This Is Why Quavo Is Leaving The Migos...

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  • This is Why Quavo is Leaving Migos... The Migos have been creating bangers left and right since Drake remixed Versace. The Migos have 3 studio albums, along with 12 mixtapes! That is a lot of work, it seems its like every week the Migos put out another song. If you have been into what the Migos members have been doing, you would have noticed that Quavo had been venturing off on his own without Takeoff and Offset. Quavo recently released a studio album with Travis Scott called Huncho Jack Jack Huncho. We speculate that Quavo might be leaving the Migos, especially since the release of THREE solo songs! To add to that L A M B T A L K is blowing up more than any songs on Culture II. Make sure to watch it all since there are multiple reasons he would leave. SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! ►► 10 Things You Missed In “FEFE” - 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz (Official Music Video): 10 Items Drake Owns That Cost More Than Your Life...: The Sad Truth To nba youngboy - drawing symbols...: I do not take any ownership of music displayed in this video. Ownership belongs to the respected owner(s). Used under fair use policy.* Music used for entertainment purposes only. You are not required to comment to win iphone 10 distributed in video. It is ONLY a recommendation.You Must have a twitter under same username of youtube in order to qualify to get in contact with you. For more information on giveaways refer to youtube’s contest policies:
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  • Anthony Tran
    Anthony Tran 2 hafta önce

    I don’t think that Quavo will leave but I think that he will still make singles

  • somalian__ papi__
    somalian__ papi__ 2 hafta önce


  • Always Julissa
    Always Julissa 2 hafta önce


  • Seth Anderson
    Seth Anderson 1 ay önce

    Casper from takeoff’s album> than anything quavo has released in the last year.

    Sorry I’m just spittin fax.

  • Lisa WinKen
    Lisa WinKen 1 ay önce


  • Robert Overby
    Robert Overby 1 ay önce

    It's because mother fuckers like you that quavo put out the tweet STOP TRYING TO TRUN THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER AND THE NEXT is offset coming out December 14 🖕 they still a team this isn't to split the up but to make them stronger as a group Quavo said that himself so yeah

  • Natiri Time
    Natiri Time 1 ay önce


  • Jalicia McCaskill
    Jalicia McCaskill 1 ay önce

    They made a video about takeoff leaving Migos but I don’t believe any of it

  • Breezy dem Reezy
    Breezy dem Reezy 1 ay önce

    Quavo is good enough to do solo ...but still he makes the group complete ....I mean they are a family ....but he is still pretty good in doing solo

  • Ralph Earnest
    Ralph Earnest 1 ay önce


  • Ralph Earnest
    Ralph Earnest 1 ay önce

    The Migos will stay together. The Migos are family, Quavo is Takeoff 's uncle, Offset is Quavo 's cousin.

  • J mafya
    J mafya 1 ay önce

    Don't break up u make the music sweat and live start as migos end as migos

  • IvyM0125
    IvyM0125 1 ay önce

    quavo album is wack.....he definitely aint the best rapper in migos. You dont know wtf you talking about...Takeoff is the best rapper in Migos

  • Deka Nur
    Deka Nur 1 ay önce

    I feel like they all complement each other

  • curlyheadlilliz b
    curlyheadlilliz b 1 ay önce


  • Eldondre Reid
    Eldondre Reid 1 ay önce

    Quavo is going too far but he can do it but takeoff is the best of the migos in my opinion offset and takeoff should try a song alone and see how it go thanks u

  • Lakeisha Douglas
    Lakeisha Douglas 1 ay önce


  • Shanice Meade
    Shanice Meade 1 ay önce

    it's offset takeoff then quavo.. get it right scunt

  • Trevor mugendi
    Trevor mugendi 1 ay önce

    Nigga you dont know wht you saying ..... have you heard last memeory still wanna tell me take off n offset cant be successfull without quavo...get the fuck outta here

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee 1 ay önce

    It will be a mistake if they split don’t find out the hard way

  • Braden Hallmark
    Braden Hallmark 1 ay önce

    that's sad! quavo is a very good rapper and leader of the group

  • Lester Gomez
    Lester Gomez 1 ay önce

    All of them is talented

  • Taylor Hayes
    Taylor Hayes 1 ay önce

    Ok I jus watched a video saying offset is leaving and now quavo which person is leaving

  • RonnieB TV
    RonnieB TV 1 ay önce

    Dude u sound dumb asf stoooooouupppiiddddd

  • triggaplaytv
    triggaplaytv 1 ay önce

    Offset takeoff then quavo

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboy 1 ay önce


  • Riah's World
    Riah's World 1 ay önce


  • Panaishe263 carter
    Panaishe263 carter 1 ay önce

    most of fAct they still family

  • Raymond Anderson
    Raymond Anderson 1 ay önce

    Takeoff still the best migo

  • freewild9 9
    freewild9 9 1 ay önce

    Offset is the best

  • Sean Vungaro
    Sean Vungaro 1 ay önce

    Migos Tilt ya dig word or verse I put you first keep on counting an learn

  • Shaquille Wilson
    Shaquille Wilson 1 ay önce


  • Dexter Joseph
    Dexter Joseph 1 ay önce


  • Zayden Wilson
    Zayden Wilson 2 ay önce


  • Junior Rizzy
    Junior Rizzy 2 ay önce

    highly impossible ue juss wanna hear wanna people's mind

  • Royal Skyline
    Royal Skyline 2 ay önce

    takeoff has had his own single

  • Cdra Lax
    Cdra Lax 2 ay önce

    I don't believe everything I hear.

  • time jumper
    time jumper 2 ay önce


  • E&A Squad
    E&A Squad 2 ay önce


  • princess D Music
    princess D Music 2 ay önce