Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

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  • Video Süresi: 00:05:35
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  • 750 Subs With 1 Vid?
    750 Subs With 1 Vid? Biraz önce

    This song is about to be 3 years old

    Just let that sink in..

  • RV ZIKRI Red Velvet
    RV ZIKRI Red Velvet 14 dakika önce

    Not alike by Eminem brought me here 😂

  • Sondra Imelda
    Sondra Imelda 57 dakika önce


  • Haitian Panda
    Haitian Panda 1 saat önce

    Is it just me or does uzi give off a bully vibe

  • Blyat Soda
    Blyat Soda 2 saat önce


  • Goethe Minchaca
    Goethe Minchaca 3 saat önce

    Sopa de macaco

  • Frank C. Graham IV
    Frank C. Graham IV 4 saat önce

    Still one of my favorites song of all time.

  • Magic YT
    Magic YT 4 saat önce

    Why was takeoff not in

  • Chris Hurless
    Chris Hurless 5 saat önce

    hecatara death race unholy ghost

  • Chris Hurless
    Chris Hurless 5 saat önce

    You a joke black Jesus I'm Satan your face LMFAO Nigeria slave sad no flav

  • Chris Hurless
    Chris Hurless 5 saat önce

    What if na like that be Dy surroundings above ye g see knee b hehe dork in kgd nigsee

  • Adam Abdallah
    Adam Abdallah 6 saat önce


  • Hannah Person
    Hannah Person 6 saat önce

    Waiter: You want that chicken with blue cheese?

    Uzi: Yah, yah, yah

  • J Evans101
    J Evans101 6 saat önce

    Lol but take off ad libs are actually in the song fr though 🤦

  • Daniel Thebeau
    Daniel Thebeau 7 saat önce

    that girl cant aford chicken she had to settle for a mr noodle lol

  • Billionare Branded
    Billionare Branded 7 saat önce

    And that’s how they were kicked out for smoking in a restaurant

  • Juicyj Joints
    Juicyj Joints 8 saat önce

    Dez niggas b crazee!

  • Emelda Smart
    Emelda Smart 8 saat önce

    Rain drop
    Drop top

  • Donshea Wyatt
    Donshea Wyatt 8 saat önce

    rappers just worshipping the devil for money😐

  • RusteT1
    RusteT1 8 saat önce

    I thought I’d come and see what all the fuss is about. This is shit. What happened to real Rap.

  • Donshea Wyatt
    Donshea Wyatt 8 saat önce

    he said the haters and devil keep coming for me

  • Donshea Wyatt
    Donshea Wyatt 8 saat önce

    bruh no one knows offset just worship the devil

  • Ballie010 Aquillez
    Ballie010 Aquillez 9 saat önce

    .... Shameless boys....

  • Bobby Martel
    Bobby Martel 9 saat önce

    Do you have sex with your cousin? Alabama people-3:47

  • pretty cute
    pretty cute 10 saat önce


  • Kidd Trip
    Kidd Trip 10 saat önce

    Like this foe bad an bouji lil uzi 🤧

  • Kidd Trip
    Kidd Trip 10 saat önce

    R. I. P. Lil uzis rap career this is how i found him 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • norat fettbaznek
    norat fettbaznek 12 saat önce

    and yes i no me no good usa nada skriva el pajas

  • norat fettbaznek
    norat fettbaznek 12 saat önce

    you suck man and your flow too so please stop play fuckig ganster man i so fuckig lesh with migos des migos dat ja just fuck off end have good life ps i dont understand how 400 milljon of idjotas listen to this shit 👍🤣

  • в цвет в цвет
    в цвет в цвет 12 saat önce


  • Jonathan Kone
    Jonathan Kone 13 saat önce

    00:47 Monkey🐒

  • crxasx _
    crxasx _ 14 saat önce

    Fuck x

  • Jase Curtis
    Jase Curtis 14 saat önce

    When my mom says "We ain't never had NO Old Money but we got a hole lot a NEW MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • Allen Idulsa
    Allen Idulsa 14 saat önce

    you call this rap music? holy fuck! RAIN DROPS, WHACK WHACK WHACK.

  • Allen Idulsa
    Allen Idulsa 14 saat önce

    Brain dead, eye drops
    Pain meds, cyclops
    They bed, iPod
    Maybach, my Bach
    Trainwrecks, sidewalks
    Payless, high-tops
    K-Fed, iHop
    Playtex, icebox
    That's how much we have in common.

  • AnimeTV Mongolia
    AnimeTV Mongolia 14 saat önce

    We dont smoke weed! <3

  • Alain Cedrick Ineza
    Alain Cedrick Ineza 15 saat önce

    @Al_cedrick 2019 still listening. who else? can never get enough of this song.

  • Jonathan Kone
    Jonathan Kone 15 saat önce

    Best song ever 🔈🔉🔊🎙️🎵🎵

  • Samuel Kihumba
    Samuel Kihumba 16 saat önce


  • M2kopter
    M2kopter 16 saat önce

    Someone show me how to cook dope with an uzi I seriously don’t know