Build Stone Fish Pond

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  • Haider Mufeed
    Haider Mufeed 3 gün önce


  • Beast click
    Beast click 1 hafta önce

    I kept thinking use a hose

  • ludmila insaurralede
    ludmila insaurralede 3 hafta önce


  • Samara Palacios
    Samara Palacios 3 hafta önce

    These videos make me wanna do this so baddds

  • nifael08
    nifael08 1 ay önce

    why do u need to wash the fish just throw the fish is the pond

  • Kurt playz Roblox
    Kurt playz Roblox 1 ay önce

    Who’s gonna feed the fish?

  • Matthew Ferrara
    Matthew Ferrara 1 ay önce

    Ok the real questions are where in the world are these dudes and who is filming, and how do they stay so quiet

  • Little Regina
    Little Regina 1 ay önce


  • Top Films HD
    Top Films HD 1 ay önce

    Thanks for these amazing videos!!!

  • مثنى شاكر
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  • STI828
    STI828 1 ay önce

    so did the fish died from all that cement water?

    INSANE_BANANA 1 ay önce

    Then there are people who can't even cook dinner

  • FeelsWeirdMan
    FeelsWeirdMan 2 ay önce

    Its a shame the fish will die within some days because the water will be bad.

  • Felix Keenan
    Felix Keenan 2 ay önce

    Thanks for demo!

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 2 ay önce

    Basically instead of tools they've developed some technique, that's basically how an animal builds its home as well. I'd like to see if they have any ingenuity building contraptions to ease the workload tho.

  • Hannah Snow
    Hannah Snow 2 ay önce

    This stuff is super cool, these guys have great work ethic but one question - when putting the fish in the water, why did they dump them on the grass first then individually put them in? Why not just dump the whole pot of them in the water?

  • leonardo alflen
    leonardo alflen 2 ay önce

    bt 038

  • Muffin Time
    Muffin Time 2 ay önce

    Bob the builder, you better get to work these guys have over done it.

  • Alexander Polonsky
    Alexander Polonsky 2 ay önce

    Was that hard

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang 2 ay önce

    Were gonna do the same thing today

  • Sogoh
    Sogoh 2 ay önce

    It's so amazing

  • عبيدة Az
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  • Foxcrest Cutiepie films

    im not sure ill just watch

  • Foxcrest Cutiepie films

    like a primitive movie set up....

  • Foxcrest Cutiepie films

    hungery when you think of recent events

  • manu kaniyamparambil

    Is that mud or cement and what is the quantity of raw materials you used for building it. I really want to build one.

  • Millie L
    Millie L 2 ay önce

    Il pay them to buil stuff in my garden

  • Panda Family
    Panda Family 2 ay önce

    I bet they worked so hard not bet but thay worked hard I feel bad and that other man got sooo dirty

  • Leonel Landín
    Leonel Landín 2 ay önce

    Increible que buen trabajo no manches quisiéra yo tener una casa así

  • Darling Sanawi
    Darling Sanawi 3 ay önce

    you guys or so perfecte

  • Estefany Acosta
    Estefany Acosta 3 ay önce

    You guys are amazing 😯😯

  • Jackson Rodgers
    Jackson Rodgers 3 ay önce

    Ustedes son muy buenos trabajadores que pasan mucho tiempo y trabajo duro. es difícil no estar orgulloso de lo que haces. No parar de construir

  • Erin Esguerra
    Erin Esguerra 3 ay önce

    Who is toking in the background.

  • Niki Lo
    Niki Lo 3 ay önce

    yo ablo español Y lo veo

  • wiluitterlinde
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  • Victoria Madrid
    Victoria Madrid 3 ay önce

    I just wonder if can do that with there hands I wonder what they can build with electric tools

  • Willian Souto
    Willian Souto 3 ay önce

    Poderiam fazer um video se apresentando e mostrando curiosidades ,esses caras são muito bons !! fico imaginado se fossem engenheiros ,já teriam realizado grandes feitos !!! 👏👏

  • Plastic Productions
    Plastic Productions 3 ay önce

    Sure you can build a Koi Pond but can you build a M1 Abrams Tank

  • Daily Massage
    Daily Massage 3 ay önce

    I am waiting for next video.