Russell Wilson Mic'd Up vs. Chargers "Mama told me to make sure I whooped you today!" | NFL Films

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  • Isaiah Vargas
    Isaiah Vargas 1 hafta önce

    2:57 oh shi oh shi

  • Zach Bell
    Zach Bell 2 hafta önce

    mic up rashard penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaeden Sports
    Jaeden Sports 2 hafta önce

    Go hawks

  • Seung Yang
    Seung Yang 2 ay önce

    Love Russ. Go Hawks!

  • The QB School
    The QB School 2 ay önce

    Russell Wilson's Arm Wins Games - The Dime Throw

  • General Cartman Lee
    General Cartman Lee 2 ay önce

    He’ll probably wash his kids mouth with soap if they ever cuss lol

  • Eric Rios
    Eric Rios 2 ay önce

    Rivers ⚡️

  • yuyufool117
    yuyufool117 2 ay önce

    Seahawks need to give Wilson some receivers!

  • SOXCAL_13
    SOXCAL_13 2 ay önce

    you let momma down ⚡⚡⚡

  • David The Kid
    David The Kid 2 ay önce

    The score shows no justice on how much the chargers dominated this game

  • Shafaye Sapp
    Shafaye Sapp 2 ay önce

    What r y’all doing Seahawks y’all nfl is 91

  • theparkerstudio
    theparkerstudio 2 ay önce

    Classiest guy in the NFL -- and this is coming from a Patriots fan. BTW, the way he encourages the receiver after the tipped pass -- that's what true leaders do.

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams 2 ay önce

    Charger fan here. Russell is one of the best in the game and most fun to watch. That was a big win for the Chargers but it wasn't easy either. Hopefully we get to see you guys again in the Superbowl!!!

  • BonerMaroner
    BonerMaroner 2 ay önce

    Russell like a MLB thrower high and low and some of us know what that means in every strike zone but nobody is playing better than Drew so Russell is just gonna need fast effective effort to do his job. Team speed is slower than normal on both sides so KJ Wright needs to play better because he owns this game after last week. Wright is very capable "Do your Job" guys. I can understand why these 2 love having their meat ground but it is getting obvious guys.

  • Jason Murillo
    Jason Murillo 2 ay önce

    As a Chargers fan, respect to Russell. That was a close game all the way through and he kept his composure the whole time.

  • sludgedisciple
    sludgedisciple 2 ay önce

    Wilson is a class act. Respect!

  • Jimmy Martinez
    Jimmy Martinez 2 ay önce

    The Bolts are on the top of their game....believe it!!!

  • Kiki Latisha
    Kiki Latisha 2 ay önce

    Sometimes the Lion misses the Gazelle

  • Sergio Escobar
    Sergio Escobar 2 ay önce

    Rivers should be saying that it’s a pleasure to play with him wtf Wilson took his team to the super bowl twice and playoffs countless times what did rivers ever do ?

  • The Holy Tomato
    The Holy Tomato 2 ay önce

    What’s on the tablets?

  • Liam Patton
    Liam Patton 2 ay önce

    Gotta love this dude. Stays positive no matter the odds, never throws his teammates under the bus and is always fighting to help his team win. Wouldn't take anybody else over this guy. Go Hawks!

  • D3 Showtime
    D3 Showtime 2 ay önce

    that title is the most Russell Wilson thing ever

  • 4 kevono
    4 kevono 2 ay önce

    3:40 the charger staff member said piece of cake. It was a really close game how was a piece of cake

  • Kevin Strain
    Kevin Strain 2 ay önce

    It's great to hear such positive and vocal leadership no matter the situation from Russ.

  • Juan two
    Juan two 2 ay önce

    Chargers D looks amazing and still missions BOSA#99

  • maikeru619
    maikeru619 2 ay önce

    Jesus he sounds like a retard.

  • Eagles4life
    Eagles4life 2 ay önce

    Is Wilson supposed to have his mouth piece in. It’s at 1:17 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Eagles4life
    Eagles4life 2 ay önce

    Is Wilson supposed to have his mouth piece in. It’s at 1:17 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • 618 Day
    618 Day 2 ay önce

    I tell you, black women will bring the realness outta you. He didn’t talk like that when he first got drafted

  • high horse
    high horse 2 ay önce

    idk why he gets so much hate. Is it just because he "has no swag" relative to black people's standards? If he was white, he would get so much praise for his leadership. But because he's black, he's a cornball?

  • Chrisgtoman
    Chrisgtoman 2 ay önce

    1:44.....easy there sailor

  • goodolarchie
    goodolarchie 2 ay önce

    He doesn't always play like a champion, but he's a hell of a leader

  • A Fucking Bird
    A Fucking Bird 2 ay önce

    I Love you mommas and dads in the comments!

  • WHAT IT Dooooh
    WHAT IT Dooooh 2 ay önce

    What great gift a gig arse L.

  • the reels
    the reels 2 ay önce

    Russell doesn’t deserve this weak ass team😂😂😂 he is to good to play for them

  • R08L£
    R08L£ 2 ay önce

    Russell Wilson > Aaron Rodgers

  • Alex Biega
    Alex Biega 2 ay önce

    Who is the announcer of the Seahawks games? (From Brazil)

  • GED Gert
    GED Gert 2 ay önce

    Bruh he deserves a better o line

  • Romie G.
    Romie G. 2 ay önce

    Man, great sportsmanship. Nothing but respect for Wilson! But glad my boys pulled a dub

  • tanuj679
    tanuj679 2 ay önce

    Such a positive guy. This is why he’s one of my favorite QBs in the league.