KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Frozen Trailer

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  • Find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3: "The light is gathering together Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose." Originally aired at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing, this trailer reveals the next destination on Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s adventure: Frozen! Check out Sora’s new Keyblade’s transformations as he battles against the Heartless! KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019. Be sure to follow us to keep up to date with everything Kingdom Hearts related: Twitter - Instagram: Facebook - YouTube -
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  • Roger London
    Roger London 7 saat önce


    We Pre-Ordered the Deluxe Edition late last year for our elder child's birthday, and Amazon just sent a note to say they cancelled customers Orders for this game globally ....

    We regret to report that the release of the following item has been canceled:

    "Kingdom Hearts 3 (XBox One)"

    Our supplier has informed us that this item has no longer available. This item has now been canceled from your order ............

  • Sean McCall
    Sean McCall 1 gün önce

    I will mute my tv if I even hear "let it go" when I am playing in the "frozen" world

  • Aza Smith
    Aza Smith 1 gün önce

    My hopes are that Maleficent makes an appearance in Arendelle. She would find worth in a fragile child that holds magic power over Nature itself like Elsa and goes to her in the guise of a kindred spirit promising to help her, kind of like she did with Riku in the first game.

  • Serena Shugars
    Serena Shugars 5 gün önce

    this game shows us what the world really is now :,( i cant wait to play it

    TJ LYNCH 5 gün önce

    Sora see's elsa running over the fjord
    Sora: What you running from?
    Elsa: MY PROBLEMS!

  • GamingTeam//GT
    GamingTeam//GT 1 hafta önce

    Kingdom hearts theme starts playing: shows a montage of people failing

  • Volaire
    Volaire 1 hafta önce

    I sang to kingdom hearts if anyone would like to check it out. I can't wait to play this!

  • Gol D. Luffy
    Gol D. Luffy 1 hafta önce

    Aqua is now one with the Ocean of Darkness

  • Redziak
    Redziak 2 hafta önce

    kingdom hearts iii
    the pixar strikes back

  • Vyxlene
    Vyxlene 2 hafta önce

    I hope Anna dies since everyone only cares about Elsa.

  • Leslie Yang
    Leslie Yang 2 hafta önce

    this game is what brought me and my siblings together:) when we were younger ♥️

  • A. S.L
    A. S.L 2 hafta önce

    The only place disney song is still feels disney is KH!

  • Mizu -
    Mizu - 3 hafta önce

    Let's just hope that Mickey and Riku save Aqua we want you back Aqua!! 😭😭💙💙

  • Norhata Rataban
    Norhata Rataban 3 hafta önce

    What its aqua

  • Tom Sivell
    Tom Sivell 3 hafta önce

    Was that aqua talking to micky

  • krispy leecus
    krispy leecus 4 hafta önce

    Square Enix seriously can make everyone goosebump

  • Mario Wonder
    Mario Wonder 1 ay önce

    Sora: So frozen 2 eh,
    Hey Elsa I heard Disney's making you a...

    Elsa: Please Don't say it

    Sora: .............
    a lesb...

    Elsa: (Freezes Sora) runs off

    Goofy: hmm... I'm starting to think thats the reason why she running away

    Donald: (facepalm)

  • TinyRamMan
    TinyRamMan 1 ay önce

    is no one going to point out the obvious audio failure where there are no sound effects

  • RayJza
    RayJza 1 ay önce

    "Who's oddly spiky." - anime reference to gravity defied hair. I'm looking at you Goku

  • Nicola D'Anzi
    Nicola D'Anzi 1 ay önce


  • Kid Lightning57
    Kid Lightning57 1 ay önce

    2:52 NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • tnt exploder
    tnt exploder 1 ay önce

    1:57 and now we have a ham doing his battle cry

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell 1 ay önce

    I just got stabbed in the heart with the Aqua reveal

  • Izmael Delgado
    Izmael Delgado 1 ay önce

    Somebody's poisoned the water hole.

  • Sean Blargh
    Sean Blargh 1 ay önce

    Aqua got norted.... i want her to step on me

  • Chelsey Boydstun
    Chelsey Boydstun 1 ay önce

    all the FEELS

  • NZPS T
    NZPS T 1 ay önce

    <3 Sora

  • His Way Services Blog

    AQUA!!!!!! NOOO!

  • His Way Services Blog

    Josh Gad is actually doing Olaf's voice for this game!

  • Jean Christhian
    Jean Christhian 1 ay önce

    "How long are you waiting?"
    "I'm afraid it's been... thirteen years." Solid Jean Snake.

  • Super luigi DJ
    Super luigi DJ 1 ay önce

    How are you good but your news game kingdom hearts 3 on Nintendo switch

  • Irene Cowardin
    Irene Cowardin 1 ay önce


  • Irene Cowardin
    Irene Cowardin 1 ay önce


  • Murrays Grammar
    Murrays Grammar 1 ay önce

    the new voice actor........

  • Rafael Lima Lima
    Rafael Lima Lima 1 ay önce

    Kingdon haeds magnífico como sempre !

  • Luis Manuel Serrano Novillo

    Por que no puede venir doblado al castellano?

  • Misifu Rosales
    Misifu Rosales 2 ay önce

    Cual de todos esta mejor

  • 69ulimon
    69ulimon 2 ay önce

    No puede ser!!! Esto es Sorprendente!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Patrick Jusi Dela Cruz

    This is kaballah i came from kaballah before now i have no God and Goddess and im an anti christ and final fantaSy versus xiii trAiler CLOUD is maybe in other world maybe its i like reverse00 trailer more fake

  • Serena Shugars
    Serena Shugars 2 ay önce

    One of the biggest suprises in video game history