The Elder Scrolls VI – Official Announcement Teaser

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  • Currently in pre-production at Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series. Visit the official website. Follow The Elder Scrolls on social: Facebook: Twitter Instagram ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
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  • Biohazard Inc.
    Biohazard Inc. 14 dakika önce

    About fookin time

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 1 saat önce

    Something makes me think the game will feature both High Rock and Hammerfell

  • Ronaldo Coelho
    Ronaldo Coelho 2 saat önce

    Please! Come to Nintendo Switch!

  • John A. Zoidberg
    John A. Zoidberg 3 saat önce

    Glad they missed this opportunity to spoil how the protagonist will end up as the leader of absolutely every single conceivable organization, usually within a few days of first encountering them. Leaves the fans guessing. I, for one, can't wait to do endless streams of generic "go kill that random dude in that random area" quests again. Will be a blast to solve toddler grade puzzles in ancient ruins that not a single soul has been able to solve before you, somehow. And those amazing companions, proficient as ever in standing in your line of fire or blocking your path in narrow dungeons.

  • Amaziah of Judah
    Amaziah of Judah 4 saat önce

    NPC: sell another 23 million copies by making a bland streamlined game set in a European climate with tiny cities and no meaningful character progression or try to realize Daggerfall's vision and possibly alienate a lot of players, but end up making a game that truly deserves the title Elder Scrolls?

    Todd Howard: Fuck Daggerfall. I want this shit to be set in Lichtenstein with the player starting off as God HIMSELF. Also, let's get micro-transactions in there.

    This is gonna be a shit show. I hoped Bethesda would have just walked away from the Elder Scrolls series, instead of anally raping Julian Jensen's creation with another shitty Skyrim.

  • 恩 恩
    恩 恩 5 saat önce

    kid: he''s naked!!

  • PeachPT
    PeachPT 5 saat önce

    It wasn't much but boy I feel like crying... I'm so happy and and anxious

  • Mr. VARAN
    Mr. VARAN 5 saat önce

    Просто нет слов, игру которую все ждут!!!

  • Awkweird
    Awkweird 6 saat önce

    I swear, every time the music kicks in and Elder Scrolls 6 appears I get chills

  • Victor Velediaz
    Victor Velediaz 6 saat önce

    I've never seen anything quite like that

  • Victor Velediaz
    Victor Velediaz 6 saat önce

    Skyrim 2

  • Raichu Dakota
    Raichu Dakota 7 saat önce


  • Jan Brüggemann
    Jan Brüggemann 9 saat önce

    Wait! I know you.....

  • Why you so salty
    Why you so salty 9 saat önce

    What's Eldor Scrolls? Sounds like a shit game.


  • Death Slayer
    Death Slayer 9 saat önce

    last time an elder scrolls came out i was still in high school

  • Death Slayer
    Death Slayer 9 saat önce

    whew! almost forgot to watch it today

  • Zach Vogt
    Zach Vogt 10 saat önce

    The terrain looks like it could be set in Hammerfell. On a side note, I've always wanted the Bethesda team to make a TES game in Akavir.

  • a hecking walnut
    a hecking walnut 13 saat önce

    Hype 100

  • Ian Chesney
    Ian Chesney 14 saat önce

    looks like the land of the green people, HAMMERFELL!!

  • Jeremy Whitaker
    Jeremy Whitaker 14 saat önce



  • Oof :3
    Oof :3 16 saat önce

    That doesn't look like Valenwood.

  • zap R
    zap R 16 saat önce

    I interrupted my jerking session when i got this video notification

  • Basketball FanForLife
    Basketball FanForLife 18 saat önce

    Once that music kicked in my whole body just got this infusion of fucking energy!! I can't be the only one!!

  • •Kat•
    •Kat• 19 saat önce

    Holy fuck I'm so excited

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy 19 saat önce

    I’m still gonna start in captivity

  • The RoGus
    The RoGus 20 saat önce

    Part two of the announcement:

    ¡The Elder Scrolls: Cave 76!
    Experience the stunning experience of experiencing mastodontic online multiplayer gameplay!
    Conquer Elsweyr as a Orc together with people you have never met in real life, but known them longer than your non-gender-specific partner you have bonded your soul with in a non religious manner years ago!

    The fantastic sensation when trying to kill a rampaging Nix-Hound when you share the glitching server with 275 000 spanish speaking pre-puberty non-gender-specific, non-age-bound children, as they yapper like crazy about fortnite and social media terms you have never cared a Winking Skeever's ass about - it will be a new revolution in gaming!

    Just as every bit based piece of draughr dropping claims pre-release!

    For a reasonable sum of 99.99$ you will get the base game on any console (apart from Nintendo, as those sickly squinted-eye perverted fucks will gladly pay 35000¥ for a half hour with a latex-clothed fat lady with oral fungus, as she is reciting the holy book of pigshit Koran, but chicken out on content in games if it contains violence that mildly surpasses the standard of a Bud Spencer/Terrence Hill movie)!!!

    To join the conquest of Tamriel online will require the overly glorified, non reasonable and by no means justifiable, but allways claimed to be "cheap", monthly fee of 17.99$!!!!

    And upcoming DLC:s are astonishing!

    Carpenter Pack:
    Build your own axe to cut down lumber or hack up your neighbor, and buy argonian slaves to carry the lumber to your choosen settlement!

    Amor Pack:
    New exiting archery equipment! Re-live the glory of the legendary Sheath Covered Darts-Guild, build your own sheath, or cover your darts with the Sheath Of Legends! Find the lost Crossbow of Puzzles-that requires a solved sudoku before firing!

    Mystery Pack
    Be ready for a surprice! For 30$ you will be amazed by how mysterious this pack is! Mystery Pack includes a pre-programmed, context sensitive software bug that turns the TES experience upside down, as it wrecks the cpu of your console of choise as it pleases!

    Eco Pac
    Build a survivalist fort out of matchsticks and spill your seed on the fields as you harvest nutritious Catarr-Fruit and herd Giant Grasshoppers imported to Tamriel by courier!

    Catnip Pack
    Take over the drug market as a classy Skooma dealer and poison the groundwater with Moon Sand!

    Piracy Pack
    Steal a ship from the jetty and head out to the Sea of Ghosts-Before your navigator passes out on Sujamma and you ram the peaceful coastal towns of Summerset Isles, killing nautical pedestrians, settlers and skindipping argonians before you are faced with the task to start an orphenage for the childen of the victims!

    All this and more if you order now-and you recieve the Puddle Prince Proper Prostate Pre-Order Pack, and you will get a complimentary Colovian Fur Helm!

    And for those who dislike multiplayer games - we have a #saveplayer1 policy, scamming you to think we give a fuck - and present you with the fabulous possibility to play TES VI in offline mode- giving you the possibility of viewing the in-game map while paused!!!!

    The Elder Scrolls - I am scared shitless in fear of how badly Bethesda might fuck up yet another of my all-time favourite series!!!

  • Strongfire
    Strongfire 21 saat önce

    i tell you , i tell you The Elder Scrolls VI Comes

  • YeaRIce 109
    YeaRIce 109 23 saat önce

    Me : ELDER SCROLLS 6!!!

    My friend :elder what?

    Me :Skyrim 2...

    My friend :Oh yes!

  • fick wick
    fick wick 23 saat önce


  • IceWolff _
    IceWolff _ 1 gün önce

    Plot twist... the wereboars return... the Thalmor declare another war on the empire for continuing to worship talos... there are no more arrow to the knee lines, only in Easter eggs... and Nazeem was burnt on the cross and he has arrows shot at his head

  • FormigaBlox
    FormigaBlox 1 gün önce

    let me guess, they stole your sweet bread.

  • Sone
    Sone 1 gün önce

    When will be released cant wait will the The Elder Scrolls Blades also be on Pc ?

  • Kevin McLarty
    Kevin McLarty 1 gün önce

    Goosebumps every time I watch this

  • Stanaford
    Stanaford 1 gün önce

    The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim II

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  • Jalal Bin Falah
    Jalal Bin Falah 1 gün önce

    I think I just exploded.

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  • Abdul Wahid
    Abdul Wahid 1 gün önce

    It has no NPCs it's 100% online only and there's a battle royel

  • Piers Spicer
    Piers Spicer 1 gün önce

    O H M Y G O D

  • KZ11
    KZ11 1 gün önce

    When you think of it, why isn't used the original music theme "ta ta taaaaaaaaa ta ta taaaaaa...." but instead it's only the part of the music used for Skyrim? "tatata tatata tatatatatataaaa tatata tatata tatatatatataaaaaa"