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    Parry the umbrella no Parry the platypus

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    Huh. I thought it was because bowser wanted more power because peach is a star child

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    Princess Daisy 5 gün önce

    The first super mario bros. was originally an arcade game.

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    princess peach is one juicy peach, mmm momma!!

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    107 facts about waluigi or he'll wah.

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    Unicorn Rainbow 1 hafta önce

    But..but..but.. in Mario odyssey bowser wants to MARRY peach ??

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    14:28 so does Daisy

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    Ooh I have an NES

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    108 bowsette is 100/10

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    I want 107 Facts about Birdo or Rosalina please xdd

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    “Hey, where’s Perry?” 😂😂😂

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    your princess is in another castle *cries*

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    If she rules the candy kingdom so why is she called “princess”

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    I have her remote

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    I need to see 107 facts about Donkey Kong.

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    Drinking challenge: Take a shot every time you see someone request 107 facts about Daisy.
    P.S. don't actually do this because you will die even if it's just water

  • Happy Dreamer
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    Regarding #29: at least in Super Mario Bros. 3, Peach isn't kidnapped until you've completed World 7. Once you beat Ludwig, the letter that's meant to be from Princess Peach turns out to be from Bowser.

  • Petrus Streamrock
    Petrus Streamrock 3 hafta önce

    All Mario and Bowsette fans, let's unite and demand that in the next Mario game release Bowsette should replace Peach, or we will not buy the game! Sounds Good? Anyone agree? (I'm so tired of Peach, her story with Mario doesn't get anywhere)

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    2:24 Sexist

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    I am not surprised Peach has a Dildo.

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    107 facts about Bowsette?

    HELLO FATTIE BOII 4 hafta önce

    Why does peach have a different dress in smash bros?! I’m just curious no hate here lol

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    ♡nice video

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    Number 47 we finally have one.

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    make a luidgi and mario

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    Peach > Pauline

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    11:24 uh, does anyone have any clips of Mario saving Pauline? I can’t find any videos of a mini game in Mario Pinball Land that has mario saving pauline.

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    She definitely uses bobby pins to keep her crown on. Trust me.

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    107 facts about daisy?

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    I love to play games also