Khabib Will RETIRE Because Dana White Cut The Fighter Who Punched McGregor After UFC 229

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  • MMA and More
    MMA and More 2 ay önce

    Do you think Dana White will cut Zubaira Tukhugov or not? Comment below

  • Truth Told
    Truth Told 4 gün önce

    I am Habib! Very good fighter but very very stupid. Cmon man stop acting like a brat!! Ur reminding me of Connor. 😄 Get back in the arena and show us all who is game!!!! U made connor tap like a school boy, do it again to show us he wasn't just drunk or hungover. Maybe he will run from u. Or pass over the drunk and step to Nate, a game American! 😄

  • Malik Miah
    Malik Miah 1 hafta önce

    Khabib you are number one from England and Wales

  • Malik Miah
    Malik Miah 1 hafta önce

    Dana White is a racist uneducated Nazi he is giving UFC a bad image

  • Jack Landon
    Jack Landon 3 hafta önce

    If there is no punishment for Conor's behavior leading up to the fight, and no equivalent punishment for Conor being the first to throw extraneous punches in the octagon, then there should be no punishment for Khabib's team's actions post-fight. If Zubaira gets cut then Conor deserves to be cut as well.

  • Naughty boy
    Naughty boy 3 hafta önce

    Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 😂 a cowerd always runs away.... Don't blame Dana khabib blame yourself and your team mates /family members... But the real reason is kebab knows 💯 %conor will wash him in his own blood if they'res a Rematch 😋 😋

  • Jeff Linnell
    Jeff Linnell 1 ay önce

    Conor can fade away now ,your welcome for the cheese now go away .sick of seeing his face and hearing the excuses .your not the best ,the best would rematch Aldo but you won't becuase you know you got lucky in every fight .

  • s w
    s w 1 ay önce

    Retire Khabib, make your money in Russia

  • JayRock
    JayRock 1 ay önce


  • HUMANS aintShit
    HUMANS aintShit 1 ay önce

    He Out McGregor'd McGregor and the world's head exploded!!!!!!!!! Facts.

  • Owe-Ghee Marino
    Owe-Ghee Marino 1 ay önce

    fml Dana sukballs McGregor, foh

  • Christian Boyd
    Christian Boyd 1 ay önce

    Connor punched khabibs brother in the face first

  • Prasant Chetry
    Prasant Chetry 1 ay önce

    khabib should understand that there are trash talk in sport.... not take it to a level were u should punch someone for talking trash after the match... trash talking is a part of sport.....

  • M.g Praveen
    M.g Praveen 1 ay önce

    Dana White doing a fair about two sides only one side ufc Will support this is not fair for all over the world UFC fan's and also cheating

  • sh4branze
    sh4branze 1 ay önce

    fuk um.By by jakass.

  • Yalcin Hussein
    Yalcin Hussein 1 ay önce

    Deep down racists

  • Yalcin Hussein
    Yalcin Hussein 1 ay önce

    Deep racist pigs

  • ciliento99
    ciliento99 1 ay önce

    Who cares.. bye bye

  • Phil Scandrett
    Phil Scandrett 1 ay önce

    You to are fucking idiot's. you this you that . you talk a lot of shit. Dickhead's

  • Van Haknuman
    Van Haknuman 1 ay önce

    Khabib don't need UFC . UFC need Khabib after McChicken fight. Because lot's of people just realized UfuckingFC. Is really a WWE.

  • mhik66
    mhik66 1 ay önce

    McGregor should not be permitted too trash talk of nationality,faith or family.

  • Mohan lay Jmohan joshi mohan prashad joshi oshi

    Dana white is fucking bitch of Conor... He sucks his pussy cock...

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 1 ay önce

    So quit. Good riddance.

  • Veezo TV
    Veezo TV 1 ay önce

    FUCK DANA WHITE!!! 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan 1 ay önce

    Conor the princess and khabib Russian.

  • Gerhard Oosthuizen
    Gerhard Oosthuizen 1 ay önce

    Grab the fence.... Kneed him... FUCK MC GREGOR BIG MOUTH...

  • kronickingpin
    kronickingpin 1 ay önce

    That's why he wants to fight Mayweather he wants to take the money and retire him and his team

  • Amir Suhail
    Amir Suhail 1 ay önce

    Great thoughts brother

    TOPIC TV 1 ay önce

    Fuck Conor racist against the Russian Muslim fighter point blank Conor did shit to them remember the bus incident remember when Conor jumped into the crowd at Aldo

  • cozy powell
    cozy powell 1 ay önce

    UFC and dana white is racist just because they are muslim...this is sport man nothing to do with who you are you must be fair to all of them...FUCK YOU dana white and UFC

  • robin shrawder
    robin shrawder 1 ay önce

    khabib finished what kitty conor started ,, conor McTapper!!!!!

  • swu jr
    swu jr 1 ay önce

    I feel like I can even beat conor....... I won't be able to beat his trash mouth but for sure I think I can smash his face haha

  • Fernando Alvarez
    Fernando Alvarez 1 ay önce

    The guy on the phone is an idiot. Khabib beat his daddy.

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed 1 ay önce

    Khabib is retiring, he is putting work at the gym every week. HE CANNOT MISS A DAY FROM THE GYM EVER AGAIN. So that by 2020, he will be in The heavyweight league, also next year he will continue to skill up on boxing and Muay thai.

  • Md Shahid Hossain
    Md Shahid Hossain 1 ay önce

    what a shit.... given the provocations and beast like intimidation that coroner subjected Khubaib to this bullshit should have been left with nothing less than a broken neck. And that all happened in full action and nobody cared. Looks like this Dana White is himself a looser.

  • Abdel Aziz Tobi
    Abdel Aziz Tobi 1 ay önce

    Why punish khabib, Conor talk bad about religion, he talk bad about country and he talk bad about father, he broke bus. Khabib team is good. Conor team bad. Conor team should be punished.

  • John
    John 1 ay önce

    This black hearted rat should be out of UFC and MMA.....ORTHODOX MIND.

  • Roz P
    Roz P 1 ay önce

    u r not good Muslim. not human khabib u not good fighter.,look Nate Diaz fight he is fighter...u r leg catch lady...

  • Dennis Chai
    Dennis Chai 1 ay önce

    Its sticking out like a sore thumb and I hate this biased view of anything Russian. They attacked their Olympic team and now their UFC fighter. The whole world is watching and slowly even nincompoops would see the trend. Like Putin says WW3 would be the only solution. Russia is waiting for you to find your balls to push the button before they reciprocate.