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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy 1 hafta önce

    ooh, well you can tell it's been a while since she's made a video... haha i was so nervous! but thanks for googling me ya creepy kids, and thanks for all the pleasing sounds WIRED! this makes me wanna make a video brb

  • rusty lemon
    rusty lemon 13 dakika önce

    Liza will never be funny to me

  • Dona M.
    Dona M. 34 dakika önce

    I want that outfit. Where can I get it?

    LUNA CAT 51 dakika önce

    My name is Elizabeth

  • gucci donut
    gucci donut 2 saat önce

    “Who is Liza Koshy’s best friend?”


  • Katie Spencer
    Katie Spencer 2 saat önce

    2:14, whatdabout kwisten

  • Mandy C
    Mandy C 2 saat önce

    Finally she posted!

  • Zainab Feroz
    Zainab Feroz 2 saat önce

    Liza is looking so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 3 saat önce

    Who is she ?

  • Mario Casimiro
    Mario Casimiro 5 saat önce

    Furry Companion (🍆

  • Gaming With me
    Gaming With me 6 saat önce

    Nice dance moves kill em gurl!!!

  • Areo
    Areo 6 saat önce

    I'm 5.1

  • Pinhead Larry324
    Pinhead Larry324 6 saat önce

    2:26 i yelled and kwistan, whERE TF IS KWIST-

  • Moyaatje87
    Moyaatje87 7 saat önce

    Get a chicken, chickens rule

  • Montana Steveson
    Montana Steveson 8 saat önce

    I feel like this video would be better with a little background music

  • A J
    A J 8 saat önce

    Who is she?

    THE PANCAKE LOVER 9 saat önce

    I grew up in a little town south of Houston Liza

  • Chell The Gamer
    Chell The Gamer 9 saat önce

    The Asmr part I WATCH THAT TOO

  • Tatium Schliek
    Tatium Schliek 10 saat önce

    Lizzaaaa I thought your best friend was Kwisten

  • Georgia Gregg
    Georgia Gregg 11 saat önce

    She didn’t say one of her best friends is Kristen!?!?

  • Izzy Sparrow
    Izzy Sparrow 11 saat önce


  • Jane Slocum
    Jane Slocum 12 saat önce

    I thought her best friend was Kwisten!!!

    LPS FOREVER 13 saat önce

    I'm 5'6

  • Ashley Blasingame
    Ashley Blasingame 13 saat önce

    I love u lizza

  • Kerry Strachan
    Kerry Strachan 14 saat önce

    her ex is her best friend OML

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 14 saat önce

    I am 1 inch taller than liza

  • Lauren Speck
    Lauren Speck 14 saat önce


  • Juli Kaye
    Juli Kaye 15 saat önce

    5:48 this is creepy af

  • Crusher Games
    Crusher Games 15 saat önce

    5,6 like Tyler,who ever knows what I mean by that i love you ❤️

  • Olivia Haddox
    Olivia Haddox 15 saat önce

    My name is Olivia

  • Barbara Perez
    Barbara Perez 16 saat önce

    what about Kwisten

  • guinea squad pigs
    guinea squad pigs 16 saat önce

    o thank god!! the queen is back,we finally have someone to rule over the internet all hail she is FINNALLY back!!!

  • Ambie_ Lol_
    Ambie_ Lol_ 16 saat önce

    "What does Liza koshy want?" David dobrik back :)))

  • Jayne Woodside
    Jayne Woodside 17 saat önce

    I’m just so happy she said David is one of her best friends❤️❤️❤️

  • TayBeauty 101
    TayBeauty 101 17 saat önce

    liza koshy should listen to ASMR DARLING then.....

  • Peter Decelles
    Peter Decelles 17 saat önce

    Liza Joshua could have jus done this herself

  • Mimi Tarhuni
    Mimi Tarhuni 18 saat önce


  • GamingWithMills
    GamingWithMills 18 saat önce

    Lol im taller than liza and im 11

  • Daphne Roller
    Daphne Roller 19 saat önce

    she's so funny

  • Delgado-Garcia Heidi
    Delgado-Garcia Heidi 20 saat önce

    OMG IM 5' tooo I haven't grown since like forever. I've convinced myself that I'm growing like a potato, downwards 😂😂😢😭😂