Video: Millions of single Chinese men desperately seeking a wife

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  • Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 In China, the one-child policy has wreaked havoc. By encouraging the birth of boys rather than girls, an imbalance of the sexes has emerged. China now counts far more men than women. Millions of these men, now of marriageable age, are desperately seeking a wife - and they will do anything to try to find one, even if it means buying one abroad or even kidnapping a woman. Marjolaine Grappe and Christophe Barreyre tell us more in this documentary. The Chinese call them "Guang gun", "dead branches" which will never bear fruit. In short, men condemned to a life without a wife, without children, and without the hope of one day starting a family. In China, there are already millions of these bachelors in search of a soulmate and their ranks are swelling. Ten years ago, there was talk of the "curse of being born a girl". As a result of the one-child policy – in force until 2015 - millions of little girls were killed before they were born or just afterwards. Sometimes they were abandoned shortly after their birth. Most families preferred to give birth to a boy, so that he could carry on the family line. ►► Also watch our report: "China's second child flop" It turned out to be a demographic time bomb. Today, the “curse” has backfired on these boys, who are now men. According to forecasts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one in five men will be unable to find a wife by 2020. China will have a surplus of 30 to 40 million men under the age of 19. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of young men in the United States. Trafficking of women In some regions, "single villages" have emerged. The few women who were there have left the area to look for a rich husband in town. So men who want a chance to get married have to move to other regions. Millions of young men flock to the south of the country and work day and night in the factories of the Pearl Delta, "the workshop of the world", while hoping to find a soulmate. But even here, women are in short supply. In desperation, some Chinese men prefer to run away or buy a woman abroad, often from Burma, Vietnam or Indonesia... Others give up. For some, anything goes, even if it means enlisting the help of traffickers and kidnapping a woman. We went to meet single men who are crushed by the mathematical impossibility of finding a spouse and prepared to do anything not to end up alone. They agreed to speak to us and to take us to the heart of this unlikely trafficking operation. A report by Marjolaine Grappe and Christophe Barreyre / Orientxpress Production. Visit our website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
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  • KanadeHaruhi
    KanadeHaruhi 7 dakika önce

    For any Americans who are commenting with your uneducated comment, just know that their culture and customs ARE WAY DIFFERENT. Americans are used to certain way of living, just as the Chinese are used to a different way of living. What Americans may find normal and common, the Chinese may find odd.

  • TC W
    TC W 16 dakika önce

    That's karma, drowning your baby girls in toilets, throwing them in dumpsters and burying them ALIVE!!! Women can work in field also! God's payback! You don't deserve children!!! Kill yourselves!

  • Valentina Rose
    Valentina Rose 2 saat önce

    They should allow cloning , to get Chinese women in their village, sad

  • Belen G
    Belen G 2 saat önce

    Wow! that is very sad. I think this happen in India. Someone need to tell them that is a lot other women on other countries

  • L G
    L G 3 saat önce

    That's what they get for aborting most of baby girls there!!!!!,

  • M C
    M C 4 saat önce


  • wei wang
    wei wang 4 saat önce

    According to the comment section of this type of report, I was feeling my evil country kept collapsing for almost 20 years, LUL, u guys never get tired of these bad boy china thing uh?

  • J T
    J T 4 saat önce

    I think i know where the chinese females are


  • D. C.
    D. C. 5 saat önce

    There are so many layers of problems it's depressing. Not only are these men still carrying on ancient tradition....forcing themselves into marriage to satisfy cultural norms..but then devaluing the women as bride possessions. Why not advertise in other countries and market the men? At least that would allow the women to make the choice. And what about the poor men who are actually gay? Because yes Alice....there are gay men there. I really wonder how many of these bachelors are turning to homosexuality just for companionship -- similar to men being in prison? I'm sure that is information the government would try and squash.

    If they would stop forcing men into marriage that would also deflate the overpopulation. I understand the whole family honor/taking care of parents/family lineage thing....but I'm sure there are plenty of men who would rather not marry. Maybe those dolls will alleviate the horniness so they can get on with business!? I doubt China would end up with massive amounts of unwed mothers, such as we have in America.

    The government has totally upset the natural order of things by interfering with baby production. We are beginning to see something similar happening with the African American community due to mass incarceration and the deliberate targeting of black males which has upset the balance of the m/f ratio.

  • Renato unREAL
    Renato unREAL 5 saat önce

    Millions of manginas ... Man up!!! and enjoy freedom!

  • K Heimsoth
    K Heimsoth 5 saat önce

    Wow, China is a horrible place, and you can blame the GOVERNMENT! You'd think they would have realized it by now. And women in the US think they have it bad?! Seriously, all you're considered in China is someone to take care of the family of your husband and the elderly?! I can honestly say I HATE CHINA, THEY CAN SUCK IT! I never buy anything that says MADE IN CHINA and believe me that's hard to do. These poor men are paying the price, not to mention ALL THE MURDERED BABY GIRLS! Screw you China!!

  • K Heimsoth
    K Heimsoth 5 saat önce

    This is so sad. That's what happens when you mess with mother nature!!

    RENEE JOHNSON 6 saat önce

    It seems to me like the gov fulfilled it agenda to cut down on the population.I remember learning about one child policy and how they kill baby girls when I was in high school. The is West is now no better with the transgender movement. In 20 year, those poor children having sex changes won't be able to have any children.

  • Grey Jalapenos
    Grey Jalapenos 7 saat önce

    I feel so sorry for Lai..

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 saat önce

    China make war against muslim countrys and take their beautiful girls for you

  • Tinatasha Sandari
    Tinatasha Sandari 10 saat önce

    There's always an option of becoming a gay...

  • Shingi Sa
    Shingi Sa 10 saat önce

    I am having a baby girl and I am very trilled and happy.

  • sniz p
    sniz p 16 saat önce

    That's what happens when you abort all the females.

  • Maggie J
    Maggie J 17 saat önce

    I read a newspaper article about this over 20 yrs ago this was predicted would happen because of the one child policy. They were right on the money. Now the few women left can pick and choose. So the less desirable or just less wealthy men get left behind. How sad. This is what happens when women aren't valued or respected.

  • Ben gesseret
    Ben gesseret 18 saat önce

    You don't want daughters, here is the outcome.

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter 18 saat önce

    She didn't look to Happy at the of this.

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter 19 saat önce

    He lied to her right away he said whatever they have in Indonesia they have where he is taking her. On the train he says there are no oceans no mountains but you'll get used to it. He also told her she'd have an easier life I don't think so what a big fat liar. 😔

  • Emmanuel Agbevey
    Emmanuel Agbevey 19 saat önce

    Why exchange women with plastic robot...😱

  • Bree gosik
    Bree gosik 22 saat önce

    I want to Gag.... Get a real person.. There is time... move to another state..

  • Eric Outram
    Eric Outram 22 saat önce

    One five eight

  • Dima Poc
    Dima Poc 22 saat önce

    Welcome to abortions... liberals hope you are happy

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes 22 saat önce

    Can't find a wife so he brings home a rubber doll, dolls can't make babies.

  • Maria Matura
    Maria Matura 23 saat önce

    Chinese man stop eating dogs and cats abuse brutal sadistic barbaric killing animals maybe your luck will change this is karma for yours brutality cruelty bloody horror for animals

  • Hitler Cat
    Hitler Cat 1 gün önce

    Maybe china should start taking migrants from Africa

  • Joseph
    Joseph 1 gün önce


  • Anna Freed
    Anna Freed 1 gün önce

    Male overpopulation is a big problem. China has traditionally preferred male children, the prohibition of more than one child did not help this situation. The have changed that to two children now. Still there are stories that males are preferred and females often killed at birth. It seems that not enough females helps the population problem. There are always two sides to everything, sometimes even more.

  • ShayDale
    ShayDale 1 gün önce


  • Judi in the Kitchen
    Judi in the Kitchen 1 gün önce

    What a joke! They're only getting what they asked for! I understand Russia has an overabundance of girls. They need to travel to Russia for wives instead of getting dolls to f**k.

  • Baby Moon
    Baby Moon 1 gün önce

    so the women gets the last their stock is higher and they get to choose higher quality of life

  • sh m
    sh m 1 gün önce

    Can I know wat they will do to those dolls ,can doll replace the place of woman , lol 😂 cheap mind

  • Missouri Red
    Missouri Red 1 gün önce

    What theyre not saying is, when baby girls were born they were killed...left to die, abandoned.
    As a result today theres no women to increase a younger population.
    Satan at work

  • Mo Susu
    Mo Susu 1 gün önce

    How sad!

  • Vivian Allen
    Vivian Allen 1 gün önce

    Go to the orphans and get all of those females that the women gave away because they were not a boy. They are filled to the brim!

  • Woman Of God
    Woman Of God 1 gün önce

    It's a big world. Migrate. Geez....

  • Jamie Todd
    Jamie Todd 1 gün önce

    There’s a lot of Gay sex going on