Juice WRLD - Black & White (Official Music Video)

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  • Watch the official video for "Black & White" by Juice WRLD. Goodbye & Good Riddance available now: http://smarturl.it/GGRJuiceWRLD Subscribe to the official Juice WRLD channel for new music, updates and behind the scenes footage click here: http://bit.ly/Sub-to-JuiceWrld Check out more Juice WRLD here: Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/uiceheidd/sets... Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuiceWorlddd Insta - https://www.instagram.com/juicewrld999/ #JuiceWRLD #Black&White #GBGR Music video by Juice WRLD performing Black & White. © 2018 Grade A Productions, LLC, distributed by Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/M7hwIK
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  • SoTaboo Stamos
    SoTaboo Stamos 4 dakika önce

    prob about 10m of these views are from me, idk bout you fools

  • Tyler Fisher
    Tyler Fisher 46 dakika önce

    This song and video have a lot of messages being told. Nice

  • TEAM _nova1
    TEAM _nova1 1 saat önce

    In my black pants going to school with my white vans lookin so cool to the day end yeah to the day end

  • GetRealBro44 2
    GetRealBro44 2 1 saat önce

    Who else saw kam at 0:50

  • Zap Lll
    Zap Lll 1 saat önce

    In my mexican Benz,trying to get to the USA

  • Cypher
    Cypher 1 saat önce

    Yo is that girlchild???? 0:07

  • ThatNiggaBarney
    ThatNiggaBarney 1 saat önce

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  • Im DaMug
    Im DaMug 2 saat önce

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    Child: This ain't my house man, it is over there next to the white Benz. I need to get home before the night ends. Listen, got some homework on my nightstand , gotta get it done before the night ends, before the night ends...

  • Miguel Ksms
    Miguel Ksms 2 saat önce

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  • Miguel Ksms
    Miguel Ksms 2 saat önce

    Switch up to the tan bins cooking tacos till the night ends

  • Miguel Ksms
    Miguel Ksms 2 saat önce

    0:19 when you wanna stay lit but you sleepy😂

  • Jnoon 120
    Jnoon 120 2 saat önce

    Treasure from Dr.Phil needs to see this video

  • XxXTheGoGetter
    XxXTheGoGetter 3 saat önce

    Im in my yellow benz! Getting parking tickrts with my asian friends!
    Im in my black benz! Doing drive by's with my blood friends (or black friends
    Im in my fake benz!! Playing fortnite cause I aint got no friends!

  • Matthew Pendleton
    Matthew Pendleton 3 saat önce

    I know right

  • Johan Ludvig
    Johan Ludvig 3 saat önce

    In my Yellow Benz eating fried dog my Chinese friends.

  • dumar williams
    dumar williams 3 saat önce

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  • Mattis Ljungberg
    Mattis Ljungberg 3 saat önce

    Juice WRLD – Black & White (Official Music Video)
    @ ●━━━━━━─────── @

  • S I N N E R tf
    S I N N E R tf 4 saat önce

    I H A V E N O F R I E N D S

  • laudfrxxk
    laudfrxxk 4 saat önce

    im in my pink benz, stealing everything with my polish friends

  • Art of War
    Art of War 5 saat önce

    I watched this at 2:10 pm and it became 4:20 pm

  • Dakota Neal
    Dakota Neal 5 saat önce

    Every day I’m having to worry that another one of my favorite rappers is going to die😔

  • Mr W A S T E H I M S E L F ت

    In my yellow Benz, watching anime with my Asian friends

  • 619guy202
    619guy202 5 saat önce

    Lol it’s all an old ass Mercedes

  • Curry The goat
    Curry The goat 6 saat önce

    In my purple Benz, doing demonic summons with my lil uzi friends

  • Ashlynne Engle
    Ashlynne Engle 6 saat önce

    I LOVE juice wrld

  • Escanor sins of pride
    Escanor sins of pride 7 saat önce

    What means black benz ?

  • Naruto LeRigolo
    Naruto LeRigolo 7 saat önce

    C'est une pub pour le restaurant d'IbraTV ?

  • xItzHans
    xItzHans 7 saat önce

    In my incognito tab, watching something really bad

  • Phantom X
    Phantom X 7 saat önce

    Y u only 20m views?

  • Hanaa Fayomi
    Hanaa Fayomi 8 saat önce

    Is it funny that I got a Black Friday ad before the song

  • Diunizof er
    Diunizof er 9 saat önce

    Juice WRLD is better when drake

  • julius
    julius 9 saat önce

    In my filthy Benz, sueing Juice Wrld with my Sting friends, will be rich as hell before the night ends.

  • FlamDing
    FlamDing 9 saat önce

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    Lil Mute 100 10 saat önce

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  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 10 saat önce

    anyone know who's the guy smoking on 2:14 ???

  • Niko Vedrić
    Niko Vedrić 11 saat önce

    In a food cart getting deported with all my Brown friends,
    Will be on the other side of the wall before the night ends.

  • XxPro Snipp
    XxPro Snipp 12 saat önce

    yesssir i wanna too

  • Suzanne Mace
    Suzanne Mace 13 saat önce

    There's a message in this video and now i feel like hes going to overdose and die now

  • tinboye
    tinboye 13 saat önce

    fire shit keep it up

  • Miles Baker
    Miles Baker 14 saat önce

    What if you're Asian, Latino/Mexican, Native American, or Canadian

    Cause Canadians are their own race