Itachi And Sasuke Vs Kabuto

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  • John Mark
    John Mark 1 gün önce

    For you people who said itachi was protecting sasuke and won by himself I disagree and I clearly saw in this vedio that sasuke was doing better than Itachi also he saved him twice from kabuto the only thing Itachi did is cast izanami so please people stop your worship to Itachi's dick because it make me sick.

  • TheShadowVampony
    TheShadowVampony 1 gün önce

    Legends say Itachi is sasuke biological father

  • The Chain Warden
    The Chain Warden 2 gün önce

    Doctor Strange.

  • Darell Venn
    Darell Venn 1 hafta önce

    Why does he still need glasses?

  • Smo0thCriminal4
    Smo0thCriminal4 2 hafta önce

    just saying Kabito Killed itatchi at 4:10 if he didnt have that jutsu

  • primal YT
    primal YT 2 hafta önce

    0:01 rip headphone user

  • vSharppp
    vSharppp 3 hafta önce

    Great vid 💪🏽 God Bless

  • Timity Peralta
    Timity Peralta 3 hafta önce

    Kakashi sensei where's obito?

  • lah namjoon
    lah namjoon 1 ay önce

    episode please

  • Brando Miranda
    Brando Miranda 1 ay önce

    Why didnt they use this on madara?

  • Mark Colocar
    Mark Colocar 1 ay önce

    Whats the name of boruto's left eye bye the way is it izanagi ?

  • Shashank Gupta
    Shashank Gupta 1 ay önce

    That's so cool of itachi...he can think beyond normal sasuke or kakashi and surpasses everyone by his thoughts... Big salute to him...but overthinking took slice off him to Danzo making danzo take advantage of itachi

  • MAYhem 121
    MAYhem 121 1 ay önce

    Imagine if Izanami was real it could possibly cure people with NPD and BPD.

  • Dedo Uchiha
    Dedo Uchiha 1 ay önce

    an false guy like that we never forgot

  • Ambrion Fec
    Ambrion Fec 1 ay önce

    Is sasuke just watching while itachi and kabuto fight

  • Ifaroth T
    Ifaroth T 1 ay önce

    8:05 Itachi ended the fight early

  • Pictaler Designs
    Pictaler Designs 1 ay önce

    Uhm...Voldermort is that you?!

  • Ella Solver
    Ella Solver 2 ay önce

    The girl that itachi told to sasuke is naori uchiha

  • Gamma Erra
    Gamma Erra 2 ay önce

    2 minutes of fighting. 10 minutes of explaining how something works. Seems good.

  • Tai Evans Russell
    Tai Evans Russell 2 ay önce

    itachi is savig he only usd his mengecho sheringon one but salka on the other hand

  • Lalpekhlua Sailo
    Lalpekhlua Sailo 2 ay önce

    If you ever have a bad day just remember that Kabuto tried to kill Itachi and Sasuke at the same time.

  • Zombie Anims wannabe -_-

    Why the outro music so fuking loud

  • Bimmer Boi
    Bimmer Boi 2 ay önce

    dang while True loop

  • XAname _
    XAname _ 2 ay önce

    Hate kabuto

  • Lun Hing
    Lun Hing 2 ay önce

    The sharingan is so overpowered

  • jocoby lucas
    jocoby lucas 2 ay önce

    The aura around itachi before the susanoo forms looks like kyoken

  • Minton Magic
    Minton Magic 2 ay önce


  • Kolli Wanne
    Kolli Wanne 2 ay önce

    One of the biggest plot no jutsus ever. Like Izanami makes legit 0 sense.

  • None of your business

    Itachi:Illusion 100

  • Romeo Ble
    Romeo Ble 2 ay önce


  • Poker
    Poker 2 ay önce

    Itachi: kabuto, i've come to bergain
    Kabuto: oh hell no

  • King Erwin Taclibon
    King Erwin Taclibon 2 ay önce

    So theres a high chance that kabuto will be on boruto, that is of he gets out of that loop

  • ジョンガーリック


  • JaRill Hogue
    JaRill Hogue 2 ay önce

    Why is their susanoo chakra color different

  • Muntje Player
    Muntje Player 2 ay önce

    Snake sage

  • Universe49
    Universe49 2 ay önce

    Back when Susanoo is big deal

  • Roberto Neves
    Roberto Neves 2 ay önce

    eu prefiro mil vezes o Cabuto do mau ,do que ele ser do bem .o personagem estava sendo bem aproveitado como vilão .

  • Aeyesi
    Aeyesi 2 ay önce

    Again dislike for shitty cuts

  • James Adams
    James Adams 3 ay önce

    Awsome mate i love it please make more never stop please im always ur fan

  • The Super Jonesy
    The Super Jonesy 3 ay önce

    “I’m no longer a snake”

    Turns into the worlds fattest rare human and weird looking hybrid
    (Edit: 1:50)