Allen Iverson's Untold Stories of Michael Jordan & Biggie, His Iconic Outfits + more

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  • wayne 89
    wayne 89 3 saat önce

    A.I we love u....Va

  • Steve P8
    Steve P8 3 saat önce

    Hes still authentic

  • Steve P8
    Steve P8 3 saat önce

    You still shakin ai

    BIGCITY - 4 saat önce

    22:20 "Shaun McDonald" gon be famous one day just because of good vibes from this interview lol

  • timgraysontv
    timgraysontv 4 saat önce

    Fake diamonds

    EVERYTHING ! ! 6 saat önce

    You and mike played the same position tho

  • Calgerian
    Calgerian 6 saat önce

    🐐 #DMVRepresenting

  • Pats Ballin Out This Year

    If AI ever won a ring the NBA would've been shooked.


    I was an A.I and Kobe fan,but when he got traded to Memphis I got to meet him,My bucket list moment as a kid,he gave me a blue/gray NBA headband with stars on it....someone stole it tho!😤

  • plainpawesome
    plainpawesome 7 saat önce

    Yo AI, If you here checking your comments, I wanna say thank you for representing and being you. Props, much respect due!

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown 8 saat önce

    Jordan was a victim that night! Classic

  • Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC

    This is one player where you wished he would've got a ring 😔 #A.I.salute

  • TER 0
    TER 0 8 saat önce

    AI needs to write a book

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 12 saat önce

    Allen Iverson is going to have his Steve Francis moment if he keeps wearing all those diamonds.

  • ga P
    ga P 12 saat önce

    Those shoes are ugly

  • Tc Grant
    Tc Grant 12 saat önce

    Bron wanted to be A.i. but wears 23 he confused at least he pick two goats

  • Joe
    Joe 13 saat önce

    Iverson was always my favorite player but the only shoes he wore that I actually like were the 06 Answer X.

  • Ying Ma
    Ying Ma 13 saat önce

    Complex Con fucked up my order. missing item, refuse to refund.

  • Rondie Rice
    Rondie Rice 13 saat önce

    What brand watch is AI wearing ??

  • Garfield Bright
    Garfield Bright 13 saat önce

    Dope interviewer. And A.I. does not get enough credit for his humility and candor regarding his strengths AND weaknesses. The guy is so secure within himself that he is able to express and even embrace his vulnerability regarding certain situations. Very mature, reflective tone to A.I. these days. He's in a good place. You can tell...dope to hear and see. A realist and a winner.

  • donnie williams
    donnie williams 13 saat önce

    i would like to see AI and myself and some of my Homies in the NFL NOW taking a 5 year straight. SuperBowl Back To Back Championship ,,
    I have No Doubt's! !!!!

  • Westy
    Westy 13 saat önce


  • Kurt M
    Kurt M 14 saat önce

    Man, this was an outstanding interview on both sides from start to finish.

  • Tthe Second
    Tthe Second 14 saat önce

    The last question and answer was the best part of the interview. I used wake up praying for him and his family. I pray it keeps getting better.

  • ho oh
    ho oh 14 saat önce

    its not about cost of clothes

  • ho oh
    ho oh 14 saat önce

    sneaker ugly

  • Antwan Robinson
    Antwan Robinson 14 saat önce

    He was just a victim that night! Get the 🔫

  • Mac Lynch
    Mac Lynch 16 saat önce

    k need to go watch AI highlights now. This interview got me hyped

  • Mac Lynch
    Mac Lynch 16 saat önce

    Sweet interview! Love the MJ story. "what's up ya little bitch" what did you say back? "Nothin". Classic shit that wouldn't happen anymore.

  • TempeSoldier123
    TempeSoldier123 17 saat önce

    Dope interview. Only white had a problem with A.I.

    He’s one of the most influential players to play and unlike Jordan he’s not a coon.

  • Phillip Young
    Phillip Young 17 saat önce

    A.I. all REAL and ALL TRUTH!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams 17 saat önce

    If iverson was in his prime playing with this 76ers team now with embidd simmons butler nd reddick...guaranteed championship...especially the way defense is now

  • Jess Mints
    Jess Mints 18 saat önce

    Man, AI is the realest.

  • Yautja Warrior
    Yautja Warrior 18 saat önce

    Great interview! A.I.!!!!

  • Davo La Jones
    Davo La Jones 19 saat önce

    Whaddup 3X A.I.?!

  • nyvic26
    nyvic26 20 saat önce

    Allen nh body language nh like fuck this nigga son

  • nyvic26
    nyvic26 20 saat önce

    Who the fuck is this nigga? This ripped jean ass light skin nigga don’t know shit about Big. Fuckin wing.

  • nyvic26
    nyvic26 20 saat önce

    Ain’t nothin wrong with 4x, my nigga. Learn ya fuckin history, you fuckin light skin lame.

  • kyzersniper
    kyzersniper 22 saat önce

    Young buc you WAC!..Clide the Glide Frazer! Was the smoove as dude from the NBA.. But I do like AI... No history as usual..Young Bucs..smdh

  • Avery White
    Avery White 22 saat önce

    Your bad ass