Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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  • Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other. ****MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram:**** ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: ►Subscribe for MORE videos about food! ▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Strictly Dumpling Instagram: Personal Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: ◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ : Sony RX100 Mark V: PANASONIC LUMIX G85: Wide Angle Lens: Camera Mic: Camera Lights: Handheld Audio Recorder: Tripod: Drone: My Favorite Cookware! wok/pan Also this pan Pressure pan Nonstick pot ✉Send stuff to our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ♫ Music by Epidemic Sound ( ♩ Blooms / Truckshop Candy / Under the Olives / Sleepers Sum by Patrick Ellis: Little Dream by Dj Quads @aka-dj-quads ♩ Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs ♩ Mango by Wonki @wonkimusic Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs
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  • Rex Nakamura
    Rex Nakamura 1 saat önce

    How is he not full yet

  • Dylan
    Dylan 1 saat önce

    The punishment your toilet must take

  • uriel galindo orozco
    uriel galindo orozco 3 saat önce

    Someone needs to show this at Twitter to Jackie Chan
    Dammit I only clicked on this because I thought it was him lol

  • Enoshima Junko
    Enoshima Junko 6 saat önce

    you should re-name your channel into "7-Eleven Check"

  • Patreon Pirate
    Patreon Pirate 8 saat önce

    i wonder how much they sponsored this video for

  • Ning3n
    Ning3n 10 saat önce

    I do believe I heard Mike say "Starfucks"

  • PUBG Elites
    PUBG Elites 12 saat önce

    Anthony bourdaine is dead

  • OldskoolNP
    OldskoolNP 12 saat önce

    I love 7 eleven food in Japan. Family Mart also has a lot of good stuff! And that melon drink is my favorite! I always buy that when I am in Japan. :D

  • DiscoDude752
    DiscoDude752 14 saat önce

    Please don't become an Asmr channel

  • caely_ things
    caely_ things 17 saat önce

    No offence I hate your Chinese accent lol

  • Sun Heqiao
    Sun Heqiao 17 saat önce

    Should be a soyabean pudding.

  • Jack Jiang
    Jack Jiang 18 saat önce

    Why do I kill myself watching these vids at night..... so hungry after watching Great vid!

  • NachoBandito
    NachoBandito 18 saat önce

    24:15 lady galadriel blessed the noodles with her gaze

  • Denzel Persad
    Denzel Persad 20 saat önce

    I love all your videos

  • Chilly 32168
    Chilly 32168 20 saat önce

    No wonder your name is Strictly Dumplings you eat so many dumplings and stuff lol

  • rhuezo504
    rhuezo504 21 saat önce

    I'm here for the terrible puns they're eggxcellent

  • Intro Spectre
    Intro Spectre 21 saat önce

    The confidence you can have in Japan to eat packaged eggs, bento, sushi or even meat is amazing, where in IN America you have a 1 in ten chance of shitting yourself that or the following night.

  • Laura Marie
    Laura Marie 22 saat önce


  • Saul Vasquez
    Saul Vasquez 22 saat önce

    Love this video! Only thing is that you can’t tell if he likes the item or not the majority of his reactions. It’s the same reaction and same face for everything lol.

  • Anton K
    Anton K 22 saat önce

    I am so addicted to watching videos of people eating food in Japan! Only 10 days until I get to try all this food for myself!

  • Rice Bunny
    Rice Bunny 1 gün önce

    I have no idea how much times I watch this video

  • Refaw
    Refaw 1 gün önce

    how can you eat that much food in one day....?

  • Septembers Oblivion
    Septembers Oblivion 1 gün önce

    that moment when you think you're the only one who thinks he looks like Jackie Chan, but then you read the comment section... Dang, he really looks like Jackie!!! Jackie with a black hole for a stomach, because that was three meals squeezed in one... kudos, man.

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi 1 gün önce

    What is it with japanese people and squids 😂😂😂

    AV GEAR 1 gün önce

    Please go to SEIZERIA in Japan (Osaka I don't know that is there in Tokyo or other places) that's the no 1 place quality and taste wise in all of Osaka

  • ジュ リ一
    ジュ リ一 1 gün önce

    i got full watching him eat

  • Isaki Tahashi
    Isaki Tahashi 1 gün önce

    I am so jealous of all that good looking food and also jealous at how much you can eat! It sucks being pregnant and not being able to eat much :(

  • Games Kaylan
    Games Kaylan 1 gün önce

    Vlw o Jackie Chan 😂😂

  • iNom onGuam
    iNom onGuam 1 gün önce

    I'm screaming this all looks so good

    I dream of food adventures like this but I'm cursed with food allergies so it would probably be a bad time

  • Sharpshooter12345
    Sharpshooter12345 1 gün önce

    Young Jackie Chan

  • caca yang
    caca yang 1 gün önce

    we got kwik trip..our version of 7/11

  • abass kassim
    abass kassim 1 gün önce

    I just bought that sushi from japan
    Now your girls trying to kick it
    JACKIE CHAN. - post malone

  • 石臼えりか
    石臼えりか 1 gün önce

    Some of those products are also available in supermarkets and you can get them cheaper than convenience stores.

  • kidstaysdope only
    kidstaysdope only 1 gün önce

    Accidentally clicked.

    Watched it to the end.

  • kushal kumar
    kushal kumar 1 gün önce

    How does this 7/11 store work?
    Buy there and eat there?

  • Necrobadger
    Necrobadger 1 gün önce

    Ok, can someone PLEASE explain something to me? WTF is with red bean paste being in desserts? It has almost no flavor, and isn't even VAGUELY sweet. How on earth is it even close to a dessert?

  • Steven Hall
    Steven Hall 2 gün önce

    That might be a cat bun

  • Mr Loons
    Mr Loons 2 gün önce

    Is this guy a competitive eater. Goddaaaaaaanm

  • momofmakai
    momofmakai 2 gün önce

    Omg! Marry me, Mike!

  • Ose Aburime
    Ose Aburime 2 gün önce

    sponsored by 7-eleven