
    Niall Campbell 1 ay önce

    Before I say my opinion on this let it be know I'm a McGregor fan and I am very ashamed to admit that after what Happened with the bus
    But khabib doing this doesn't make you the bigger man
    You won the fight was that not enough?

  • tousif ahmed
    tousif ahmed 1 ay önce

    Cornor locking pittbul dog haaaa haaaaa Haaaaa haaaa

  • Oussama Kassibi
    Oussama Kassibi 2 ay önce



    Хабиб поднял авторитет России вовсем мире

  • Ali Ferru
    Ali Ferru 2 ay önce

    Khabib love you bother.....thkss win the fight...always win muslim

  • Mohdarshad ansari
    Mohdarshad ansari 2 ay önce

    i love kabib bhai

  • Bounzig EDM
    Bounzig EDM 2 ay önce

    Im starting to disslike Dana and the comission more and more for each incident. They always support the bully. Dana calling Khabib a monkey flying over the cage... He shouldnt talk like that, sounds awful and racist. But i guess douches protects their own like always.

  • H Iopiop
    H Iopiop 2 ay önce

    Mujik KHABIB

  • Bird Of Prey Bop
    Bird Of Prey Bop 2 ay önce

    alhamdulilah khabib☝️

  • Karim
    Karim 2 ay önce

    Fuck these backwards rats

  • Ким Чан Ын Трампонович

    Коноr pussy😅😅😅

  • Abrar Abrar
    Abrar Abrar 2 ay önce

    Maro sale yahudi ko aayarlend ke

  • Liam Doherty
    Liam Doherty 2 ay önce

    Dillon should have went straight for that terrorist abdelaziz

  • Dutch Hashi
    Dutch Hashi 2 ay önce


    OT WITHDRAW / 2 ay önce

    Mcgregor banci kaleng

  • Nayeem shaik
    Nayeem shaik 2 ay önce

    Kise ki maa nahi jani ham musal mano ko dara sake...

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T 2 ay önce

    Lol that jerk that snuck up behind Conor was legit trying to play the knockout game. If he had ko'd Conor he really would have been f'd legally.

  • Sonia Bane
    Sonia Bane 2 ay önce

    Just like there are rules in the octagon, i.e. no targeting the crotch, no targeting the throat (and these are only the ones I know about), there ought to be off-limit topics in trash talking as well - i.e. no targeting a fighter's family, religion and origins.
    Dana White acknowledges trash talking as an ever present and normal side to UFC fights so it might be time to address the fundamental lack of restrictions on the psychological warfare aspect of UFC.


    Khabib is great and 🦁

  • Навруз Отажонов

    Спасибо за хабиб

  • Onetos
    Onetos 2 ay önce

    Fucking armenians!!!

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 2 ay önce

    khabib is a lion .

  • Ezaz Ahmed
    Ezaz Ahmed 2 ay önce

    Khabib is the best and honest fighter . Best of luck my bro khabib

  • kita channel
    kita channel 2 ay önce

    Good job u from indonesia

  • washim 0501954732
    washim 0501954732 2 ay önce

    Habib is right

  • zazai Mazullah
    zazai Mazullah 2 ay önce

    Khabib I love