Bill Belichick On Leadership, Winning, Tom Brady Not A 'Great Natural Athlete’ (Exclusive) | CNBC

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  • DudeRevolution
    DudeRevolution 7 saat önce

    "Instaface" hahahahaha legit

  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley 13 saat önce

    Stay off the Instant-Face everyone...hahah. Great interview.

  • Jonathan Buckwalter
    Jonathan Buckwalter 13 saat önce

    InstantFace GOAT

  • Jeffrey Carter
    Jeffrey Carter 17 saat önce

    "Instaface" LMMFAO

  • Sgt Sammy
    Sgt Sammy 1 gün önce

    DO YOUR JOB... The book by Bill Belichick.

  • neanderthals navel
    neanderthals navel 1 hafta önce

    'Metcalf up the middle' for 2 yds on 3rd and long over and over and over sure was unconventional.

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 1 hafta önce

    Anytime anything goes wrong in life, if you say “were on to Cincinnati” things will instantly turn around and you will become great!

  • captlucky 23
    captlucky 23 1 hafta önce

    You want a good bill interview send a pretty lady

  • Richard Blankenship
    Richard Blankenship 1 hafta önce

    The way to be the best NFL coach is to have the best doctors giving the best steroids.

  • XRonyX Nunez
    XRonyX Nunez 2 hafta önce

    He’s the goat 🐐 Brady got his rings thanks to him 🙌🏻🙌🏻💯💯💯

  • nuzhat inam
    nuzhat inam 2 hafta önce

    Tom brayS best quater back in NFL History *

  • jpgk1927
    jpgk1927 3 hafta önce


  • John Burton
    John Burton 3 hafta önce

    The GOAT . PERIOD.

  • StevesSwift
    StevesSwift 3 hafta önce

    They should have a Belichick trophy in the near future.

  • Amad Elia
    Amad Elia 3 hafta önce

    Most I’ve heard Bill speak and converse in this segment, then his entire career

  • TU nguyen
    TU nguyen 1 ay önce

    Remind me of Jimmy johnson

  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger 1 ay önce

    6.40.. MMuuuurriiicccaaaa...!!!!

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet 1 ay önce

    No fascist leagu... oh wait

  • Richard Kim
    Richard Kim 1 ay önce

    Bill belichick or the patriots are probably the only team in the NFL that supports the national anthem, military and law enforcement. Kudos to them!

  • Daniel Morel
    Daniel Morel 1 ay önce

    Instanface lol

  • David Medina
    David Medina 1 ay önce

    Gaming Year after year, the Patriots get accused of wrong doing - cheating. It's why Tom Brady got SUSPENDED - It's why New England pays $500,000. league fines yearly. That's a proven FACT a done deal. Another FACT: penalty go 78% (away games) and 93% at home in New England FAVOR, and that's not counting the made up one's ref's throw to help you out. How much does that cost? The N.E. Patriots are a Dishonest CHEATING franchise known to all through the entire N.F.L. fan base.

    I'am glad you're s.b. rings are all made out of CHEAP PLASTIC & COLORED GLASS , They don't deserve um! Beli-cheat you're always be remembered as a fraud !

  • Charles M Rinehart
    Charles M Rinehart 1 ay önce

    I went to a Mission BBQ in Florida, and I'll never go back. Pedestrian BBQ at best.

  • G- man
    G- man 1 ay önce

    They let too many really good players go.they will not go to the Superbowl.He is a good coach but destiny is a much better factor.

  • Daniel Twum
    Daniel Twum 1 ay önce

    insta-'n'-face lmao

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 1 ay önce

    Bill Belichick is a great coach. Belichick, Brady and the system have been credited with the past 20 year run of excellence. What has been lost, however, has been the role of owner Robert Kraft. If Kraft had not given Belichick free rein (for the most part) to do what he wanted to do, then the story would be much different. What if an Al Davis, or an Art Modell, or a Jerry Jones type had been the owner of the Pats? I shudder to think. Success starts from the very top. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the system are the reasons why the Patriots have 5 Super Bowl rings.

  • Hill El
    Hill El 1 ay önce

    I voted for Bill in the 2016 presidential election.. no joke.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 1 ay önce

    Here is what I took from this entire interview: “INSTANTFACE” 😭😭😭

  • M. Dieng
    M. Dieng 2 ay önce

    Did he say Instaface (again)?

  • Benjamin Faul
    Benjamin Faul 2 ay önce

    Instaface. best thing ever.

  • jrodt9
    jrodt9 2 ay önce

    Instaface, priceless

  • Troll Mctrollerson
    Troll Mctrollerson 2 ay önce

    His dad was very poor. He worked hard and put himself through college (while working). All this while sleeping in a gym. Another case of White privilege

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 ay önce

    Excellent interview. As a long time Chargers fan I want to hate this man, but I simply cannot. A True American too!

  • iluvinternalcombustion

    There is no way Bill Belichick ever has to pay for a meal at that restaurant

  • Roger Banfield
    Roger Banfield 2 ay önce

    your in a professional entertainment business... not a professional sport... it would be illegal to throw a game if it were a professional sport... and anyone that wants to cuss me, go check it out before you open your ignorant mouth...

  • Centreville Patriot
    Centreville Patriot 2 ay önce

    Easy when you have Tom Brady

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 2 ay önce

    as a jints fan I will always love this man..his defensive gameplan for the giants/bills sb is in the hall of fame..nuff said...

  • sub angelico
    sub angelico 2 ay önce

    He should of used that thought process when deciding to bench Malcom Butler during the superbowl.

  • Sixsoul
    Sixsoul 2 ay önce

    If you don't like Bill Belichick, you're not American

  • M Gates
    M Gates 2 ay önce

    Does anyone remember the Dumpster Fire he coached called the, Cleveland Browns?? He didn't have the football I.Q to get them anywhere.. Brady made him great.. Deal with it!!

  • Automaton 1
    Automaton 1 2 ay önce

    Why do i want to cry. This man is legend. Makes legendary people legendary.