This Incredible Animation Shows How Deep The Ocean Really Is

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  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey 3 saat önce

    This video is amazing
    The ocean is amazing man, I wanna be a pirate lmfao

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed 15 saat önce

    You what’s lower than this?

    My Grades 😎

  • 진희최
    진희최 1 gün önce

    Damn the ocean is scary, someone save spongebob

  • Our Name Jenessy Our Name

    Obviously SpongeBob lives all the way at the bottom of the sea, duhhhh

  • Zed I
    Zed I 1 gün önce

    Dumbo octopus xDD

  • _0818멜
    _0818멜 1 gün önce

    I love these kind of videos. Am I the only one?

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting 1 gün önce

    Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 use Metres

  • Mr. Eagle Eye
    Mr. Eagle Eye 1 gün önce

    You know what is lower than that?

    My grades.

  • Gingy The Cat
    Gingy The Cat 2 gün önce

    The vocal fry in this is annoying as hell. The vocal croaking is ridiculous.

  • Fun Time with Mariam
    Fun Time with Mariam 2 gün önce


  • hacking you brother alright

    i saw squidward

  • Dwarf Potato
    Dwarf Potato 2 gün önce

    The legend has that in the deepest Part of The Ocean, Mr Krabs Is still searching for money.

  • Pick Midnight Tv
    Pick Midnight Tv 2 gün önce

    Where’s spongebob?

  • The dabing king
    The dabing king 3 gün önce

    11,000 meters

  • Riley Burkholder
    Riley Burkholder 3 gün önce

    Damn Spongebob be chillin down there

  • James Carter
    James Carter 3 gün önce

    The bathtub analogy is completely wrong. The ocean is way larger than than. That bathtub would easily float in the Atlantic.

  • Soccer Gal
    Soccer Gal 3 gün önce

    And I thought our pool was deep

  • AwwabienTA Dingus
    AwwabienTA Dingus 3 gün önce

    Rumor has it that that they are still looking for dory

    ENLIGHTENING 4 3 gün önce

    Which animation software

  • Jaedan Fetalino
    Jaedan Fetalino 4 gün önce

    Their Gonna Make A Big Highway For Fishes

  • ρħσєиιχ тħє вιɾđ

    The giant squid looks like it’s having ... with the whale

  • Kk 121
    Kk 121 4 gün önce

    Any more deep and youll find squidward

  • Shahdab Tasneem
    Shahdab Tasneem 4 gün önce


  • Nina Blanton
    Nina Blanton 5 gün önce


  • Bich K
    Bich K 6 gün önce

    Rock bottom is obviously the deepest point.. it's got advanced darkness and everything

  • MegaProjectpat
    MegaProjectpat 6 gün önce

    Wait, how can water heat to 800F? I thought it boils st 212F? If you meant radiant heat from the magma, then sure. Am I wrong?

  • ayra nadyne Balqis
    ayra nadyne Balqis 1 hafta önce

    How do they even know?

  • Cowol Jar Woff
    Cowol Jar Woff 1 hafta önce

    Me: "I have a fear of the ocean"
    Everyone: "That's SOOO weird"
    This video alone made my stomach hurt. I can't explain it.

  • Muamer Fazlic
    Muamer Fazlic 1 hafta önce

    This gives me anxiety

  • CircleNoob101
    CircleNoob101 1 hafta önce

    I just wish they used meters....

  • Warrior7115
    Warrior7115 1 hafta önce

    Has anyone broken the record of scrolling to the bottom of the comments

  • Juan Concepcion
    Juan Concepcion 1 hafta önce

    It's like....we know more about our solar system than our own oceans..

  • Fling Gonza
    Fling Gonza 1 hafta önce

    underwater volcanos

    My life is a lie

  • Maria Eduarda Viana Pereira

    now im scared

  • swagNswift
    swagNswift 1 hafta önce

    The world of SOMA is emerging...

    Put on some headphones and turn off the lights for the best experience!

  • The Memes of Destruction
    The Memes of Destruction 1 hafta önce

    I like Water!

  • orochi 111
    orochi 111 1 hafta önce

    That's why I'm scared of oceans

  • Loïc P.
    Loïc P. 1 hafta önce

    The same in metric units would be great!

    BEEFYBOI 1 hafta önce


  • aman kumar
    aman kumar 1 hafta önce

    Awesome video