NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 2 FINALE

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  • Will we get the silver play button? Will anyone find some insane deals on video cards? The NCIX Bankruptcy Auction saga continues... Check out the Nuforce EDC3 on Massdrop: Buy CORSAIR's H115i PRO: Buy CORSAIR's H150i PRO: Buy PC components on Amazon: Discuss on the forum: Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Linus Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Our production gear: Get LTX 2018 tickets at Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Twitch - Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Artist Link: Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Sound effects provided by
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  • Matthew Bay
    Matthew Bay 8 saat önce

    Barely 1.2 million sub
    Linus: bitch please... do you know who i am?

  • aeroaa2
    aeroaa2 15 saat önce

    You should have gotten the play button, seriously, fuck that guy. If he didn't get his 100k plaque he should have contacted YT, not went and bought someone elses plaque.

  • Earthplayer
    Earthplayer 1 gün önce

    Yeah, people are sadly retarded at such auctions. I went to an auction with forgotton things at an airport and the LOWEST bet on a suitcase was 800 bucks. Some went for several thousands. And with auctions about stuff which requires intelligence and knowledge you can bet you will never find a decent price.

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 2 gün önce

    Interesting that the Sikh guy's face is blurred. As for the auction, maybe there's some sort of money laundering thing going on?

  • Subza
    Subza 2 gün önce

    Why'd you buy all those keyboards?. "Speed"

  • Kly
    Kly 2 gün önce

    They r washing money. Thats literally the only reason to buy things for more than they r worth.

  • Kevin spacey
    Kevin spacey 3 gün önce

    The arrogance in your voice... "do you know who i am" honestly no one gives a F who you are. You could be the president of the united states or John wayne or some shit and in the end i wouldnt give a fuck.. right there you were sounding like youre above everyone else and youre not. Do not forget that Linus, he bought it fair and square and that plaque was never "yours" you worked for a company and it was technically theirs. I gatta thumbs down this video.

    And how was he nice.. He was nice for saying the guy could "keep" the item he won legally in a auction ? Yea how nice. Linus can choke on a dick

  • Mark Avery
    Mark Avery 3 gün önce


  • IceBreakerMM
    IceBreakerMM 4 gün önce

    Wait a second, what use is a YT plaque for a channel, other than yours? I get why you wanted to get it, but why did somebody else and he put "He's got a channel" as a reason? I mean, yea, I guess you can rebrand it, but...aaaah, I don't get it, get your own....

  • Garrick Dean Lucasan
    Garrick Dean Lucasan 4 gün önce

    wtf. i thought the linuscattips channel was just an ongoing joke until i checked it out today. going 190k subs!

  • Kyle Brotherton
    Kyle Brotherton 4 gün önce

    You know his channel is dead and hasn’t published a video in 6 months now.

  • TK99
    TK99 4 gün önce

    People forget that for some auctions are like gambling.

  • Sally Leung
    Sally Leung 4 gün önce

    did he get the 1 mil play button?

  • istalir
    istalir 4 gün önce

    I thought they were after the gold one, what happened to that?

  • Pico Herbie
    Pico Herbie 4 gün önce

    Your a good dude linus. That was pretty touching.

  • Bob
    Bob 5 gün önce

    That Mindchop dude with his clickbait channel didn't even upload for the past 7 months....

  • 2 Thumbs Up. Or Down?
    2 Thumbs Up. Or Down? 5 gün önce

    Linus is acting like a petulant kid. I'm not a fan of his ego. Unsub

    xXxKAMIKAZExXx 5 gün önce

    Why would you want to buy a reward that isn't yours?

  • johnabuick
    johnabuick 5 gün önce

    This is why NCIX went bankrupt, prices were too high and not enough selection. Newegg blew them out of the water.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 5 gün önce

    I thought people that went to these auctions were smart and there to get a deal? Why is everyone overpaying for all this stuff? Wtf...

  • uonadtehrrocks
    uonadtehrrocks 6 gün önce

    Why would someone with a huge channel want a play button not for they channel?

  • Mike Wilcken
    Mike Wilcken 6 gün önce

    You're a good dude for letting him take the plaque man.

  • AGuyWhoAnimatesStuff
    AGuyWhoAnimatesStuff 1 hafta önce


  • THE Caballo
    THE Caballo 1 hafta önce

    Corsair K60 ... i ahd bought it for 75$ years ago, spilled juice, sent it back (yes i paid 20$) and received a K70 which sold for 150$ ..... this dude paid 300$?

  • Tony San Nicolas
    Tony San Nicolas 2 hafta önce

    Awesome fail video guys. One of the best I've seen in a while

  • Devininno09
    Devininno09 2 hafta önce

    Why tf does that kid want someone elses plaque

  • VomiT
    VomiT 2 hafta önce

    So what was the outcome of the Nvidia Shield?

  • Jacob Loogman
    Jacob Loogman 2 hafta önce

    This can't be real...

  • Gajendra Prajapati
    Gajendra Prajapati 2 hafta önce

    Canadian rupees? Did I heard correct?

  • aaa master
    aaa master 2 hafta önce

    this whole rack was a good deal, nvidia shield is selling at 200 dollars right now
    add 50 dollars you have other random stuff

  • Stephen Finley
    Stephen Finley 2 hafta önce

    kinda late getting to this video.. but I still subscribed to LCT! lol

  • p3tr0114
    p3tr0114 2 hafta önce

    Linus is not sentimental.

  • No Body
    No Body 2 hafta önce

    9:33 "He's got over a million subscribers"
    Wanna compare size? Linus got over 6 million bitch!

  • Nico Lorenz
    Nico Lorenz 3 hafta önce

    Am I the only one recongnizing the Guy With the expensive ass Outfit in 03:50 lol

  • ShadowStorm
    ShadowStorm 3 hafta önce

    MindChop hasn't uploaded in six months. :/

  • theaveragehousecat
    theaveragehousecat 3 hafta önce

    Linus cat tips needs daily uploads

  • Toto CH
    Toto CH 3 hafta önce

    This looks like a money laundering strategy...

  • HeyItzButter
    HeyItzButter 3 hafta önce

    A 700 dollar anti static mat? I have a friend who built a computer for about that price.

  • C15 0001229684
    C15 0001229684 3 hafta önce

    what is this plaque? i dont understand