Allen Iverson's Untold Stories of Michael Jordan & Biggie, His Iconic Outfits + more

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  • Trisha Fricke
    Trisha Fricke 6 saat önce

    My favorite basketball 🏀 player of all time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ATXs Navbuoy
    ATXs Navbuoy 10 saat önce

    You can 'bite' in basketball. I love that quote!

  • toma suyu
    toma suyu 21 saat önce


  • DZ 34
    DZ 34 1 gün önce

    Tha God. They banned one of his crossover moves too smh

  • wiezewee
    wiezewee 1 gün önce

    Coldest line of the interview "They shook the tree and the Mamba fell out"

  • wiezewee
    wiezewee 1 gün önce

    Can someone tell the kids in the background to keep it down, there's an interview in place ORRRRR could you guys not do an interview during a kids after-school program. 😂

    Nice interview though

  • PJ's Replay
    PJ's Replay 1 gün önce

    Besides the fact that AI is a legend, he seems like a cool person to talk to. 
    Speedy knew his stuff and the love for AI was genuine.
    Keep em comin Complex 💪🏾

  • you crazy person, you
    you crazy person, you 1 gün önce

    "He was a just a victim that night." I3!

  • Watt a Flac
    Watt a Flac 2 gün önce

    9:50 and 9:52 ....who are they? don't even look like Iverson....

  • Loush 101
    Loush 101 2 gün önce

    Damn wassup with that chair

  • Lord 2wice
    Lord 2wice 2 gün önce

    A.I. say if you got a question he's the ANSWER 💯

  • Alvaro Hernandez
    Alvaro Hernandez 3 gün önce

    The interviewer never asked about his Astonishing Football skills would have been nice to see why he chose NBA, Huge missed opportunity if you are going to interview a hard worker, work just as hard to interview right. bunch of casuals in comments as well.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 3 gün önce

    Amazing interview on both ends. Great chemistry between the two and AI is super engaging! Fantastic job, complex!

  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 gün önce

    Cloud shoes.

  • DJ Migs of Binghamton
    DJ Migs of Binghamton 4 gün önce

    Something about this cat that still makes the Iverson question sneakers and number 3 Philly Jersey fly. Would love to chill with this dude and listen to more stories, so interesting.

  • Joe Evan
    Joe Evan 4 gün önce

    ai is one of the best of all time coming from a dude from a small dude from PA I legit went to Reebok answers in patent leather and I was the dude with shiny ass shoes to the contaster with Reebok answers and questions I've had Reebok 1dmx 3s then 8's thru 13's and those were the best kicks of all time the answer x all stars are the greatest shoes of all time the hight of the shoes the comfort of the shoes
    and the style omg legit greatest shoes of all time #amillpplcouldhateu#amillpplcouldbeurbiggestfans

  • SteliosG
    SteliosG 5 gün önce

    Imagine being son/daugter of A.Iverson... kids if you reading this, as you know your daddy is the man !

  • TuuEz Gaming
    TuuEz Gaming 5 gün önce

    Hands down one of the best interviews i've seen on youtube in a while great feed back & good ass questions A.I forever a legend 😎

  • Charles Graney
    Charles Graney 5 gün önce

    Anyone else wondering why they picked outer space hip hop from Mars to play so loud we can’t hear the actual interview?

  • George Z
    George Z 6 gün önce

    What did AI responded when the host said wuts up how are u doing?

  • Style Guy
    Style Guy 6 gün önce

    Good interview. Having seen many from Iverson. He seems content. Speedy got some good questions in.

  • Texas GreyJedi
    Texas GreyJedi 6 gün önce


  • James Mccarraher
    James Mccarraher 1 hafta önce

    He was worth the price of admission.

  • Michael Challaari
    Michael Challaari 1 hafta önce

    ...listen here flesh..malpractice in a jungle with couple a mambas

  • moxypirate
    moxypirate 1 hafta önce

    Props to the interviewer, well done.

  • Oussama Elhachimi
    Oussama Elhachimi 1 hafta önce

    migalox : up life hh blackish show

  • Ralph
    Ralph 1 hafta önce

    12:33 lmao

  • Keaton Jenkins
    Keaton Jenkins 1 hafta önce

    this interviewer might be one of the best I seen

  • Vybe Lord Tony
    Vybe Lord Tony 1 hafta önce

    The goat

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 1 hafta önce

    My absolute most favorite NBA player of all time here.

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin 1 hafta önce

    wow, Speedy is an amazing host (new here). He should trade questions with Sean Evans from Hot Ones. They would be a great combo. AI on Hot Ones would also be amazing.

  • Jo Bckts
    Jo Bckts 1 hafta önce

    We Philly love A.I. he brought it Every night. Equal to Dr.J. Sir. Charles.

  • Rodney Reed
    Rodney Reed 1 hafta önce

    Ai one of the goats

  • Fitz
    Fitz 1 hafta önce

    Played ball at a mostly rich, white suburban school in Texas in the early-mid 2000s (I was poor, however--single mom supporting three on a Home Depot hourly wage). Even in a place like that, Iverson was God. He transcended Bush-era socioeconomics and completely leveled the playing field for swag; rich, poor, black, white, didn't matter. As long as you could back it up on the court and you weren't fronting about it, you could really own your swag and run your mouth, because AI set the template (for the record, I had zero fucking swag). The football kids at school were emulating Iverson's intimidation and attitude, and the basketball kids all wanted to finish at the rim like him. Reebok Answers were in every classroom, on every court, every team we played. I saw black Sixers jerseys everywhere. He had a pronounced influence on our culture as a whole, well before the internet found its footing and streetwear became a mainstream language of the pop culture lexicon and lines between art and sports truly began to blur. I firmly believe AI really shaped a generation. The Answer.

  • ptproc
    ptproc 1 hafta önce

    The greatest and still the finest....❤️AI

  • mark harmon
    mark harmon 1 hafta önce

    the most overrated player to ever lace up a pair of cheap, generic reebok iversons

  • cee anthony
    cee anthony 1 hafta önce

    My fav player ever. My man A.I

  • grafik skins
    grafik skins 1 hafta önce

    Change the thumbnail. Looks like he's just finished signing his KFC endorsement.

    THE ONLYPAPES 1 hafta önce

    A.I is my fuckin dogggggggggggggggggg