DO TEENS KNOW 2000s POP PUNK MUSIC? #3 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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  • Paula Aguado
    Paula Aguado 10 ay önce

    react to conspiracy theories pleeeease

  • Siena Killpatrick
    Siena Killpatrick 10 ay önce

    Is it just me but I love Noah

  • Alexander Fosler
    Alexander Fosler 10 ay önce


  • Brianna Lenneman
    Brianna Lenneman 10 ay önce

    bruhhhhhhh yall gotta show em forever the sickest kids, simple plan, front porch step, the maine, a rocket to the moon

  • ihateleazar
    ihateleazar 10 ay önce

    Make them listen to Pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens

  • ItsChristopher
    ItsChristopher 10 ay önce

    My God jillian Why are you so beautiful?😍😘

  • AllieM GoodsGaming
    AllieM GoodsGaming 10 ay önce

    Have them react to alternative rock

  • Humberto Vega Aguilar
    Humberto Vega Aguilar 10 ay önce

    Brooklin is my spirit animal

  • CrazySwipes
    CrazySwipes 10 ay önce

    green day is not pop punk

  • Treetops97
    Treetops97 10 ay önce

    Do teens know 00's HipHop

  • SavvyMcFly
    SavvyMcFly 10 ay önce

    'Do Teens/College Kids Know 80's Rap/Hip-Hop Songs?

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 10 ay önce

    add some the academy is... whaaat

  • Aisha Ayorinde
    Aisha Ayorinde 10 ay önce

    Got eem all right! I listen to way too much lol

  • Ilikegreenday
    Ilikegreenday 10 ay önce

    Teens react to A7X plzz

  • CallMeBecks
    CallMeBecks 10 ay önce

    Sugarcult!!! Cartel fits too, and Boys Like Girls, We the Kings. All solid band choices.

  • Σισσυ Βλασση

    I can't be the only one that saw Dustin in Tori's clothes.

  • chelsixify
    chelsixify 10 ay önce

    Troy saying stacy's mom is a banger, he right!

  • Hesh
    Hesh 10 ay önce

    Teens react to breaking Benjamin

  • Jane Everton
    Jane Everton 10 ay önce

    React to Creeper, the Front Bottoms, Reel Big Fish, Glassjaw, Keane, the Enemy, U2, the Feeling, the Strokes, Razorlight, the Wombats, Squeeze, Dirty Pretty Things, Pulp, Joy Division, or Ultravox.

  • Pablo Barboza
    Pablo Barboza 10 ay önce


  • Pablo Barboza
    Pablo Barboza 10 ay önce


  • Gréta Rácz
    Gréta Rácz 10 ay önce


  • iceunelle
    iceunelle 10 ay önce

    it hurts me that no one knew the artist for stacy's mom

  • angelus184
    angelus184 10 ay önce

    The fact that none of them knew Fountains of Wayne or Bowling for Soup just saddens me.

  • Savannah Roberts
    Savannah Roberts 10 ay önce


  • Stoned
    Stoned 10 ay önce

    Teens react to metalcore

  • Alma Milania
    Alma Milania 10 ay önce

    claudia is me

  • Ilovesherlockandloki
    Ilovesherlockandloki 10 ay önce

    Bowling for soup was finally in one of these and nobody knew them 😂😂

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27 10 ay önce

    I Knew 3 Song Titles & 3 Artist (Not The Same 3)

  • abigail eve
    abigail eve 10 ay önce

    i was shook when stacys mom came on i love that song

  • Nayeli Garcia
    Nayeli Garcia 10 ay önce

    You should do a TØP one bc you can never have enough 🙌🏼

  • Nayeli Garcia
    Nayeli Garcia 10 ay önce

    Brooklin and Noah were the only ones I liked. 😬

  • Sean Bahrami
    Sean Bahrami 10 ay önce

    New Found Glory!!!!

  • Alexia Walke
    Alexia Walke 10 ay önce

    90's HIP HOP #2!!!!

  • Julia G
    Julia G 10 ay önce

    Teens or college kids react to All Time Low(the band)

  • Julia G
    Julia G 10 ay önce

    I knew more songs from this video than from a parents react to modern music video. Which he is sad since I don’t remember most of the 2000’s.

  • kr00ked_01 PSN
    kr00ked_01 PSN 10 ay önce

    Please do modern pop punk!! (the wonder years, knuckle puck, the story so far, ect.)

  • the keepaway
    the keepaway 10 ay önce

    teens react to 90s hip hop #2

  • Azizah Ali
    Azizah Ali 10 ay önce

    Teens react to neckdeep !