My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!) | CH Shorts

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  • torna gabi
    torna gabi 9 saat önce

    hahahhahahhahahahaha they put blue blue eat hahahahhahahahHhahH

  • R. E. Durbin
    R. E. Durbin 13 saat önce

    Ahahahha! Brilliant! I love the snarky humor. Pratt and Dallas were amazing in this. :D So glad I stumbled upon this gem.

  • Katie_ Unicorn
    Katie_ Unicorn 22 saat önce

    They make a good couple and blue makes a good well kid dinosaur thingy 😂♥️

  • Katie_ Unicorn
    Katie_ Unicorn 22 saat önce

    Omg this killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • eggo ego
    eggo ego 1 gün önce


  • I like Dinosaurs
    I like Dinosaurs 2 gün önce

    I have a service dinosaur too!!!

  • AUrora12922 Absolute trash :3

    Heard of Alligator on a train? Get ready for: Dinosaur on a plane! No? Dead meme? Heh just like spideyson sorry not sorry😐

  • Queen Dineen
    Queen Dineen 3 gün önce

    this is the best thing i’ve ever seen in my life

  • Mr Muffin Trains
    Mr Muffin Trains 3 gün önce


  • ReaganFeil The Happy Gal!!!


  • Queen Persephone
    Queen Persephone 3 gün önce

    Star Lord needs his service raptor. 😃😂

  • heyitskia
    heyitskia 1 hafta önce

    blue eat your pole

  • KV HW
    KV HW 1 hafta önce

    Delta had a very knee-jerk reaction to the whole ‘pit bull’ situation. They banned an entire breed of service dog, rather than going after that particular owner and his poor training.
    Actual certifications need to be produced for “service” dogs, and the need for the dog should be legitimate. As much as people love to push boundaries, a hard line should be drawn.

  • The Adventures Of Taco Mabreta

    This was the best XD

  • Logan Kirk
    Logan Kirk 1 hafta önce


  • Gavin Cook
    Gavin Cook 1 hafta önce


  • Izzy TheYoutuber
    Izzy TheYoutuber 1 hafta önce

    Chris Pratt is hot

  • Molly Ricks
    Molly Ricks 1 hafta önce

    Sometimes I feel like a I need a dinosaur service animal

  • FyreStump
    FyreStump 1 hafta önce

    A few years or days after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,lads!
    The interactions of the dinosaurs are AwwwwwwwwwwwwRIGHT!

  • SwiftPawsGaming
    SwiftPawsGaming 1 hafta önce

    Look how calm the people in the background are XD

  • Brendan Clement
    Brendan Clement 1 hafta önce

    Ernest P Worrell: Never do this to a Velociraptor or any kind of dinosaur.

    (Ernest making Porky Pig noises at Blue)

    (Blue chases Ernest across the field)

    (Ernest screams in terror)

    (Chris Pratt chases after Blue to save Ernest)

  • The Wonder Weirdos
    The Wonder Weirdos 1 hafta önce

    WOOoWwwwww HOW?!?!

  • SenseiAsh Greninja
    SenseiAsh Greninja 1 hafta önce

    i am impressed you got him.

  • The Ones
    The Ones 1 hafta önce

    Perfect performance

  • The Ones
    The Ones 1 hafta önce


  • Kelaiah Wing
    Kelaiah Wing 1 hafta önce

    Blue! Go full beast mode!

  • Restart Likes Tea
    Restart Likes Tea 1 hafta önce

    you've herd of snakes on a plane now comes dinosaur on a plane

  • Books Are Better
    Books Are Better 1 hafta önce


  • Becky Madrid
    Becky Madrid 2 hafta önce

    I wonder what that thing really looked like?

  • Josh McMillan
    Josh McMillan 2 hafta önce

    I cant stop laughing

  • Katina Thornton
    Katina Thornton 2 hafta önce


  • Blue
    Blue 2 hafta önce

    Owen and Claire in the same video and mentioning me :D

  • From Shame To Life
    From Shame To Life 2 hafta önce

    As a service dog handler. I actually find this is a little insulting...

  • bearclaw the great
    bearclaw the great 2 hafta önce


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 2 hafta önce

    People who bring "emotional support animals" on planes and in stores and restaurants are self-absorbed assholes.

  • Mike Está Aqui
    Mike Está Aqui 2 hafta önce

    A L A N

  • chaliea mullee
    chaliea mullee 2 hafta önce

    That was the best sketch College Humor has put out in a WHILE

  • Noe Siu
    Noe Siu 2 hafta önce

    love it

  • JFILMS Productions
    JFILMS Productions 2 hafta önce

    This should have been Fallen kingdom's post credit scene

  • Cringe Queen
    Cringe Queen 2 hafta önce