Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)

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  • Hail Whydra
    Hail Whydra 5 ay önce

    Please Adjust your fan art accordingly

  • Marvin Chaves
    Marvin Chaves 2 saat önce

    Well if hes a 20 years man no wonder he never showed any intrest to other girls exept Misty and maybe May since they must be around his age... he doesnt age alone those girls and everyone else must age with him too. Actually isnt selena is his childhood friend? So... shes around his age too. What this makes is that maybe kids in this world takes way longer to physically grow. Like actual asian people that are 30 years old and still have the appearance of a teenager. Anyway i bet neither fans or even the actual writers gave it that much though since its a entretaiment show meants for kids.

    Ps: i know my english is bad.

  • Lloyd Niguidula
    Lloyd Niguidula 7 saat önce

    I get it

  • S-Mania
    S-Mania 13 saat önce

    MatPat, please do Ash's Pikachu's Nature next :D I would LOVE to see it.

  • Markus Wilson
    Markus Wilson 17 saat önce

    3 years I've been piecing this together for 3 years curse you MatPat but it all checks out except for Serena I don't remember the episode but she says the reason she likes him is because when they were little she fell over and hurt herself ash helped her up and she liked him ever since but that wouldn't be possible because Serena whould 19.5 during XYZ making her around the same age as ash but in the anime she is confirmed to be either 12-13 where is the logic behind that MatPat

  • Charlie Laws
    Charlie Laws 19 saat önce

    Erm...... If Ash is ageing..... Shouldn't the supposed 10 year old girls age too? Soooooooooooo basically, it technically wouldn't be weird I don't think but either way, I don't ship Pokemon or anything related. Just putting that out there.

  • Violet Pencil
    Violet Pencil 21 saat önce

    Have you ever consider that this is an alternate version of Ash were the first few seasons of Pokémon exist, but the rest never happened? You literally just confessed to the fact the Pokémon likes messing with the space-time continuum and in the games they mention alternate universes...

  • SuperPikaFan 100
    SuperPikaFan 100 22 saat önce

    But if a year passed then how is he now

  • Oz
    Oz 1 gün önce

    if humans are pokemon(one of your theory!) then Ash just didn't evolved yet, so he just doesnt "age"... he doesn't want to(like pikachu), or is caring everstone with him, or have just low level to evolve... like 10 level?

  • Goku Uzumaki21
    Goku Uzumaki21 1 gün önce

    Im a leo of the zodiac sign

  • Goku Uzumaki21
    Goku Uzumaki21 1 gün önce

    Lol making fun of jhoto

  • The Boyles
    The Boyles 1 gün önce

    Serena went to the same school as Ash when they were kids
    And then Ash set off at age ten
    So did Serena
    But when we first see Serena in the anime, she just starts her journey
    How old IS Serena?
    She still has a crush on Ash, who is 19 years old
    She kisses Ash on the last episode of XY

  • Eli Jamal
    Eli Jamal 1 gün önce

    childhood left the building

    Chris Hansen charges into the building

  • Nicholas Morell
    Nicholas Morell 1 gün önce

    If people believed and moved on with the soft reboot all the way to sun and moon ash would be 12

  • Cameron Sarchet
    Cameron Sarchet 2 gün önce

    2:26 -The words of meowth

  • Unicornia Gaming
    Unicornia Gaming 2 gün önce

    When is the weather man EVER right?

  • Unicornia Gaming
    Unicornia Gaming 2 gün önce

    When is the weather man EVER right?

  • FluffyLilEspurr
    FluffyLilEspurr 2 gün önce

    I have a theory:

    So, simply put, Ash's time in Kanto 100% happened in all dimensions, but, the dimensions split from there, depending on which region he goes to after.
    This means that his adventures in Unova would be happening at the same time as his adventures in Alola, in different dimensions. Hasn't this channel even gone over how there are different dimensions in pokemon? I think this could explain why Ash is always 10, all his adventures besides Kanto were happening at the same time. I think this makes sense.

  • Ur mom Gay
    Ur mom Gay 2 gün önce

    This theory is so dumb ash dose cocaine that’s why he doesn’t age

  • Issam Eltom
    Issam Eltom 2 gün önce

    FBI agents: ash ketchum. You are under arrest for being a pedophile.
    Ash: wtf the girls that hang out with me are the same age!
    FBI: they're just 10 year olds. You're comming with us you bastard.
    Serena: now for mysty...

  • Possessed Undertaker
    Possessed Undertaker 2 gün önce

    My mom: What are you doing?
    Me: Improving my low IQ

  • Pretty Pirates
    Pretty Pirates 3 gün önce

    I can’t watch Pokémon. Here’s why:
    Too much cringe.

  • The Bendigo Bender
    The Bendigo Bender 3 gün önce

    11 divided by 2 is 5.5 then plus 7 is 12.5


  • Amanda Aleisha
    Amanda Aleisha 3 gün önce

    he’s 31 due to the pokémon history

  • ge ge the vampire skeleton

    Lmao ash probably 20 and he's still single and a virgin

  • tobi xxx
    tobi xxx 4 gün önce

    OK so basically ash is a pedophile. ... OK. 🆗

  • fox boy
    fox boy 4 gün önce

    litleo is a lion pokemon

  • Kairi Cisneros
    Kairi Cisneros 4 gün önce

    That ash went from 12 to 100 in 3 pictures.

  • Imm Craig
    Imm Craig 4 gün önce

    Nice refrence to "My Neighbor Totoro"

  • UAVwaffle
    UAVwaffle 5 gün önce

    Guy's he's friends with palkia, dialga, and arceus. I think I figured out how he stopped ageing.

  • Jonathan Miller Music
    Jonathan Miller Music 5 gün önce

    It's kinda cool that Ash is 20 and they recently passed the 20th anniversary. We see you creators. We know wassup. :P

  • Mohammed Al-Odailah
    Mohammed Al-Odailah 5 gün önce

    are you sure they don't have a year with gazillion seasons?
    right, the train.


    the answer is 19

  • Bryan Vargas
    Bryan Vargas 5 gün önce


  • Lupita Covalles Narvaez

    He just ate a everstone

  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 5 gün önce

    Just reboot the whole franchise with more consistence and better action

  • Team rocket Fan
    Team rocket Fan 5 gün önce


  • Team rocket Fan
    Team rocket Fan 5 gün önce

    ??Film theory or game theory??

  • blu3 fox
    blu3 fox 5 gün önce

    If you use matpats rule for dating and you get a number older then you are that means you are to young to be dating

  • Clacko X
    Clacko X 6 gün önce

    Chris Hansen- Hi Ash please have a seat.