XXXTENTACION - I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine

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  • Harris The Player
    Harris The Player 2 saat önce

    The movie is really good you should check it out

  • Marki Pollard
    Marki Pollard 4 saat önce

    Guys what animae is this i would watch dis

  • Joshua Urbina
    Joshua Urbina 7 saat önce

    Maybe the devil ment he wouldn’t go with him hopefully he’s somewhere better RIP we love you X 😔🙏🏻

  • stxy fxded
    stxy fxded 7 saat önce

    13 words in the tittle 😬

  • Suu Zume
    Suu Zume 9 saat önce

    anime and rap dont fit

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil 10 saat önce

    Fuck this hits me hard

    AIEKIK 11 saat önce

    I have seen the devil as well🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  • Zosia Zebrzyńska
    Zosia Zebrzyńska 12 saat önce

    I fucking love this song

  • koiroi gaming
    koiroi gaming 15 saat önce

    I think I know what all this mean this and the cypher and train food. This talks about how X or if he’s talking about someone else sold his soul for the devil in exchange for what he desires in life, cypher talks in the perspective of the devil or the evil man who bought his soul hence the “ I am a murderer, son of a serpent”, and train food talks about how the evil man is now taking his soul and there’s nothing X could do about it and his time is up. This is all speculation idk if it’s true or not but 🤷‍♂️ LLJ

  • Crazy Kat
    Crazy Kat 15 saat önce

    【S A D  H O U R S】

  • Mr. Crabs
    Mr. Crabs 17 saat önce

    ppl do u really think the devil exists and lives in miami? imma say that was the way to force people to pay attention to his person and etc. open you dumb mind and eyes at once .

  • NutellET Channel
    NutellET Channel 20 saat önce

    Anime name?

  • Enes Türkyilmaz
    Enes Türkyilmaz 22 saat önce

    X said in a live video when he was asked why did u sold ur soul ? „Why would u think that i sould my soul?“ boii ur songs are all about u selling ur soul

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 1 gün önce

    Hey guys, I made an edit of this song. Mind checking it out? Thanks (:

  • Infinitenik
    Infinitenik 1 gün önce

    X's best song in my opinion.

    CAMERON NELICK 1 gün önce

    reminds me when i had a crush then

    saw she kiss my enemy

    i felt just broken

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 1 gün önce

    What anime is this

  • DBoss 1
    DBoss 1 1 gün önce

    Greatest Mumble RAPPER no Diss

  • fallerions ltd
    fallerions ltd 1 gün önce

    so deep 🥀🥀

  • Lucid Llife
    Lucid Llife 1 gün önce

    okay i love x and all and i’ve been listening to his music for about three years but after he passed his fan base just became cringy and cancerous ash. like y’all are annoying asf. that’s just my opinion tho.

  • Hako Vlogs
    Hako Vlogs 1 gün önce

    so sad

  • 96serpendity youarelostnotme

    U spoke to him 2 sell your soul.

  • nightwich gamer
    nightwich gamer 1 gün önce

    Best music in the world....😔💔RIP XXX

  • Boneless Kid123
    Boneless Kid123 1 gün önce

    Xxxtenteation is still alive!

  • Rare127
    Rare127 1 gün önce

    whats the name of the anime ?

  • Angell Acosta
    Angell Acosta 1 gün önce

    Some edit this with rain in the background

  • toxic itachi
    toxic itachi 1 gün önce


  • Jeremiah Millage
    Jeremiah Millage 1 gün önce

    It's my world and yall just living in it

  • Gucci Raccoon
    Gucci Raccoon 1 gün önce

    I’m Lost 😶😔😔😔😥

  • Ryan Gregson
    Ryan Gregson 1 gün önce


  • yc bonobo
    yc bonobo 1 gün önce

    what anime is this

  • xNeko
    xNeko 1 gün önce

    Fuck off , devil lied

  • Iwan Stroebel
    Iwan Stroebel 1 gün önce

    bruh whats this anime short films name again

  • BadVibes Jahseh
    BadVibes Jahseh 1 gün önce

    We used to be such an amazing and positive fan base. After he passed every new fan is just toxic.

  • K G
    K G 1 gün önce

    He really did change music and changes people’s thoughts in life and keep things positive ripx💙🦋

  • _ AlKaseri
    _ AlKaseri 1 gün önce

    Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face

  • GangGang_ Langley
    GangGang_ Langley 1 gün önce

    Hurt me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • lone stoner
    lone stoner 1 gün önce

    I still cant believe he's gone he was the only rapper i ever really wanted to have a conversation with and now i will never know what went through his mind smdh😡😡😖😭😭😭😭 RIP X

  • No Homo
    No Homo 2 gün önce

    0:37 best hentai ever

  • josh miranda
    josh miranda 2 gün önce

    The devil fucking lied fuck. LLJ