My First Period Turned Into A Nightmare

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  • SUBSCRIBE If you like my channel: ► This is Emma, and this is the most shameful story of her life so far. A lot of girls will be able to relate to this story, as it’s about her first period. When she thinks about it now, she laughs – but at the time, she was absolutely sure that her life was over. Please don’t laugh at her! Emma comes from a very religious family, and her parents were never keen on talking about physiological stuff. Her mom loved her a lot, of course, but it seems she was terrified that at some point she would need to talk to her daughter about periods and sex (she probably gets goose bumps even pronouncing the word) and all things like that. Emma turned 11 convinced that children come from nowhere and just materialize in women’s bellies. All in all, she never pondered the concept of puberty or her changing body. One morning when she woke up and went to the bathroom, she saw some strange brown stains DOWN THERE. She had no idea what they could be and became scared. Her first thought was that she needed to ask for help from her parents. But the idea of coming out of the bathroom, going to her mom and trying to explain what had happened to her – including saying the word for her intimate parts – was just too embarrassing. Asking for her dad’s help wasn’t even an option, and she had no siblings to consult. So despite being really scared, she decided to wait and see if the problem would disappear on its own. Emma went to school, but she couldn’t really concentrate on her studies. She just sat focusing on her body and trying to understand how grave her condition was. It didn’t occur to her to ask for advice from her classmates – it was still too shameful to mention WHERE the stains were coming from. A couple of times, she went to the toilet and saw new brown stains. She didn’t feel sick though, so she thought that she should wait for some time before panicking. Then in the evening came the pain. That awful dull nagging pain every girl knows. Now, she thought, it’s time to panic. She sat down at her computer and boldly searched for “stomach pain with blood”. At the age of 11, she wasn’t very knowledgeable about anatomy, and was sure that the stomach was somewhere in the belly. As you can imagine, “an ulcer” was the most optimistic result she got. So now she knew she was going to die, but asking for help still seemed too shameful. So Emma decided to sleep on it...but obviously, that night she didn’t get any sleep. Emma went to school the next day feeling all nervous and panicky, because that morning when she had checked she still had new brown stains on her underwear. Her condition didn’t get worse though, and she ended up being distracted by her classes after all. Until the moment in her math class when she felt something wet, and ran to the bathroom. She discovered a Niagara Falls of flaming red blood. She nearly fainted, her hands trembled, and she sobbed hysterically. So she ran to the school nurse’s office and explained that she was bleeding, that she had an ulcer, and was going to die! By that point she was no longer ashamed to share her problem with anyone. At first, the nurse seemed really worried. But then as she asked Emma in detail what was bothering her, and she seemed visibly relieved. “I don’t want to disappoint you, but you’re not going to die – you’re just having your first period.” Her first...what? “A period. Don’t you know what a period is?” She was quite surprised by her ignorance, but explained patiently what it was and how to deal with it, and also gave her some pads to start off with and explained how to use them. Obviously, the news that she was not going to die made Liz very happy. But as she was about to leave, she asked Liz if she could ask her mom to come in for a private talk. After giving her mom the news about her first period and seeing that she was embarrassed, she passed on the message from the school nurse. She had no idea what they were going to talk about, and was just so happy to know that she was healthy again. Only several years later, when her mother told her about sex, and was visibly uneasy about doing so, she confessed that the nurse had told her that explaining these things was crucial for teens, and that she insisted that her mom would have to overcome her embarrassment and find a way to explain these important things to her daughter. Emma feels very grateful to that nurse, as now she understands that there’s nothing shameful about her body, and if we have important questions that we need to ask, we shouldn’t keep them to ourselves. And also, it’s always better when parents answer our questions rather than someone else who doesn’t know us as well as they do. Let us know in the comments if your first period was also embarrassing, and share this story with other girls so that they know there’s nothing to be afraid of about periods. Music by Epidemic Sound:
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  • XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx
    XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx 9 dakika önce

    I went to the bathroom, peed, saw blood, stood up ->
    "Mom could I get some pads?" ...
    That's the whole thing... ;-; ...

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    Ok girls down the comments talking about their periods im not gonna scroll down more enoughof internet today

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    I’m turning Eleven tomorrow, please pray....

  • Gamingw/yourboi Minecraft/Fortnite

    Before she explained I thought she was talking bout her first lesson

  • Invisible creature
    Invisible creature 1 saat önce

    I had a mental breakdown and was in denial when i got my first period. Like i was so not going to give up on being a kid. 😂

  • Marisa Kintu
    Marisa Kintu 1 saat önce

    ...I thought I had a wound...……..:/

  • Julie T.
    Julie T. 1 saat önce

    You are not alone. :)

  • Ice wolf Gaming
    Ice wolf Gaming 2 saat önce

    I haven’t had my period yet

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    Mia Ballerina 2 saat önce

    Asking my dad wasn't even an option😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    FazzyPlayzMc 2 saat önce

    kids be like: mom and dad saw me naked, know what happens at a certain age, seen everything there is to see. but, still shy to tell them bout it..

  • tomasz salach
    tomasz salach 2 saat önce

    It is scary and I peed my pants when I heard that many because I been in the to let I fink I cool not say this.

  • Sascha Shám
    Sascha Shám 2 saat önce

    This is the problem with religion.

  • Seyiku_
    Seyiku_ 3 saat önce

    I got my period when I was 8 years old. I thought I had diarrhea and was pooping my pants. 😅😅😅

  • __Gaming Girl__
    __Gaming Girl__ 3 saat önce

    I get my first period after watching this video😂

  • Shaquinna Angelina Ejbæk Hansen

    My first period wasn't bad at all. I am about to go to bed and i feel pain in my stomach. Then i go to the toilet and see that there is blood all over. Then i just told my mum and that was it.

  • Macareina Thunderman
    Macareina Thunderman 3 saat önce

    I like blood

  • Lizzy 28
    Lizzy 28 4 saat önce

    At my science class...I saw a red blood in my pants and rushed to the toilet....I also got talked by the first period

  • Mobile Legends: Behind the Battleground

    Horrible parents.

  • Amidzis
    Amidzis 4 saat önce

    When I got my first period at the age of 12 I became so happy for no reason and my mom let me stay home for a week so i can fully experience my first period

  • Annelise Williams
    Annelise Williams 4 saat önce

    "I'm afraid you're not going to die"

    damn that's harsh haha 3:15

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    gacha_queen_waffle 5 saat önce

    Im 12 and im still not on my period

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    ;-; I know what is that pain...

  • Evergreenoutsider10
    Evergreenoutsider10 6 saat önce

    My first period actually wasn't scary. American girl had a book about puberty and hygiene and stuff and I read that so I wasn't freaked out or anything.
    Though I do have a story similar to this. I was in eighth grade and hadn't gotten completely used to using pads. Up until that point my periods have been manageable with just one per day. But this day, was just a geyser. I got my period in the morning I put in the one pad I had, and within a very short window of time I completely soaked it. I thought I could make it to the end of the school day. But then it started soaking into my jeans. (Thankfully which were black) when I would move there would be very clearly bloodstains left on my seat. I was uncomfortable and embarrassed. I remember trying to hold back tears. I flagged down my teacher and she called my mom who came and got me.
    I was so relieved to go home and get a change of clothes. No one shamed me or made me feel embarrassed about having a heavy period. I actually like remembering the story because I remember how loved I felt by both my teacher and my mom in that moment. So that's my period story.

  • le banane mangiano le persone

    duh, i’m 14 and i still don’t have my period

  • Lydie Wainhouse
    Lydie Wainhouse 6 saat önce

    Welcome to the cult of female people complaining about Periods.

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    Sans Boy 7 saat önce

    Im a viitorului why i watched this ? Im very ashamed

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    Ray da tomboy 7 saat önce

    I'm afraid ur not going to die

  • The Ilusion Master
    The Ilusion Master 7 saat önce

    I once almost died , and it's just stupid (I took a nail , putted it in a plugger , and got hit by electricity , you can't blame me , I was only 2-3 years old , also , my dad says that took off 20 years of his life , as he says.

  • HeyItsRobo
    HeyItsRobo 8 saat önce

    My first period is Math!

  • CAn’t rElaTe
    CAn’t rElaTe 8 saat önce

    I got my period when I was 9!

    You know 9 year old minds are worse than an 11 year old mind...yes I regret my period story😳

  • Luongthao Vu
    Luongthao Vu 9 saat önce

    Ok, being th only child in the super religious family is the worse...last week I went to a coffe shop near Ba Dinh square,I wear my favorite black short,black T-shirt and a "666" necklace. Sit next to my table is a cathiholic family, there daughter look at me and then wisper the way I look. Her family look at me with the disapointed eyes. Wearing black stuff and a "666" necklace doesn’t mean I’m a Satanism, wtf wrong with this family???

  • Female Gentleman
    Female Gentleman 11 saat önce

    When i first had my period i thought i had diaria XD

  • UchihaAlira
    UchihaAlira 12 saat önce

    i reckon I can top it! I had a similar scenario though it was partly my fault, I hit puberty earlier than usual at around nine. It was obvious what was happening and my dad's female friends encouraged him to give me the talk (he was a single dad and my mother was awol). I was mortified at the idea of sex and periods, but I thought I was safe because my dad told me most girls don't get their periods until 12-13. Unfortunately for me nature had different plans, I got my period later that year AGED NINE! I decided to ignore it, I thought maybe if I tried hard enough it might go away lol The next day I went swimming at school, luckily i never got in the pool but blood started pouring down there when i used the shower. The girls being the same age as me didn't really know what was going on and panicked, you can imagine how well that went down. The embarrassment wasn't over however, later when my dad went to get me some pads he didn't understand the labels and asked a random woman for advice. I was bright red and suddenly fascinated with everything in the aisle as far away from the pads as possible. Later on my dad decided to educate himself as he was worried about underage pregnancy, but he booked an appointment with doctor for advice and she thought he wanted contraception for me! ARGHHH! The doctor tried so hard to be nice to me, this short, nine year old tomboy wearing ripped trainers and a hoodie with short messy hair trying my best to talk my awesome Pokemon cards instead. She assures him that so long as he took the proper measures to inform me he wouldn't have to worry. To which he really didnt, I've only slept with the man who is now my fiance and wasn't sexually active till I was twenty.

  • JoJoDrawsStuff
    JoJoDrawsStuff 12 saat önce

    To be honest I’m just really mad at the mom that she was too wimpy to tell you anything about it, what did she think what happened?

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    I haven’t had mine yet.....

    help ;-;

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    he, yea. it does that.