Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! Decrypting the Wakey Wakey Trailer (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)

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  • Weird BTS Lover
    Weird BTS Lover 58 dakika önce

    My theory:
    Duck is T-Series. Red Guy is Pewdipie. Yellow Guy is the Swedish kid that has Indian immigrant parents.

  • 50puft :D
    50puft :D 1 saat önce

    At the end of DHMIS S1, we see the characters have became what they want to be and their favorite colour following the unplugging of the machine, but now they are back to their normal original colours. AND in the scene with the duck machine, we see that yellow guy is expressing his creativity once again, while seemingly about to confront the duck and save the town.


  • Wouty Wouty
    Wouty Wouty 6 saat önce

    This is crazy that you made that out 30 seconds but you forgot the mayor at the Porch with red guy

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated 8 saat önce


  • Doctor Zoidberg
    Doctor Zoidberg 14 saat önce

    With research I think I figured out a theory. Please prove me wrong if I am, but here we go!.

    We start in the normal setting, the living room. Inside the living room they are thinking of going upon a walk or picnic (going out). Once they leave they are robbed of most of their possessions, so they move with what they have left to a safer, enclosed neighborhood. Once there, they settle down in their living room, the duck worrying about being robbed again. This is when the Key shows up, singing their song about Safety and Protection. The key produces point that can be taken to the mayor of their enclosed neighborhood so the duck, the only one who truly cares, goes to the mayor to state said reasons. We see the scene in the trailer, aka the duck finding the mayor missing (not harmed because he is in the shot with red guy looking into the city based on the hat and skin color). The duck reports it to the police and the police gather the scarf, which is tied to the red guy, and later find the mayor, who claims he was robbed. The mayor goes on about the robbery and the red guy gets put blame somehow that I am unsure of. The police attempt to arrest red guy but he makes a dash out of the township. The duck claims that if the mayor is inefficient to protect their town that there must be a new election, and the duck gets elected. We see clips of the red guy attempting to solve the break in to be able to go back to his friends while the yellow guy, starts going through the youthful changes of his teenage years as Film Theory has stated. The mayor later leaves for not actually living in the town but the mayor's office instead and goes off into the forest, later to find red guy and give out the full story. The key returns before the duck is going to talk to the police about security changes, and brainwashes him into abnormal changes, like how technology is the best type of security and setting up cameras, locking the gates, and later the duck thinks being a piece of machinery is the best security of all so he can keep everybody safe. Yellow guy later learns of this and attempts to leave, but the duck won't let him. The red guy and mayor run into the yellow guy at the gates, talking for a few moments and explaining what the duck has done. The duck catches them with the security camera and the police come and grab the yellow guy. The red guy and the mayor run back into the trees, to isolation. The duck is later taken to a torture chamber (because that is what I expect out of the show.) where we meet the machine with a drill for a hand which is controlled by the duck. The duck is hesitant in hurting him, but he does so anyways when the yellow guy refuses to answer by drilling at a part of his body (my guess would be the feet or his arms based on his swaying in the duck machine scene). The duck turns off the drill and goes to see a security threat and the yellow guy escapes, later getting into the duck machine room and unplugging the duck, but right before he does so he is visited by the key, claiming that doing so will not keep them safe. The yellow guy does it anyways, which then after it is unplugged it returns to the house, before it was robbed. And they were all aware of what they had done.

    As I said in the beginning diss my theory as you like but I think it could be solid by using the information and other theories from other theorists.
    If you have any idea on how it could go down please write a comment below!

  • Pastel Spiritz
    Pastel Spiritz 15 saat önce

    I think the red guy is a lobster

  • mr.u momgae
    mr.u momgae 17 saat önce

    The purple thing is in ep 1 when the notebook points at the fruit bowl. Edit: it’s at 0:39 in episode 1

  • MlgBaconCat Johnson
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  • The Lazy Cubers
    The Lazy Cubers 22 saat önce

    So red guy is Mexican?

  • Akbar Basit
    Akbar Basit 1 gün önce

    oh great, another trump bashing show, how brave, so original.

  • Alexander Mac Rae
    Alexander Mac Rae 1 gün önce

    From episode 3

  • Alexander Mac Rae
    Alexander Mac Rae 1 gün önce

    The pink yellow guy is his loved one

  • David Dixon-Ratzlaff
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  • SquidSahimi
    SquidSahimi 2 gün önce

    Could the mayor and the duck be related? Random, but the DHMIS franchise is very particular on detail, and the mayor and the duck are the same color. And even though that could be completely irrelevant, the only image of the mayor is in a fuzzy photo. Plus, they must have ended up in the village somehow. A family visit could have been one of them and if the ducks father was the mayor, it would make sense that he took it under his wing (pun intended) to run the town

  • Gosh Darnit!
    Gosh Darnit! 2 gün önce

    I hope this is not true

  • Synnith
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  • Gölgesiz TR
    Gölgesiz TR 2 gün önce

    Türküleri bi görelim

  • Helpless Burn
    Helpless Burn 2 gün önce

    In the scene where red guy is locked out, who is that next to him? Is it the mayor? Mat explain! Explain!

  • di mo ko kilala
    di mo ko kilala 2 gün önce

    so uh, yeah I watched this after the other theories u made and, I went to search for that "Marbke Hornets" channel, and it joined yt on June 19, imma tell you matpat, I'm out

  • Hannah Howell
    Hannah Howell 2 gün önce

    Maybe Duck framed red guy he put the scarf there told people it’s was red guys so he could be in power not caring if red guy he’s friends gets kicked out of town he just wants power

  • Loraxx
    Loraxx 2 gün önce

    I kinda doubt this, I mean if this is actually the story then they'd be using digital media to brainwash kids, which is the exact same thing they warned about in the first season. Either they're huge hipocrites or matpats theroy is wrong. I really hope it's the latter because this is one of my favourite shows.

  • ItsWatermelon LOOVER!!!

    Love the intro!!! LOL!!

  • Space Bear Nation
    Space Bear Nation 2 gün önce

    But does anyone else think that Joe kinda looks like Matpat?

  • Badgee Seey
    Badgee Seey 2 gün önce

    I think it's a show portraying oppression and government corruption, not necessarily America's corrupt but something similar...

  • sango4507
    sango4507 2 gün önce

    Man: Is this 4 kids
    Me:yes awfully>:<

  • Antonisha Powell
    Antonisha Powell 2 gün önce

    "I use my hair to express myself"

  • Ana Bannana
    Ana Bannana 3 gün önce

    I dont think this is after the 6th episode of dhmis because they are not their favorite colors anymore

  • Ana Bannana
    Ana Bannana 3 gün önce

    wow matpat, I never knew this dark day would come, but somebody proved your theory wrong.

  • whitebasicmammal
    whitebasicmammal 3 gün önce

    So stunning. So brave. It takes real courage to make a series about how Blonand Blumpf is bad orange man.

  • Kiki Sturdivant
    Kiki Sturdivant 3 gün önce

    I’m so shook.

  • Kayden Lockwood
    Kayden Lockwood 3 gün önce

    Did you know blink industries also made waiting for gumball dhims episode

  • Quantamios Howler
    Quantamios Howler 3 gün önce

    “It won’t make your teeth go gray/grey,
    “*Įt’łł mækę ÿœür tęęth fæłł øût.”

    —Mathew Roberts Patrick(MatPat) 4th, October, 2018

  • Big Hoss
    Big Hoss 3 gün önce

    I hope its just a theory. Sounds counter intuitive. If the show becomes influenced by pushing a certain political viewpoint.

  • Yesenia Exotic
    Yesenia Exotic 3 gün önce

    If u want me tbh I think the next episode or even “season” will be posted on June 20 OR June 19... its kinda long but like.... they always make us wait..

  • Nora O'Callaghan
    Nora O'Callaghan 3 gün önce

    I'm thinking maybe the purple marble is actually a doorknob

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 4 gün önce

    Thanks. I was to lazy to actually try to understand and watch it

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 4 gün önce

    We were waiting

  • michael myers
    michael myers 4 gün önce

    wait -- has matpat done a theory on teletubbies yet???

  • Isaiah Amos
    Isaiah Amos 5 gün önce

    I think the British keep their stupid ideas and opinions on their side of the lake socialist ingrates Thanks for making videos Matt Pat Love film theory

  • Caleb Blackmon
    Caleb Blackmon 5 gün önce

    um... its not gen z, Its post-millennial, because it sounds a lot cooler.