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    REACT 11 ay önce

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  • Lauren Moore
    Lauren Moore 10 ay önce

    teens react to Stormzy!!

  • Lady Noir
    Lady Noir 10 ay önce

    React to Ace Family

  • Lady Noir
    Lady Noir 10 ay önce

    Plz can teens react to Ace Family

  • Natalia Rodriguez
    Natalia Rodriguez 10 ay önce

    The Asian girl was like I really should of gotten that

  • Julia Paige
    Julia Paige 10 ay önce

    I didn't get any...

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M 10 ay önce

    Struggled with Bare necessities because I've never watched that in English.. all the others I knew because of the musical tone.

  • remy paraskovia
    remy paraskovia 10 ay önce

    Alberto is looking cute AF, so I forgive him for not knowing any Madonna song in the past

  • Kaleena Gaeth
    Kaleena Gaeth 10 ay önce

    Has no one heard of, or seen, the toy story land in Hollywood studios, Disney world?

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 10 ay önce

    I knew all theses the second they came on.

  • GalaxyCat YT
    GalaxyCat YT 10 ay önce

    I love jacxson

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 10 ay önce

    Teens react to 2018 Daytona 500 radioactive

  • Calista Park
    Calista Park 10 ay önce

    No one gonna talk about how Jeremiah’s low key cute

  • Pichu_ Stat
    Pichu_ Stat 10 ay önce

    I got em all lol

  • Tiffany Adams
    Tiffany Adams 10 ay önce

    you should do guess that song song from the lion guard

  • Cameo Duran
    Cameo Duran 10 ay önce

    kids react to green day!.

  • Charllotte
    Charllotte 10 ay önce

    You should do teens react to 5 seconds of summer's new single want you back

  • sam Hawks
    sam Hawks 10 ay önce

    I'm sorry to be a spoil sport but you story isnt a Disney movie. It is the only movie pixar created without disney, therefore its not disney.

  • Fangirling Fangirl
    Fangirling Fangirl 10 ay önce

    Jaxon reminds me a bit of Thomas Brodie Sangster, someone else who sees it?

  • Sumiyya Alam
    Sumiyya Alam 10 ay önce

    Whatttt?? Jaxon’s a teen now 😱

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 10 ay önce

    It should be "Part of His World" ;)

  • Rocio TM
    Rocio TM 10 ay önce

    Jaxon just had the biggest growth spurt cause I couldn’t even recognize him

  • Krissys Garden
    Krissys Garden 10 ay önce

    A whole new world little mermaid LMAO

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 10 ay önce

    Tori is just so dang cute

  • Renn
    Renn 10 ay önce

    Brooklin is a beasstt!! Lovee her🎉🎉❤️

  • rucbar1998
    rucbar1998 10 ay önce

    Elders react to Steep! (Gaming!) I feel like they would love how beautiful it is.

  • jehsuhs
    jehsuhs 10 ay önce

    oh alberto....
    The way I feel about you, it just can't be wrong

  • Katie
    Katie 10 ay önce

    6:03 who else was surprised?

  • Katie
    Katie 10 ay önce


    I'm getting old

  • Solomon Gaming
    Solomon Gaming 10 ay önce

    I might be wrong but, toy story is Pixar I don’t think Disney was part of it then

  • Matthew Popow
    Matthew Popow 10 ay önce

    Your world, that world, my world, ZA WARULDO!

  • TheNovellaB
    TheNovellaB 10 ay önce

    That was surprisingly fun

  • The Scarlet Tear
    The Scarlet Tear 10 ay önce

    All these poor unforunated souls

  • Alexandria Toevs
    Alexandria Toevs 10 ay önce

    These were so easy got all of them first try

  • Axel Live TV
    Axel Live TV 10 ay önce


  • Sarah Sanchez
    Sarah Sanchez 10 ay önce

    I knew every single song!!! I love Disney so much! ❤

  • freakyorangification
    freakyorangification 10 ay önce

    When you realize that teens no longer include '90s kids...

  • Maria Eduarda Ayala
    Maria Eduarda Ayala 10 ay önce


  • Tatyanna Walker
    Tatyanna Walker 10 ay önce

    Teens react to Todrick Hall

  • Charles Owens
    Charles Owens 10 ay önce

    I thought pixar was a part of Disney