Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi [Official Video]

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  • Ratt Girl
    Ratt Girl Biraz önce

    If Luis wasn't in there it be better

  • Sophie Cutmore
    Sophie Cutmore Biraz önce

    Is that the same church that was in episode 1, season 1 of Lucifer

  • Maria Alejandra Quintero

    Se q t gusto a ti todavía por mucho que diga.

  • im a thug mom a rebellious child


  • Rosa Benítez
    Rosa Benítez 2 dakika önce

    Luis Fonsi me sobra en esta canción!!

  • Val G
    Val G 5 dakika önce

    I love Marina, she has such an amazing voice!

  • Jeremy Barfour-Awuah
    Jeremy Barfour-Awuah 5 dakika önce

    Prims Donna girl Mariana - this is fab Brazil 🇧🇷 vibes

  • FRT550
    FRT550 6 dakika önce

    Marina and the Diamonds <3

  • Juana Legrand
    Juana Legrand 7 dakika önce

    Now I want it with other ending. Godoy Marina is great.

  • A F
    A F 15 dakika önce

    In love with this song 😍
    From Albania i wish you all the best 🇦🇱🇬🇧

  • Shawn McClenahan
    Shawn McClenahan 19 dakika önce

    Marina coming at us looking DIVINE, as always

  • Ruman Mir Mohammad
    Ruman Mir Mohammad 33 dakika önce

    On Repeat New love

  • Bilal Yigit
    Bilal Yigit 39 dakika önce

    Türkler buradami ses verin:)

  • Zeek Fisherk
    Zeek Fisherk 42 dakika önce

    Shouldve showed more tit in this one

  • Charlie Nutella
    Charlie Nutella 44 dakika önce

    marina is that you?

  • Alexa 95
    Alexa 95 48 dakika önce

    Masterpiece the song and the videoclip ❤️

  • Meni Liatsa
    Meni Liatsa 53 dakika önce

    Greek goddess 💜💜

  • Eli Jack
    Eli Jack 53 dakika önce

    She had someone else’s baby 🍼 👶. TWICE!!

  • Earl Robinson
    Earl Robinson 56 dakika önce

    A little bit of Bollywood . Nice.

  • Rakhila Eila Ibildayeva
    Rakhila Eila Ibildayeva 57 dakika önce

    Is that vice's journalist from London in red jacket?

  • Suzana Franca
    Suzana Franca 57 dakika önce


  • mrs socks
    mrs socks 1 saat önce

    Chills! This is absolutely amazing!

  • 사랑keilana
    사랑keilana 1 saat önce


  • califournia
    califournia 1 saat önce

    i miss you old marina

  • Taylor Michelle
    Taylor Michelle 1 saat önce

    She hasn’t aged a day, she’s so beautiful! Just got done listening to the acoustic version. Love Marina😍❤️

  • Freddy De Los Santos
    Freddy De Los Santos 1 saat önce


  • Eliana Paola Amaya
    Eliana Paola Amaya 1 saat önce

    Malísimo !!!!

    KAAN ÜSTÜN 1 saat önce

    Hi 2018 wer

  • Van Hellsing
    Van Hellsing 1 saat önce

    02:20 = she is UGLY keep her off screens please.

  • Van Hellsing
    Van Hellsing 1 saat önce

    01:26 - skank stride whore dance.

  • Daelin Parmanand
    Daelin Parmanand 1 saat önce

    Love this song

  • Bárbara Fonseca
    Bárbara Fonseca 1 saat önce

    weird combination of artists but it works......... so well

  • Nicky H
    Nicky H 1 saat önce

    Marina is back

  • Martha silvana Tejena garcia

    Que bien canta Fonsi

  • ria bhat
    ria bhat 1 saat önce


  • Chriss bb
    Chriss bb 1 saat önce

    Marina is amazing 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • muhammad abyan Satrio
    muhammad abyan Satrio 1 saat önce


  • Iman Safiyyah
    Iman Safiyyah 2 saat önce

    girl don't understand spanish 😩😩

  • Nafia Mariya
    Nafia Mariya 2 saat önce

    It's been 15 days, I'm continuously hearing this song. And I can't help listening it again and again. It's really a great song. Good work Clean Bandit and Marina

  • Star is mayor
    Star is mayor 2 saat önce

    How many times i many times i needed to watch this to notice this is abot two lesbians