Chaperoning 7th Graders

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  • No hard feelings, 7th graders? I don't actually think you're the worst. (thanks for watching by the way, you're cool) Remember to turn in your homework and I'll see you next month :0 (around 4:20 (lol) something flashes up for one frame and I didn't catch it untill just now, but just-just ignore it ok) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ Website ➤
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    8.7 mil now.

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    Oh I’m not that bad

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    She doesn't like being picked up

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    Ew rise gum is the worst youtuber

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    1:14 no they're 12-14. u should know this u went to school smh

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    7 grade is the worst (just started)

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    TastyBacon3 1 saat önce

    I'm 8th😂

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    dark knight01 1 saat önce

    I’m also in a prep school

  • dark knight01
    dark knight01 1 saat önce

    Ok so when you said I Hate 7th graders I almost left the vid buuuuuuuut when u said I’m cool that I watch your bids now I’m happy (also I just started watching your vids and I love them)

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    Hi I am 8 years

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    im in 6th and im 12

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    James I is 11

    GIANNA BEARFIELD 2 saat önce

    If my assignment is late then you get an F

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    Yay I’m cool!!!!

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    Im going to complain about my junior high now

    1: I honestly HATE 7TH GRADE! IT SUCKS! PLS SAVE ME!!!!!!!

    2: I- I can't turn in my work. I'm always losing it and I wanna die

    3: At my school If you're not wearing your ID u get detention. I'm suprised I have not gotten a detention yet cause I've lost my ID at least 5 times this year.

    4: I have Narcolepsy (look it up) so school is just the worst for me.

    5: My group of friends are the weird people at my school and they honestly feel like they are useless. And that's good (I miss-spoke. Feeling useless isn't good) cause I'm weird too but I'm basically the third wheel of my group of friends.
    (I don't fit in anywhere)

    6: I am a ball of social anxiety and it makes me wanna die cause I have to do a lot of presentations this year. Even hearing the word presentation makes me cry. HECK I CAN'T EVEN TELL THE LUNCH LADY WHAT I WANT FOR LUNCH!!!

    * frustrated noises*

    Ok I'm done. Enjoy ur day

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    well now he has 8,7 m subs

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    1.8 mill? Now u have 8.7 !

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    she doesn't like being picked up

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    fu uuuuuuu uuuuuuuuck maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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    Who else went to see rice gum after this video

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    I'm 8th grade

  • Gaming On//Gaming,Tutorials And More

    Im in 7th grade and im cool XD

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    I am seventh grade. But I am definitely not a cool kid, BUT I DO KNOW SOME IN MY CLASS. I am just a 12 yrs old kid who watches the odd ones out :)

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    Yay I'm cool

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    Hei James how did you know im a 7th grader im going trough puberty

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    Im a 6th grader. :c

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    1 like= 1 r.i.p for Gabe the Dog :(

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    James who doesn't like being picked

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    1:30 me

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    Dont you mean.....8.7 Million Subs On Youtube?

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    I am 9

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    James : 7th graders are the worst
    Me: (*~*) i am a 7th grader
    James: unless u are watching my videos
    Me: sigh

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    My friend in my class always brings your book

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    At 4:23 it says (she doesn’t like being picked up)

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    My name is Conner too