Tyga - Taste (Official Music Video) ft. Offset

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  • Queen Savage
    Queen Savage 3 dakika önce

    Offset cancelled

  • Sckolar
    Sckolar 7 dakika önce

    I have never seen so many tramp stamps in one place before.

  • struchomillo
    struchomillo 8 dakika önce

    The beat is like... OMFG

  • Brianna Mcginty
    Brianna Mcginty 17 dakika önce

    I only like the beat not the actual lyrics XD

  • ElDominioNigga Gamer
    ElDominioNigga Gamer 23 dakika önce

    marvel boy nigga🔥

  • Lilly Wise
    Lilly Wise 32 dakika önce


  • Kelly Akoussah
    Kelly Akoussah 1 saat önce

    Teacher : There Is No Homework Today
    Me: 1:40-1:44

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor 1 saat önce

    Anyone know the blonde in the blue bikini, asking for a mate

  • Deep Ghai 420
    Deep Ghai 420 1 saat önce

    1:06 wiz khalifa👌👌❤❤

  • Deep Ghai 420
    Deep Ghai 420 1 saat önce


  • Journey family
    Journey family 1 saat önce

    This is my song

  • five Nydia
    five Nydia 1 saat önce

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    EX6T HDTV 2 saat önce

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    Next biggest rapper
    Be on the lookout for him in the future
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  • Sianna Galvan
    Sianna Galvan 2 saat önce

    Love you and This song it is sick so is cream

  • Mikaela Gomez
    Mikaela Gomez 2 saat önce

    my mom has that car but it has roof

  • No1SayzNo2Me
    No1SayzNo2Me 2 saat önce

    Seems like there is a trend going around.... Of thicc girls twerking....

  • Young _ Joshyy
    Young _ Joshyy 2 saat önce

    Who's the girl on 1:02 i bet u guys think she's hot

  • d-ron
    d-ron 2 saat önce

    Remember from like 2008-2011 when music was ass? Luckily it came back around, theres still trash but theres at least good shit now too.

  • kkk
    kkk 3 saat önce

    step right up folks step right up
    for 1 dime come see the new circus 🎪🤡s of 🇺🇸 🙄

    get a free 👊🏼 at any of the zoo animals to wake the freak show 🤪fried brains 🧠 out of fairy tale land

  • Yousef
    Yousef 3 saat önce

    How this video get this amount of views Tyga so weak!

  • Amy Palacios
    Amy Palacios 3 saat önce

    Who is watching this just to see booty

  • Elena Mannion
    Elena Mannion 3 saat önce

    tyga looks looks like a who from whooville ngl

  • Shandon Davis
    Shandon Davis 3 saat önce

    Proud of Tyga for finding his zone and creating his greatest hit ever.

  • Raposa Rommel
    Raposa Rommel 3 saat önce

    The favorite of feminists!!!! haha

    STNLYGAMING 4 saat önce

    Dang That white women with tiger tattoos just like “rawr” on me

  • Reverzive
    Reverzive 4 saat önce

    1:15 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Leo Michaud
    Leo Michaud 4 saat önce

    So lucky his last name didn't become Kardashian....look at all that buttttt

  • Dana Cooper
    Dana Cooper 4 saat önce

    me im so tired of this song
    also me when song comes on twerks and turns it up louder everytime it comes on

  • Andina Carlander
    Andina Carlander 4 saat önce

    1:31 about the big sky worries

  • FaZe BoY
    FaZe BoY 4 saat önce

    gosh i got a boner the whole song

  • maxi Dorantes
    maxi Dorantes 4 saat önce

    One of mu fav song ❤💯

  • 0 0
    0 0 4 saat önce

    He is one of the worst rappers in the world

  • Grace Reiman
    Grace Reiman 4 saat önce

    I don't think I saw enough ASSES in the video
    LOL 😛👙🍆🍑🍒🍆👌👌

  • lil T
    lil T 5 saat önce

    Fuck you you are bich 10000000sbers my name is nbayoungboy my song is no smoke you are a blood the chips are today come at 8:00

  • Skye Mills
    Skye Mills 5 saat önce

    I love this song

  • yorkialex
    yorkialex 5 saat önce

    Tyga made one of the biggest comebacks in hip hop history

  • Marius Pihlstrøm Davidsen

    Tyga ugly af how did he get Kylie jenner😂

  • vivian rajan
    vivian rajan 5 saat önce

    Who knows the Instagram for the girl with the tatted ass

  • Naim LeKikoo
    Naim LeKikoo 5 saat önce

    Envie de fait le sexe

  • Monica Pavwoski
    Monica Pavwoski 5 saat önce

    Those muda fukas are fuken gold diggers