Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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    I know Coraline is already a really old movie and theres already so many theories about it,but can you make a theory about that movie?

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    Mat r u going the vid On? If so I WANT AN AUTO and I wanna see the man that ruined ur childhood jr.

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    Thank you theory cretacous is correct

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    Why do they keep opening Jurassic Park/World, if every time they do, the dinosaurs always end up breaking out and hurting somebody?

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    You make vidio about silmarilion pls

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    Do a video on coralline

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    No homo

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    Apache helicopter
    Haven't watched the video, but the answer is Apache helicopter

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    its not ila nublar its eis-la

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    “ Cretaceous Century “?

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    try to debunk vision's power like you debunked every superheroes power

  • GFS Team 15
    GFS Team 15 2 saat önce

    try to debunk vision's power like you debunked every superheroes power

  • GFS Team 15
    GFS Team 15 2 saat önce

    try to debunk vision's power like you debunked every superheroes power

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    The best way to fix the franchise is to keep its spirit: they should be movies about prehistoric animals, not monsters. I think that for the third installment they may have rescued some issues mentioned in the book and never explored in the films: their migration instinct. In this way, Hammond would have needed a paleontologist and a matematician to predict the dinosaurs' behavior and destination when escaping (ie emigrating) from the island and learn how many of them could have escaped (by conducting some field work in the island locating the nests of the animals, which is another part of the books). In this way we could have the perfect excuse to bring Grant and Malcolm together again in the islands...

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    Wait a second..why is the title called jurassic park not jurassic world

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    Matpat i have a question who would be the king or queen of all the villains

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    Sooooo..... do we want to say how they call it a Velociraptor when it is more resembling a Utah Raptor ? In which case the name is off, but the environment is correct. Come on MatPat, I know your smarter then this.

    Also I can make that statement since Velociraptors where like really really angry turkeys, while Utah is well.... bigger. Tech if we are going pound for pound also, the Achillobator is closer still, being slightly smaller then Utah Raptors while being well bigger then Velociraptors.

    I apologize, being a super nerd here but that is what I come to MatPat to for normally :P

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    I want you to make a episode on what whould happen if a human was in bath full of coke for 24 hours pls i am very interested

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    How much space does a human need?!?

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    Your a spoiler

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    Matpat do a theory about the Robinsons and how it would become the city Wall-E lives in.

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    Could you please do a theory on the maker by zealous creator

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    why din't they the T.REX VS INDORAPTOR

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    can you please do a theory on if planes fits into the Pixar timeline? Or just any theory about planes

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    Who would win
    Indoraptor vs indominus rex?

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    Dude just stop and I swear to god if you do Jurassic world fallen kingdom I will flip out

  • A Cringeworthy Potato '-'

    #prattpat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    hey, i know you have never done a how to train your dragon theory and probably never will but it would be awesome if you could estimate whats going to happen with evidence ( such as the new trailer )

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    Instead of one story short you should’ve said “ One theory short” OwO

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    Seeing the new movie in 4 days

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    You postsed that

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    I'm a b*tch so I'm gonna spoil jurrasic world for you. A volcano is gonna destroy the island the dinos were on and the court decides to let them die but the creator of the park secretly is gonna save some dinos and put them on a new island. The lady is in on it and brings star lord into it to get Blue but when they find her they tranquilize her but she attacks so she attacks and someone shoots her. That's when star lord finds out the "people trying to save the dinos are gonna let him and the lady die on the island and sell the dinos for war so bla bla bla blue almost dies she needed blood from the t-rex so the get some from it on a boat they sneaked on nearly being burned to death on and drowning. So they get back to land eventually and find the place they keep the dinos and there is gas about to kill the dinos so they have to decide to let them die to save the world or let them escape and reek havoc on earth. They eventually decide to let them die. Good choice right. Well screw their opinion the dumbass little girl let's them out and humans have to "co-exist with dinos". The end dont need to see the movie now just saved you 50 v buks. Your welcome.