Juice WRLD - Lean Wit Me (Lyrics)

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  • FutureHype
    FutureHype 3 ay önce

    Where is everybody listening from? 🔥

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez 10 saat önce

    USA but I’m at an airport

  • Kira
    Kira 14 saat önce

    Drunk, high, and on antidepressants and on zzzquil. Lit af this song relates.

  • TheGrumpyPanda 101
    TheGrumpyPanda 101 16 saat önce

    Lay off the drugs juice we know it's hard but we don't want to lose you like x . You are worth love and happiness and i know it's hard but you don't need drugs to be happy. I really don't want to see you in a casket man. Also love ya❤❤.

  • Anthony De La Rosa
    Anthony De La Rosa 16 saat önce

    Fire it’s so good man

  • Siseli Woods
    Siseli Woods 17 saat önce

    Lean Wit me

  • Mixs man paga logo meu cash

    omae damare

    REDEMPTION 21 saat önce

    Replay button : 0:01

  • Sarrah Khan
    Sarrah Khan 21 saat önce

    I love this song

  • Positive Vibes '67
    Positive Vibes '67 1 gün önce

    The Devils my nigga frfr

  • Gaming Avenger
    Gaming Avenger 1 gün önce


  • Charlene Saunders
    Charlene Saunders 1 gün önce

    Looking at the devil and the angel on my solder

  • Collin Hobeck
    Collin Hobeck 1 gün önce

    _______?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Se x
    _______?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Se xy?
    ________?Sexy?Sexy____?Sexy?Se xy?Se
    _________?Sexy?Se_______?Sexy? Sexy?
    _________?Sexy?Se_____?Sexy?Se xy?

  • Relic BZG
    Relic BZG 2 gün önce

    1:075 BEST PART BY FAR

  • Jackie Gorham
    Jackie Gorham 2 gün önce

    2095 will remember this

  • Ashton Vlogs
    Ashton Vlogs 2 gün önce

    It’s pot not pop kid

  • Aliyah Ayala Porter
    Aliyah Ayala Porter 2 gün önce

    Listening from my classroom

  • Daniel Philpot
    Daniel Philpot 3 gün önce

    This song is A M A Z I N G

  • mrshaft40
    mrshaft40 3 gün önce

    “Girl you hate it when I’m too high, but that’s where I belong”

  • Nash man
    Nash man 3 gün önce

    reach a new high

  • hello darkness
    hello darkness 3 gün önce

    every day I've been getting fucked up😪😪

  • chicago buggz
    chicago buggz 3 gün önce

    This hits harder then "the golden Chancla"😂

  • Bonus Meme
    Bonus Meme 3 gün önce

    Is he trying to encourage drug usage??

  • benjamin calkins
    benjamin calkins 3 gün önce


  • Gabriella Garcia
    Gabriella Garcia 3 gün önce

    Lean with me pop with me get high with me if u rock with me

  • Mason Perry
    Mason Perry 3 gün önce

    this song describes me so much i mainly do this alot

  • artistic
    artistic 3 gün önce


  • Dalton Ross
    Dalton Ross 4 gün önce

    u is listen to this in december

  • xHaroen
    xHaroen 4 gün önce

    I love Juice WRLD but the lyrics get me a little worried :(

  • Riggybiggy TV
    Riggybiggy TV 4 gün önce


  • Dylan Kensler
    Dylan Kensler 4 gün önce


    JAKHIA DRAGOO 4 gün önce

    I love this!! Who else does?

  • Oak CrazedStew
    Oak CrazedStew 5 gün önce

    Hell yeaaaa

  • Relic BZG
    Relic BZG 5 gün önce

    "Eyes red, no visine"

  • Relic BZG
    Relic BZG 5 gün önce

    this song is futureHYPE

  • madz madz
    madz madz 5 gün önce

    # love life 🌈 1 like anyone

  • Kadri Welsh
    Kadri Welsh 5 gün önce

    play on 0.75 speed

  • Anshu Desai
    Anshu Desai 5 gün önce

    play on 2 speed

  • SUBJECT- 1
    SUBJECT- 1 6 gün önce

    Who is listening in Insert month here = Tons of likes.

  • Gainesville Marines
    Gainesville Marines 6 gün önce

    Listing from teaxas