Ombre Nails Created with Gel Polish

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  • Suzie creates a beautiful Ombre, Gradient, Fade or Baby Boomer Nails using a New Ombre Brush and Gel Polish. Products Featured in this video: Premium Nail Art Brush Ombre Ugly Duckling Nails Gel Polish # 266 Gel Polish # 259 Gel Top Coat Vision Gel Systems Darling Lamp Exclusive Nail Couture Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie's viewers who are interested in finding the products online. --------------- Would you like to train with Suzie? Check out her 2019 Nail Workshop: Looking for a video Suzie has done? Check out her Instant Search Video Catalog, that makes it easy to find specific videos: Follow Suzie on Instagram: "" Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag: "#nailcareereducation" You can also follow Suzie: __ Music: 00:00 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach 01:00 Wanna Go Outside? by Hale 04:23 Swift-Tuttle by Achille Richard 08:49 Is There Anything Left? by Be Still The Earth 10:23 Toronto Heat by PALA 12:22 Night Shade by Bryant Lowry 13:20 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach All music © of the composers. Music Licensed through Soundstripe
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  • Enchanted Image Beauty
    Enchanted Image Beauty 3 gün önce


  • Helen Huynh
    Helen Huynh 4 gün önce

    Can you please teach us how to do ombre with dipping powder. Thanks😍

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 1 hafta önce

    These videos are oddly satisfying

  • hunter anderson
    hunter anderson 2 hafta önce

    She is kinda soothing like Bob Ross but her art is with nails both are amazing

  • younailedit
    younailedit 2 hafta önce

    the applying of that smooth topcoat is real eye porn

  • Bastian Larsen
    Bastian Larsen 2 hafta önce

    Interesting technique i just used a sponge

  • rhondakreamer
    rhondakreamer 2 hafta önce

    have u ever demoed a product called EGN

  • Nargis Shah
    Nargis Shah 3 hafta önce


  • Alina K
    Alina K 3 hafta önce

    did you touch your period too?😂 thats what cristine did😂

  • Judite Ramos
    Judite Ramos 1 ay önce

    Why do u have different nail shapes on each hand ?

  • Julie Jacobs
    Julie Jacobs 1 ay önce

    So glad to see you using Vision Gel! It's awesome stuff! ♥️

  • The darlinglu 123
    The darlinglu 123 1 ay önce

    I feel like this is an ASMR channel

  • A.J Jaradat
    A.J Jaradat 1 ay önce

    I have a question: can this be done by dapping the color on with a sponge?

  • ilanit7
    ilanit7 1 ay önce

    can you do gradient with gel polish?

  • mademoisellekaya
    mademoisellekaya 1 ay önce

    Ohh..... that glitter... Stunning & Classy! And is letting the gel run from the point to the cuticle and back not a option? Now, I didn't try it but it just popped up on me but I'm going to try it, just for ..... eh fun and giggles 😄 But I bet that a thinned out bristle brushes work better indeed 😊

  • Selena Thomas
    Selena Thomas 1 ay önce

    This is a good video because I want to be a nail artist when I grow up and I still plan to go to collage to learn more but this is helping me with all of my troubles with nail and stop doing plain nail thank you so much i love you.

  • tatyana widener
    tatyana widener 1 ay önce

    You've always been my go-to nail artist for when I need something new to perfect . Major fan ! Xo

  • Depressed Whore
    Depressed Whore 1 ay önce

    When you touch your period blood

  • Steph Beauty Artistry

    Love ur videos so much ur the reason why I knoe how to do my own acrylic nails and save lots of money doing so 😍💖😘

  • janice mcgill
    janice mcgill 1 ay önce

    I wish should use the glitter colour on your other nails instead of just your thumb though I think that would look really pretty but I still love the colour and the nails look gorgeous

  • Ahs
    Ahs 1 ay önce


  • Timmy Healy
    Timmy Healy 1 ay önce

    Your music choices are really vibby. I really fucked with the one at around idk 5 mins or so I noticed lol not an ad or someone just saying it . Really just complimenting the artist(s) if he they see it .
    Fantastic job on the polish I actually get ideas and show my mom n get her some of the colours u show n this may be a choice loll

  • Farah Thompson
    Farah Thompson 1 ay önce

    The easiest way to ombre colors with gel is to apply one color half way down and the second color the rest of the way, leave it uncured, take a brush or dotting tool and mix them together where they meet, then cure it.

  • Olivia Pajek
    Olivia Pajek 1 ay önce

    beautiful and amazing as always.

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor 1 ay önce

    I would love to see you try an ombré with chrome

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W 1 ay önce

    Can't this be done more easily with a sponge? Does that work with gel?

  • Natalie Harrison-Lim

    I just use a makeup sponge 😰

  • Dana Green
    Dana Green 1 ay önce

    Unless you are a certified nail technicians you can not buy Ugly Duckling brushes. I love doing my own nails for a hobby so I can’t buy UD brushes. 😔 Please show us non certified nail technicians brushes that don’t require a certification to buy. Thanks!

  • Nina de Britto
    Nina de Britto 1 ay önce

    I've seen some people ombre with dipping powder! I'd love to see you give that a try! :)

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 1 ay önce

    this color, makes me think of blood, and stabbing someone with my nails.... It is beautiful, and very artistic....Halloween effects major.... love your videos!!!! ((sorry not to be creepy))

  • Tea Marz
    Tea Marz 1 ay önce

    I think the shades you used for your steam punk video would make great ombre

  • Tea Marz
    Tea Marz 1 ay önce


  • lovely nail
    lovely nail 1 ay önce

    Beautiful nails ♡
    Your Ombre Nail Art is fantastic. : D

  • S. Reina
    S. Reina 1 ay önce

    Ok doing ombré is annoying 😂

    PALE FICTION 1 ay önce

    omg those bottles are exquisite! great video as always!

  • FluffyGamer829
    FluffyGamer829 1 ay önce

    WaT HaPpEnS WhEn YoU ToUcH YoUr PeRiOd

  • Bharat Murkute
    Bharat Murkute 1 ay önce

    Suzie I am Aarya let's be frds we have the same nailpolish fever☺😊

  • Bharat Murkute
    Bharat Murkute 1 ay önce

    Show all the colours plss😊

  • Bharat Murkute
    Bharat Murkute 1 ay önce

    We are mad for the nailpolish and nail art really😀😀😀

  • Muses Entertainment
    Muses Entertainment 1 ay önce

    В который раз убеждаюсь что лучше Мастеров СНГ нет...