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  • Stream: Pre-order SKINS: Written by: Jahseh Onfroy, John Cunningham, Robert Soukiasyan Produced by: John Cunningham, Robert Soukiasyan Recorded by: John Cunningham at XXX Studios Mixed by: Robert Soukiasyan Mastered by: Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace, NYC Mastering Assistant: Kevin Peterson Keyboards by Robert Soukiasyan Drums and programming by John Cunningham Official Audio by XXXTENTACION - BAD! © 2018 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE
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  • BAD (Audio) XXXTENTACION XXXTENTACION - BAD (Audio) Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE Pop EMPIRE Bad! Rap Hip-Hop 

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    I’d like this song a bit more if he mumbles a bit less

  • Instagram:vincent_lupica

    We must not forget watch X has given us, he was here and gave us great music. It is hard to believe that he is now gone, but not forgotten.

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy Biraz önce

    I Love You.

  • Lewis playz
    Lewis playz Biraz önce

    Rip x tic tok is a bitch when tik tok dies you can tell tik tok that they have ruined your music 🙁😖😱

  • Juan David gonzalez
    Juan David gonzalez Biraz önce

    He's alive?

  • Super Galaxy
    Super Galaxy Biraz önce

    Artist like X only come once in a lifetime. Just be grateful ur alive in this time

  • InF KhrisS
    InF KhrisS Biraz önce

    I like to think that he still alive

  • Jordan Dillard
    Jordan Dillard Biraz önce

    I cried to this song 😭😭

    ZARYAAB HANIF Biraz önce

    Alive or not; this nigga ALWAYS produces a fucking banger!!!! (R.I.P X) LONG LIVE JAHSEH

  • Nextrox
    Nextrox Biraz önce

    son: why does God take the best people ?
    mom: what flowers do you pick in the garden ?
    son: the best

  • R o k a z F X
    R o k a z F X Biraz önce

    Please stop saying over again “RIP XXXTENTACION” the whole YouTube community cant shut their mouths for him, hes dead.

  • Fatima Rodrigues Domingues

    You are xxx

  • Francisco goco
    Francisco goco Biraz önce

    X forever

  • dila eren
    dila eren Biraz önce

    rest in peace

  • Penny Zufari
    Penny Zufari Biraz önce

    Fuck TikTok

  • Benjamin Messore
    Benjamin Messore Biraz önce

    Messori - God's Hands

  • IseenSomeStuuf
    IseenSomeStuuf Biraz önce

    Legends never die...🕊❤️

  • Mustafa Sultan
    Mustafa Sultan Biraz önce

    Here before 100M veiws

  • lil chipsahoi
    lil chipsahoi 1 dakika önce

    R.I.P was it really worth it to take this wonderful man's life

  • Wed_xxx
    Wed_xxx 2 dakika önce


  • VitalyA
    VitalyA 3 dakika önce

    Tik top ruined this song

  • Sharon Campbell
    Sharon Campbell 3 dakika önce

    Rest and pest😭😳😳

  • - Uhhh Taxstyyy•
    - Uhhh Taxstyyy• 3 dakika önce

    5 months....

  • Jesus Mascorro
    Jesus Mascorro 4 dakika önce

    Xxxtentacion died on June 18 2018 exact date of my Birthday

  • str3fka
    str3fka 6 dakika önce


  • Kaleigh Middleton
    Kaleigh Middleton 6 dakika önce

    Rip x we all miss you is was not your time to die there are terrible people in this world that deserved to be punished but all of the people that have to die god picked you first amen 🙏 love you forever man Rest In Paradise.

  • Javier Fortnite
    Javier Fortnite 7 dakika önce


  • Trapzone Gaming and More
    Trapzone Gaming and More 7 dakika önce


  • Flamingo Jr
    Flamingo Jr 9 dakika önce

    TIK TOK rouind this song

  • Lil Pebbles
    Lil Pebbles 11 dakika önce

    He just mumbles till he says bad

  • Rakesh Patel
    Rakesh Patel 11 dakika önce

    I new this song when it was leaked now it's res

  • Mariana Acosta Alvarado
    Mariana Acosta Alvarado 13 dakika önce

    My big love, the lack you make, from where you are until there is for sure that my support will come

  • Mike Duffy
    Mike Duffy 14 dakika önce


    G NOSIS 15 dakika önce

    LOVE X versatil kING, RIP.... I really thought we were ganna meet on a Feat, but it seems like its gonna be on the next life.

  • Andre Sharlakian
    Andre Sharlakian 16 dakika önce

    How can any body dis like this song

  • The Ghost Rrider
    The Ghost Rrider 17 dakika önce


  • ju ho
    ju ho 19 dakika önce

    I Hope he is alive😥

  • alex ledezma
    alex ledezma 19 dakika önce

    Fuck tik tok

    ICE IOS 19 dakika önce

    All of you are fake. You started listening to his music after he died u guys are so fake be more respectful

  • Vladimira Rakočević
    Vladimira Rakočević 20 dakika önce