When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!

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  • John Laurens
    John Laurens 50 dakika önce

    Robert had a perfectly good reason to get mad, you wouldn’t go up to a normal person who had a drug problem and ask them that kind of thing!

  • rocky6027
    rocky6027 1 saat önce

    Anybody know which the last song that played while the bye text was on

  • Hey its Andreia
    Hey its Andreia 1 saat önce

    Ok i really only had a problem with justin throwing someones phone like common dude..
    oh and shawn and adele.. he signed all his other fans autographs and not 1 of them because he ''suspected'' something😂 adele yelled at someone for recording and there are people outside, she does realise shes recording for them?

  • s marz
    s marz 1 saat önce

    1:03 that girl is not a kylie jenner fan anymore GUARANTEED LOL

  • Coolbee15 's
    Coolbee15 's 2 saat önce

    "I'm a normal guy!"
    Says the celebrity..
    Many people don't have that kind of talent Shawn..

  • Natalie Adrianne becerra

    It's 4 am u blood sucking mosquito

  • Side Karamoko
    Side Karamoko 2 saat önce

    Jordan Ramsey is always losing his cool with adults but not with children

  • Wissen P0W3R
    Wissen P0W3R 3 saat önce

    i wasnt suprised at gordon ramsay's

  • Stop
    Stop 3 saat önce

    Selena is so sweet

  • Davinaa W
    Davinaa W 3 saat önce

    Ok all these celebrities need SPACE , they are just like everyone else , y’all need to shut the fuck up and stay out of their business , it’s the same thing as me going up to you and asking “ hey what’s up with your sex life ? Still dry right ? “ like fuck off

  • Kristian Rodriguez
    Kristian Rodriguez 3 saat önce

    Looooolll “what’s the name a yo clothin line? We don’t know!” Kanye..

  • F.D. Gibson
    F.D. Gibson 3 saat önce

    When a stranger points a camera at you, it in many ways is attempted murder. Why? because they then take that footage and manipulate it to sell it or present it online safely hiding behind digital aliases in hopes to hurt you, your family, or your business. That being said, physically destroying that person and their equipment is completely an act of self defense.

  • F.D. Gibson
    F.D. Gibson 3 saat önce

    If I lived in California I would start an organization of members that Celebrities could hire to mingle in the crowd and wait for Paparazzi to cross the line and beat the shit out of them and destroy their equipment. The celebrity than then say he doesn't know who that was and viola.

  • flower child
    flower child 4 saat önce

    Kanye annoying as fuck damn like fuck off

  • Katrinia Hopkins
    Katrinia Hopkins 4 saat önce

    its 4am u blood sucking mosquioto

  • Synatious :D
    Synatious :D 4 saat önce

    H O W. S W A Y.

  • Der Dave
    Der Dave 5 saat önce

    4:39 everybody else is filming, as well

  • _Jenii_
    _Jenii_ 5 saat önce

    U can’t lose what u never had

  • Bathing ape
    Bathing ape 6 saat önce

    where’s 6ix9ine?

  • carl easton
    carl easton 6 saat önce


  • BigSi 2017
    BigSi 2017 6 saat önce

    Kardashians???I'm outta here.

  • A D
    A D 6 saat önce

    Kylie is a cunt. Bitch got a new face and think she all that.

  • Samantha Newton
    Samantha Newton 6 saat önce

    Gotta love the kardashians

    Funny as hell

  • Orlean Lyngdoh
    Orlean Lyngdoh 8 saat önce

    "Blood sucking mosquito.." 😂😂🤣🤣

  • B D
    B D 10 saat önce

    You’re a first class cunt. - Gordon Ramsay

  • Séverinho Réchards
    Séverinho Réchards 10 saat önce

    omg selena nooo...

  • Louise Rose
    Louise Rose 10 saat önce

    Who's that guy?

  • Mark Meade
    Mark Meade 12 saat önce

    the world of the celebrity, they want the fame and the fortune and when they get it they become total arseholes.
    just in another world...
    it's what you expect. ...

  • Nolan Shettle
    Nolan Shettle 12 saat önce

    yeah it's such a hard life when you have thousands of people that love you and you make a ton of money

    SHREYAS KULKARNI 12 saat önce

    He gives rdj a hard time

    Fuck that bitch person

  • Kamilah Griggs
    Kamilah Griggs 12 saat önce

    That Kanye shit will always be funny af

  • Uptop Boss
    Uptop Boss 14 saat önce

    Mama 1345689
    5btv is d

  • Marcus
    Marcus 14 saat önce

    Alright youtube, I ll watch it

  • snatched
    snatched 15 saat önce

    5:12 That's just straight up rude after a break up like...who the hell does that?
    ''Is Justin just a little brother to you? Do you still love him?''

  • Itz yonna TV
    Itz yonna TV 15 saat önce

    Now you see the real side of ppl like if you agree

  • Ten Ring
    Ten Ring 16 saat önce

    Fuck all these mother fuckers go hang yourself or fuckin od and do the world a favor

  • Ten Ring
    Ten Ring 16 saat önce

    Fuck that cocksuckin faggit justin

  • AceBryan
    AceBryan 16 saat önce

    they have their reasons it isn't because they are bad people, no. it is because of the people too. imagine for kanye. paparazi at his house at freakin 4 am who df who'd stalk him early in the morning.