My Mom Woke Up From A Coma And It’s Terrifying

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  • Like this video if you want your Mom to live forever. ★ Subscribe My Channel: This is Alice. She really wants to share her story, because she needs to know that she’s not alone. A year ago she was a happy girl, and her biggest problem was backtalking at school. Now she so wishes that she could turn back the clock and tell herself that life was great! She’s only 13, and she’s so tired… It all started one day when she was at school, in her English class. The headmaster came in and asked her to leave the room. He looked very worried, and Alice immediately felt nervous. When they sat down in his office, he urged her to sit down and told her that something bad had happened in her family. Her mom had been on her way to the school to take Alice home, and got caught up in a bad car crash. It was really, really bad, he said. Be strong, Alice, he said, she was alive but at the hospital, and the doctors were evaluating how serious her injuries were. Now she had to stay at the school until her dad came to take her home. Alice didn’t cry; she was in some kind of nervous shock. He gave her some water and called in the school psychologist, who tried to talk to her but Alice stayed silent. She didn’t talk even when her dad came in for her and took her home. There was only one thought in her head: “Dear God, if you exist, make my mom live and be healthy and I’ll be a good girl forever”. Then some very shocking news came from the hospital – her mom was in a coma, and she had very serious brain damage. All they could do was pray that she woke up. This situation lasted for quite a long time – several weeks at least. Both Alice and her dad lived a robotic routine – waking up, having breakfast, going about their business, going home, watching TV, going back to sleep. Alice had only that one thought, and couldn’t concentrate on anything else. She felt as though she was physically ageing as the days went by; she was so tired of waiting, and felt that if she looked into the mirror she’d see someone with white hair and their first wrinkles. When the news came, Alice didn’t know how to accept it. She finally woke up, that was the good news. But the bad thing was that she had suffered grave brain damage, meaning that she could no longer talk or react to people, or even recognize anyone. They called it a vegetative state, but actually it’s a “vegetable” state – all the individual can really do is breathe, and not much else. The feeling for Alice was one of pure horror. She went to see her mom quite often, but whenever she looked at her all she saw was a shell of a person, not her actual mother. She fantasised about her coming back, but the doctors said no one knew how she would react to the treatment. The doctors and nurses, as well as Alice and her dad themselves, did absolutely anything they could to wake her up. She spent long hours reading stories to her, hoping that something would penetrate. And finally, on one glorious day, Alice noticed that as she was reading, her mother’s eyes moved in her direction as if she could hear her. It was a miracle! She ran out of the ward shouting with happiness. The doctors said it was good news because it meant that some of her damaged brain cells were being restored, and from that moment on they could start active rehabilitation. They also performed a brain scan and confirmed that there were regions in her brain that were now reacting to stimuli. Alice and her dad arranged a party to celebrate. It may seem foolish, but Alice was sure that her mom would get better in no time at all now that her brain had woken up. They attended physical rehab, where nurses moved her limbs here and there, and she underwent some strange electro-therapies or something like that. In fact, her treatment lasted round the clock. She did respond, but she still couldn’t talk, didn’t recognize her family, didn’t react. And suddenly, all the hope Alice had felt left her. She realized that her mom wouldn’t be coming back. To this day, she remembers the exact moment when this realisation came to her – she took her to a room with a projector and showed her their family videos. And as Alice was watching the old clips of them all happy – and her looking healthy – on the screen, it was the first time since the accident had happened that she started crying, and she gripped her mom’s hand. So that’s why Alice feels so tired. Of course, she’s never lost hope. And she never will. But one part of her knows that her mom will never be the same again, and this understanding tears her up inside. She sometimes imagines that her mom has just gone away for a vacation to some beautiful island, and is still enjoying her life. Alice just wishes that she could be there with her. It would also be nice if you could subscribe to the channel and share her story, so that maybe someone who has had a similar experience could share it with her.
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    Like this video if you want your Mom to live forever.

  • Tom vlogsLTV
    Tom vlogsLTV Biraz önce

    I’m crying

  • Tom vlogsLTV
    Tom vlogsLTV Biraz önce

    So sad

  • Yani.Imani
    Yani.Imani Biraz önce

    Oh my God I didn’t expect to cry!

  • fanf toy foxy 1239
    fanf toy foxy 1239 Biraz önce

    Is it real

  • vincent brocato
    vincent brocato 12 dakika önce


  • Julia Mathiesen
    Julia Mathiesen 17 dakika önce

    This made me cry so hard

  • Lian Muan
    Lian Muan 24 dakika önce

    1 like=10000 prayers

  • 50 dakika önce

    now my anxiety’s kicking in, making me overthink; is this gonna happen to my mom😭💔

  • Nova Wolf Squad
    Nova Wolf Squad 55 dakika önce

    I had a friend in a coma but he never remembered me


    we shall over come~
    its okay day by day she will improve and one day she will be back just like before

  • Anouk Van Duin
    Anouk Van Duin 1 saat önce

    It could have been me talking in this video... my mother has been in a coma for 4 weeks. It's almost 3 years ago, but it's still different. My mother is good now, but she will never be the same as at the beginning. What you say in this video is exactly how I felt.

    Remember that you are not alone!!
    It will get better!😭💕

  • Anouk Van Duin
    Anouk Van Duin 1 saat önce

    I know how you feel, but you need to stay strong! It will get better!🙄😥💕

  • Peng Vang
    Peng Vang 1 saat önce

    So sad!! ☹️🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • XxHeartBeatxX
    XxHeartBeatxX 1 saat önce

    This is so sad 😭 Because i cant Imagine losing my mom like that 😭

  • Cute Gamer
    Cute Gamer 2 saat önce

    oh my god this is so sad and emotional... i cried during the whole video..

  • Lost in Sauce
    Lost in Sauce 2 saat önce


  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 2 saat önce

    That's my story~ I'm 10 years old, On easter 2018 my grandad sadly died he was 88. Like 2 months ago my mom died on cancer , a lung cancer; she was smoking and she was only 43 years old. On 6th December 2018 my Dad Died IDK how.
    Now I'm living with my stepdad and my sister, my stepdad kicked out my other sister that is 23 years old now. My other sister is 13 and I'm 10. I'm sorry for what happened a least your mom is still alive.

  • Ash The Witch
    Ash The Witch 3 saat önce

    When I start to watch I was like "Whoa this looks interesting", but when you tell the thing with the car crush I started to cry sooo much and then my mom came in my room and I runned to her and give her a big Hug!

  • Caoimhe Scally
    Caoimhe Scally 3 saat önce

    My name is Alice and I'm so tired....

    Me:XD XD XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no but seriously it's sad 😭 the video 😭😭😭

  • Gabrielle Moraes
    Gabrielle Moraes 3 saat önce

    My mom has bone metatases and it hasn't cure, and I don't know how much time she will be alive, and the pain that I'm feeling it's unbearable... She's my best friend and I love her so much, I can't imagine my life without her.

  • Elena Wourms
    Elena Wourms 4 saat önce

    I'm so sorry I have the same except my mom doesn't remember who I am and I just sit at my door sobbing in my room.Edit:
    Now I'm 14 she can't recover but I know your mom will ..😏

  • Valen Coletto
    Valen Coletto 5 saat önce

    you are never alone, you have to keep positive and prey, clear your mind and dont pay atention to negativity. Be strong and stat positive that everything is going to work out, it only takes time and faith that everything is going to be just fine. Remember you are never alone, and don’t forget to be a good girl as you promised god. Your mom is in my prayers.💘🙏

  • chris twyman
    chris twyman 5 saat önce

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom and what you are going through. You can never give up hope, but you have to come to terms that she might not improve. Some things are beyond our control. I hope you find a good way to cope.

  • Kaila Deprey
    Kaila Deprey 5 saat önce

    is she unable to make any more progress at this point or is it possible? I was confused by that at the end

  • Nikita Bos
    Nikita Bos 7 saat önce

    Hey, i know exactly what you feel. My mother had a really bad accident. She almost lost het live, at moment i was at school too. It was the very first day of that year and i was at math. I got a call from my stepdad that she was in hospital fighting for her live. She had 3 weeks before a accident and was recovering at home. At the day this happend het stomach ripped appart and all the stomach acid were going through her whole body, she was 3 seconds away from dying. I went to the hospital, she was awake but didnt remember me at all. A classmate called me and told me i had to go back to school so i did, i was in a depression at that time. What me helped was listening to music all day long, do things with your friends and family. I know its hard but it will be alright. I believe in you that you can do it, help your mother with receiving, she is a very strong woman.

  • Oh hi I’m Depressed
    Oh hi I’m Depressed 7 saat önce

    Omg why am I crying?

  • paha vatux
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  • vadim 471
    vadim 471 8 saat önce

    привет я русский. Hi i am Russian man

  • Georgia Pullen
    Georgia Pullen 8 saat önce

    My nan pasted away because the doctors did not help her. Because of them she is gone Alice just stay strong and be happy your mom might not be there but she is there in your heart.

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 8 saat önce

    It’s Ok Don’t Cry Part Of Your Mom Is Still There And Never Lose Hope You Are Brave You Are Smart But You Don’t Know Where To Go Like Me Except That Your Mom Is In A Coma But My Brother I Knew That He Would Never Come Because My Brother Died I Was Shattered The Person That Made Me Happy All My Life Was Gone Just Like That But I Know That He Will Always Be Part Of Me And Your Mom Will Also Always Be Part Of You You Are Brave Alice You Can Continue Life Never Give Up Ever.💙❤️💙❤️💙

  • Alice the Fox
    Alice the Fox 9 saat önce

    Lel, my name is Alice too!.... >oO

  • Wendy Alvarez
    Wendy Alvarez 9 saat önce

    This is so sad 😭 stay strong and be there for her everyday, Godwilling she will come back to you.

  • Edi Emai
    Edi Emai 10 saat önce

    Be strong I believe your mom will be back

  • Noney777w3 344. I have a lot more to Dyllah

    What is coma?

  • Purvishri Bijjam
    Purvishri Bijjam 11 saat önce

    this is really sad! ome times I feel SUPER lucky to not be these this if you LOVE your mom!

  • Tayla Van Der Horst
    Tayla Van Der Horst 11 saat önce

    The sad part is that she will never remember you and that actually made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Reynard T7
    Reynard T7 12 saat önce

    Im Cryed..

  • Candy Cutie
    Candy Cutie 12 saat önce

    Did she ever eat?

  • Jana Borovcová
    Jana Borovcová 13 saat önce

    Sorry to say that, it might be cruel, but the best way to overcome this is to say goodbye to your old mum. She is not here anymore. And there is no slight chance she will return. Accept your new mum instead and try not to compare her to her old state. Accept her as a new family member. Hold on, be strong.